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a new path part 5

Posted on Sat Mar 29th, 2014 @ 8:28pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Photons Everywhere Part 2
Timeline: Flashbacks

Brick shook his head smirking at her. “You might think so, but I know better.” he grunted. “Take the offer.” With that he pulled back and let her go, leaving her still pressed against the wall, and strolled off into the crowd, everyone making room for him.

Mercia closed her eyes and took a deep breath willing her heart to slow down before she picked up the tablet she had dropped and brushed it off. She rubbed her chin roughly, glaring towards the direction Brick had disappeared in.

Maybe Brike was right, he had picked her up quickly when she was here, protected her until she learned the way of things. He’d been a guide, and friend while encouraging her independence. Her care team hated her relationship with him, because he didn’t encourage her compliance, but they all bored her to death. She would rebell for any reason just for the fun of it.

Mercia decided to head towards one of the upper levels cut in to the rock, she climbed the stairs and watched the crowd below. She felt a hand move around her hip and she looked to the side. Doricas brother came up and pulled her close. “Nardu.” she smiled at him.

Nardu’s horns were not cut off like his sisters, but spirled a few inches over his head. His sandy hair was curled yet long. He looked a little like a mythical creature according to Mercia. He had blue tattoos across his neck and over his shoulder and sides. “You pissed off my sister.” he said leaning close to her ear.

“So its like any other day?” Mercia laughed turning towards him as he backed her against the rock wall. “Dorica’s just jealous.” she shrugged.

Nardu gripped her hips as he pressed against her, lifting her up against the rough wall a bit, “Of course she is, but why must you antagonize her?” he asked his head dipping down and his teeth started to graze her neck.

Mercia closed her eyes a moment as a thrill rushed through her, “Nardu, cut it out.” she grumbled after a moment.

He pulled back and watched her eyes, “Why baby?” he said his hands not complying.

She grabbed one of his hands and glared at him, “I’ve got stuff on my mind I don’t want to hook up.” she said.

He narrowed his eyes and pressed in to her a little harder, “What that starfleet thing Dorica was going on about? Forget that baby, you’re staying here and when you and me get released we’re going to make something of ourselves.” he said.

Mercia sighed, the guy was a dreamer, enjoyable, but a dreamer. She leaned her head against the rock wall, he might push but that would be it, he knew not to cross her. She ran her fingers over his horns and shrugged. “That was an idea Nardu, but what if I want to make something of myself on my own?” she asked.

He watched her, confusion in his eyes. “But… thats not the plan.” he stammered.

“Its your plan.” Mercia said.

“I thought you were onboard, that you wanted to be with me.” he said.

Mercia have him a pitiful look, “oops.” she said. “I just got lost in the game… I didn’t mean to give that impression. Nice dreams but I’m not sure thats what I want to do.”

He dropped her and glared at her, his nostrils flared a bit. “Mercy this isn’t funny, You and me got a good thing going, we could be together, we get out the same month, we’re going to find our own place in the universe.” he said. His hand fished in his pocket and he opened his palm, revealing a stone on a leather string, with carvings in it. It was smooth and looked nice. “I got this smuggled in from my homeworld for you.” he said.

She looked at the stone, “Aww!” she said. “How sweet.” she smiled.

“This is a promise stone Mercy,” he growled, “Because you promised.” he said.

She shrugged again, “oops.” she said again.

“So thats it?” Nardu demanded. “You’re done with me?” he said darkly.

Mercia tipped her head and then nodded. “Yup.” she said. She picked up the tablet again and waved it. “I think I’m going to take a new life.” She grinned. “Wish me luck.” she said and moved away from him.

Maybe it was cold, but he had always been a companion, a fun time, but nothing more. She walked away as it dawned on her she just told him she was leaving, before she had actually decided. What was stopping her?

Brick was right, it would be hard to make it out there, and she was so young. It wasn’t like she couldn’t try this and get the hell out if she wanted to. She’d have to serve six years after training, and then she could be dismissed whenever she chose to, or if they kicked her out, but if they kicked her out before the six years was up or she went AWOL, she’d be stuck serving twice the time of her sentence, which meant she’d have an additional six years.

Rules, she could deal with that. Of course, if she decided to bolt she’d disappear, she knew now that she had to get away from federation space. Mercia chewed on her thumb considering her options.

She picked a place high above the Hole. It was a grassy spot, near a gathering of trees. The wind from the near by ocean whipped around her, tossing her hair. She looked down at the well lit chasm, normally she’d be down there, dueling, fighting, betting, and flirting. She smiled a bit as she pulled up her knees and hugged them, the tablet next to her. She had finished reading it, and had only about half an hour before being due back at her bunk. She looked up at the stars above, part of her longed to be out there again. She hadn’t lived there long, but she had enjoyed what little time she had among the stars.

She could enhance her training, maybe she wouldn’t be so bored with their education. She was supposed to take classes here, but they bored her so badly she couldn’t pay attention. It wasn’t that she wasn’t intelligent, or she didn’t understand the content, infact she could prove that she did, if she were so inclined. But she loved frustrating her teachers. She would sooner put a tack in her teachers chair then take a test that she knew she could pass with ease.

She took a deep breath and laid back in the grass, hearing the thump thump of the music being beaten out on barrels and buckets down below. She considered her future for a little while longer, starting to dream for herself. If nothing else, this would be a new adventure. And a whole new group of people to frustrate the hell out of. That thought made her grin.

She finally stood up, touched the tablet and signed her name to the agreement form, and headed for the path, intending to take her time to get back to her bunk, rather than running in before lock down. Anyone not within the boundary line of their assigned area would experience a stunning shock that would knock them out and send their location to the guard house for collection. Following the rules meant freedoms and privileges. Those that didn’t follow the rules had a much smaller radius to roam around.

She whistled a tune her mother used to sing to her when she was little. As she passed a clump a trees the hair on the back her neck rose. She was being stalked. She started to walk faster but stopped when someone stepped in her way, she gave the guy a look, “Out of my way Garin.” she warned him.

She didn’t even have a chance to see the others, until there was a rope across her throat. She gasped as she was jerked back, her feet flyin up in the air. Mercia grabbed at her throat as she gasped for air, she jerked her body around, her instincts telling her her attacker didn’t have enough strength to hold her. Despite a hell of a burn, it worked, taking the pressure off the front of her throat.

She felt hands grabbing for her feet, but she managed to plant one of them in the ground, and drove herself in to the one holding her, tumbling them both to the ground.

“Get her you idiots!” she heard Dorica growl.

Four bodies were on her a second, as she pulled a hidden knife, she slashed and punched, certain several more ganged up on her. A few good fighters were easy, but five was another story. They stripped her of her knife, although she knew she got a few good hits in. Mercia found herself knocked to the ground, and suddenly panic flooded her. The kicks started to come. She balled up, this is how her mother died. No scream came from her, but she could hear them in her head, her mother's screams.

Every blow hurt, and her breath was knocked from her, this wasn’t the first time she’d been beaten. She fought her fears, and panic and let her anger start to grow. Finally she managed to grab one leg and jerk the person down on top of her, causing a bit of confusion among the group. She twisted out from under them and started to run. She knew when to engage in a fight and when not to, this was a time to escape and get with in sight of guards.

The group chased after her, one of them throwing a knife, which landed in the back of her thigh. She let out a cry and fell forward, already out of breath, and already in pain. She struggled to regain control of her body but they were on her before she could.

“Quick, get her under the trees!” Danica urged as they grabbed at her, but she fought so viciously they struggled. By the time they managed to bind her up and drag her under cover she was very much worn out, and she was bleeding.

In the trees Danicas group made a show of roughing Mercia up, and she stopped them after a few moments. And knelt down, “You screw with my family… you die.” she said grabbing Mercia’s hair.

She heard a roar behind them as Danica plunged the long sharp stone knife in to her stomach. Mercia gasped, and started to shake, her body already broken. Ribs, at least a wrist, her throat burned and stung, and now the killing blow had been made.

Mercia heard the sounds of fists hitting flesh and the group began to run, as blackness started to surround her eyes. She was a good fighter, but she couldn’t go out like this! Not dying at the hands of a vengeful wannabe, with her own little gang. Not on the cusp of changing her life. She choked out a sob, as the pain inside and out started to consume her.

She felt big hands shift her, but her ears were buzzing and she could hardly breath, nothing made sense.

When her anklet started to beep she didn’t even notice, but she fell back to the ground as the shock courses through her and whoever carried her.


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