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The Newbie

Posted on Tue Dec 27th, 2016 @ 9:28am by Petty Officer 2nd Class Shiloh Hacksen & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps

Mission: Anarchy in Alcatraz
Location: LTJG Phelps Office

Shiloh stood in the cargo bay after stepping off his transport ship. He looked around and swung his neck violently from right to left, creating a popping sound. It had been a while since he had been on a proper ship. His last mission had him scouring a penal colony for the head of a terrorist syndicate that was trying to plan a bombing on Earth soil. Spending some much time in dark places made the light still a little painful, even after being back on the surface for a month.

As he stowed his gear and made his way throughout the ship, he couldn't help but think this was some sort of punishment. There he was, only a few years in, already a second class and on the fast track to chief back at Intel HQ. Now here he was, in the middle of the black. The thought crossed his mind that it was Admiral Quillen's doing. The Admiral absolutely hated Shiloh and felt that he was a disgrace to the uniform. The true fact was that Shiloh was one of the best Infiltration Specialists that came out of the pipeline and had kept his nose clean since he had been in. Something that was part of his work release.

Finally, with those fleeting thoughts, Shiloh ended up at the Intel Department Head's office and stared at the door. He sighed for a moment, straightened his uniform, and hit the chime.

The door to the small office slid open as Phelps came to his feet and placed his glasses on the desk to come around and meet the new comer.

"Petty Officer Hacksen," Phelps offered a handshake. "I am Samuel Phelps, please call me Samuel as the term 'sir or such' is kind of cold, intel is a small group so we can be a little more ... friendly among ourselves.

Shiloh looked at the man for a moment before taking his hand. "Roger Sir - I mean Samuel. You already know who I am. So if you wish, Shiloh, Shi, or Hack as I've been known for quite some time." He really didn't know what to think of the JG's demeanor, but he was right. Their community was way too small.

"My mind is a little fuzzy." Phelps went to put his glasses back on. "As you know I was out due to poisoning and the Doc said might be a little on the weird side." He straightened his uniform. "Well, I guess we should get more to the point. " He gesture to a chair while going around to his desk. "I must apologize for being so - unwise as to pet that damn monkey thing that bit me. Just goes to show that cute can be deadly..." HE chuckled. "I would think I had learned that by now. "But as to going from here, you know I have one place I strive to have my people check for intel that is the fastest place to get general; and sometimes not so public bits, of information don't you. It is one that many think silly but I find it useful?"

Shiloh nodded slightly. "That's part of what I love about this community, and hate. Everyone seems to know everyone else's business. But that's the world we live in." He shrugged slightly. "And you've got me on the Monkey. I hate those damn things. They're just - weird."

"If you give a monkey a cookie he will bite you for not having a glass of milk to go with it." Phelps commented. "As you are part of the network for getting information I have some Holodeck time for you to 'show off' your skills and allow me to best get a handle how I can best utilize your skill set and work together. Plus a couple of scenarios that I have come across that would be goo planning for future operations, you game?"

Shiloh nodded with a smile. "Always sir."

Then I will allow you to pick the first Senario and tell me what you wish to show off first?" Phelps leaned back. "You might say I am letting you name your own poison?"

He shrugged slightly. "Honestly Sir, it's your show. I'm just the player. I admit, my specialty is more along the lines of the old school places that use less tech. I did that on purpose. The good places these days are low tech. All computers have a weakness somewhere. Whatever you choose, I'm game to give it a go."

"Then you will program one of these 'Low Tech' PLaces and I will put in the objective and resistance. I want to see what you can really do." Phelps smiled. "You pick the planet I will set the stakes."

Shiloh thought for a long moment. Finally an "aha" moment clicked in. He picked up a data PADD on the desk and started typing. "Rakella Prime. Small world, slightly off the grid." As he spoke, the planet showed up on the main screen in the office. "On the surface, it is the home world of the Vok'Sha species. Little known secret of the planet is that there is a small subterranean prison that is run by some Cardassian's that forgot that the Dominion War is long over. They hold some of their political prisoners that they don't want to ever hear from again and some high stakes people that could topple governments if they knew they were alive. The Cardassian's figured out a while ago that keeping this off the grid meant foregoing most technical advancements. They never get picked up on any scans and they are so deep, there is no teleportation down there. You have to get in off the surface. From there, it's all old school. Locks, guards, land lines of sorts. Wires and more wires."

He sighed slightly. "This is my kryptonite. I've tried twice to get into this place and don't get very far."

"You just need to have a few more toys to get you there; technology is one thing but Old School Toys like marbles and aerosol sprays are a delight in any technology era." Phelps chuckled. "You set up the routine and I will observe then we analyze and conclude." He had the smile of a kid ready to play with a new toy. "I'll give you two hours to get set up and then we meet on Holodeck 3."

"Roger," Shiloh said with a nod. "I'll prepare something."

"Very well then." Phelps stood and offered a handshake. "I will not keep you as I am sure you need all the time you can get to perfect the program as it is what I will use to evaluate your potential in the department?"

Shiloh nodded then stood and took Phelps' hand and shook. He still wasn't too certain what to think of the man, but he was ok with being tested. It was usually a good way to try and find out someone's skills. He may have shot himself in the foot with being his current albatross, but who knew? Maybe he'd get further this time than usual. On that, he turned on his heel and walked out of the office. He needed to go get his data PADD from his bag and head to the holodeck. Sadly, he had all of this filed away on his PADD so it was just going to take him plugging it into the system.


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