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Checking in on the project

Posted on Sat Mar 29th, 2014 @ 8:30pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Photons Everywhere Part 2
Timeline: (After the Flashback parts)

(Read the A New path series first)

Grayson tapped the bloody tablet against his fingers as he stood over the girl, the tablet had been found on a path, where evidence of an attempt to strangle her remained. A rope. THen there was a bloody knife and a decent amount of blood. Mercia had been found just beyond the treeline, dying from a knife wound to the abdomen, next to a known killer, a big man named Brick, who was being held in seclusion. He’d only woken up from his sedation an hour before, and was quick to claim he hadn’t hurt Kavi, the investigation was ongoing, especially since the man had provided names.

Maddy told him that Mercia had been like Bricks protege for a long time, it made sense that losing her would send him into a rage and he would try to kill her. Grayson understood why it made sense, but what didn’t was the method, why the crude stone knives? A man that strong could snap her neck in a second.

He looked at the tablet again, Kavi had signed it, she wanted to join him, and he had almost lost her for it. Taking people like this out of a kill or be killed enviroment was no easy task. Last year he had dealt with a murder in a group he picked up from here. It nearly destroyed his mission. He took a deep breath and nodded to the nursing staff who was preparing her for travel, they’d wake her up after they left, since she needed more time and a little more treatment. He had to get moving, and she already signed herself over. As her bed was wheeled out Grayson smiled, “And for a new adventure…”
Mercia had a mountain of paperwork. She had hardly managed to get through a quarter of it when her screen announced a call. She smiled when she saw from who, and accepted it right away. “Admiral.” she said sitting up a little straighter.

“Mercia.” Grayson said fondly. “Its nice to see you in red.”

She grinned and touched her neck where the red shirt began, “Thank you sir.” she beemed. “Commander Hawkins sort of got stuck with me.”

“How do you feel about that?” Grayson asked leaning back.

“Rather unsure of myself, but you put me through the training, I’ve got the head knowledge… its just the experience i’m missing. Helaku says if no one gives me the place to learn how will I ever?”

Grayson tipped his head, “Helaku?” he questioned.

Mercia glanced around, “Commander Hawkins, sorry. We’ve become fast friends sir.” she covered.

He narrowed his eyes, “I see.” he said. Now he had to ask, “Lyla reports you’ve already entered in to some sort of relationship with another crew member?” he asked tersely.

Mercia gulped, “Yes sir, although I was involved with him before assignment.” she said careful not to speak his name. “When we encountered each other on the ship we decided to just see what happens. Did she tell you who?” she asked him nervously.

“No.” he stated, feeling a little better about it, if they met before she got on the ship, maybe it wouldn’t cause her problems in her job. “Just watch yourself Kavi, youre the ships XO now. You have to be an example to the crew.”

She couldn’t hide the face she made at that, “I’ve never been a good leader or example.” she countered.

“True as that may be Mercia now your job depends on you doing your best. This is your last chance on a ship, If you get cut from this assignment, I don’t know that I’ll be able to place you again. You’d have to resign or work for my office directly.” he warned her. “Don’t let a relationship cost you your career.” he said.

Mercia licked her lips, “I don’t think it will be an issue sir.” she said.

Grayson watched her eyes, “And your night terrors?” He demanded.

“Back, and I’m working on it. So far its only the one about my mother.” she said. She had recurring dreams about all the traumatic events in her life, from her own kills, to her mothers, a few times she was taken advantage of in the gang, and an attempt on her life.

Grayson leaned forward, “You’re not keeping yourself awake with medications again are you?” he asked.

Mercia frowned, “I promised you I wouldn’t do that again! What must I do for you to trust me on that?” she demanded. “How could you think I would risk every thing to do that again?” she asked.

Grayson arched his brows, “Excuse me Lieutenant.” he growled.

Mercia looked down, “I’m sorry sir.” she said sullenly, feeling hurt that he even had to ask that.

His voice softened. “Merica, listen to me, I’m concerned about you. You’re repeating old mistakes, you’re under a lot of pressure. I need your word that you will communicate with Hawkins if you become overwhelmed.” he said.

“I can do that. I promise.” she said, thinking about how unprepared she had felt this morning, and yet she had done fairly well, and David had critiqued her, and yet praised her. She looked up when the lights shifted and red started to flash. “Got to go!” she said jumping from her seat and running out of her office as Stele called for her to report to the bridge…


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