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Fathers Favor

Posted on Sat Sep 3rd, 2016 @ 5:53pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Shattered

~~~ Years ago in Mercia's Memories~~~~

Mercia looked out the archway into the back garden behind Fathers house. The last few months had been difficult. Suddenly she was no longer the star and the apple of Fathers eye. She was the youngest of the Falcons, and had a lot of learn, and was suddenly having to vie for Fathers favor. It was not easy. As she watched the scene in front of her, an idea was forming in her mind. Soon, things would work in her favor, and no one would be the wiser.

Her eyes watched the back of a girl as she hunched over on a bench and sobbed. Halija had her arm around Jenna. The girl had failed her test. The fact she wasn’t dead already spoke of Fathers joy in tormenting those who fail him. He would make a show of releasing her to the streets, and then sicking hounds on her with a bounty.

The girl was slowly calming down, but a dark cloud rested over her head, and a weigh was on her shoulders. As Halija left the small yard Mercia tiptoed closer to Jenna. “What have you done?” she whispered.

Jenna whipped around, her tear streaked makeup clinging to her cheeks. “I tried Mercia! I couldn’t do it. I’m not strong and cold like you.” she said. “He’s going to set me to the streets, I know it! I failed him! What am I going to do?”

Mercia licked her lips, “You’re going to kill him.” she said.

“What?” she asked. “Kill Father? Are you insane?” she demanded.

Mercia smirked and moved closer, “Listen girl, you kill him, the hit is over, all the shit we’ve been through is over. I’ll help you plan it even.” she said. “What have you got to lose?” she asked.

“I want to live!” Jenna whispered with passion.

Mercia bore her eyes into Jennas, standing over her, “So do I.” she snapped. “You’re going to die if you do nothing Jenna, at least here you have a chance.” Mercia said. She took the girls hands and looked at her and lowered her tone to a tender caring tone. “I just want you to make it Jenna” she whispered.

Jenna hesitated before she finally nodded, “I know… You’ve always stood up for me. You’ll help? Then maybe we can take enough funds to get a transport off the planet, go somewhere else and start over.” she said

“I think that’s a great idea…” Mercia said. “Now come on, lets go hide in the cellar while we figure this out before they start looking for you to send you to the streets.” she said.

The plan did not take long to formulate, the hard part was keeping Jenna hidden for nearly a week until they could hatch the plan to murder Father, but Mercia had found every hiding place in the house and knew just where to keep Jenna holed up. The bounty was out on her now, and the game was on. Father was boasting at how impressed he was she’d not been found yet, and called it a testament for training. He upped the reward for her death hoping to motivate the game of hunting her.

When the time came to enact the plan Mercia knocked on the door to Fathers private dining room and walked inside when called. She put on her cutest smile as she brought his evening tea. Father liked talking to his Falcon girls frequently so all of his girls took turns bringing him his evening tea. “Good evening Father, you are looking pleased tonight.” Mercia said smoothly. Her hair was down in large curls and she wore a nice summer dress.

He looked up from a book on his table he’d been writing in. He made a face that indicated he was mildly disappointed. “Mercia.” he said flatly. While charming to all his Falcons, it was obvious he had his favorites, and Mercia wasn’t one of them.

Mercia felt her shoulders slump a little, “Father I thought I pleased you?” she asked him as she set the tea down. “I have completed my contracts as ordered, with very little error.” she pouted a little.

Father arched his brows, her boldness surprised him, it wasn’t common that a Falcon of her age would ask so bluntly, normally he had to rely on the older Falcons to shape up the younger ones. He leaned back and rubbed his chin. “Mercia you did well through your trials and training, but you’ve only won the easy contracts. I’m not impressed with you any more. Beyond that you’re more wilful than I’d like.” he said firmly.

Mercia lifted her chin, “Those are things you liked about me.”

“That is true, but you must have balance girl. You could be the top Falcon before you reach the age of 16, but not at the rate you are going.” Father said.

Mercia frowned, “I think I am better than you give me credit for Father.” Mercia said darkly as she moved closer to the man. She shifted only just barely and a black blade about appeared in her hand.

Father narrowed his eyes on Mercia, “You’ll die before you get near me girl, do not test me.” he growled.

Mercia advanced several more steps before she cocked her arm back and threw her blade. Father never had a chance to react as Mercia attacked, she was fast. Faster than he thought. But the blade did not hit the older man. Instead it flew beyond him and landed in the gut of another figure behind him he’d never seen. Jenna.

Father spun around and saw the girl behind him looking shocked as Mercia’s blade hung from her gut. He looked at Mercia stunned then back at the girl as she collapsed towards the table.

“But… we had a plan…” Jenna gasped as she struggled to stay upright.

Mercia laughed haughtily, “No Jenna.” she said as she rounded the table. “I had a plan. You were my pawn.” she said. With that she took the knife and yanked it from the girls gut. She slammed the knife into the table and looked at Father. “I hid and groomed her, and manipulated her. I found a way for her to sneak upon you, distracted you, and killed her before your eyes. The bounty is mine, the youngest and smallest of your Falcons. I’ve out done all of your hunters. Are you impressed yet?”

Father stood there feeling rather stunned for a moment before he started to laugh slowly, “Yes Mercia… You’ve surprised me. I think I have underestimated you…”

~~~~~ 2392- Frosts Lab~~~~~
Mercia shut her eyes hearing Frost chuckling. Eventually Mercia had come to grips with what she had done. She’d had every opportunity to hide Jenna way, sneak her from the city, and maybe even gotten her transport off world, she’d saved enough money. But instead, Mercia used her to win Fathers favor, it had worked, like a charm. Mercia became Fathers favorite instantly, and all the perks, if you could call them perks, belonged to Mercia.

Guilt flooded Mercia, she had tried to forget about Jenna, but the girl haunted her dreams, the betrayal in the eyes of the girl she’d defended until she murdered her in cold blood, never left Mercias memories. Of all kills Mercia had made, it was the only one she felt guilty for, and now Frost owned that guilt, and the woman was nearly hysterical with laughter over it.



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