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Lunch with a Lady lol

Posted on Mon Nov 28th, 2016 @ 5:28am by Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn

Mission: Anarchy in Alcatraz
Location: Officer's mess
Timeline: Day 1 1407

OCC: this is a Back post before the mission started


Lixor finally pulled himself away from his task of getting a department to follow under his leadership. Sure they trusted him and even liked him but they missed M'Gann and wanted her back along with her style of leadership.

When he was a gang leader his word was the law, far more than the corrupted police force that did their best to make everyone's life a living hell. Lixor was doing better but having picked up some social grace along the way but there were still times when he could give an order and make it sound far too much like an immediate imperative rather than perhaps the, "when you're finished could you do this for me," sort of thing.

Lunch was late, two hours late in fact and his belly was letting him know just how unhappy it was with his choices. To appease the awakened beast he had decided to use the officers lounge, he might even decide to try something new though a replicated rations pack 68 was sounding pretty good.

As he stood just inside the doorway scoping things out he spotted a woman with brown wavy hair and security gold on her collar. Lixor didn't notice her rank at first and to be honest he really didn't care, he just hoped a bit of company might help him improve those lacking social skills.

"What's on the menu," Lixor asked then chided himself for being for forward and asking a question he could probably answer himself.

"Excuse me," replied Paula looking up at the man who had just interrupted her quiet time from her Margarita Pizza and fries that came with a Brandy and coke, She continued," is there a Problem you need my help with?"

Lixor offered a smile and shook his head negatively, "no not really I just....," he paused and looked down, "I was just trying to make conversation is all." He nodded, "please excuse me I will leave you to your meal."

Paula looked back at the unhappy man and responded," Wait up a minute, Are you ok?" asking the question as a Security officer when seeing someone like this could lead to them hurting themselves , This she didn't want and then be called to the men's quarters and find him dead. although she had seen him on the expedition to the other Island and had not the chance to speak with him, now this was her chance and was going to take it.

The blue man nodded, "I'm fine, a little embarrassed and upset with myself but fine." He offered a smile, "I'm actually not that good at things like this, you know meeting people."

"Why is that?"asked Paula picking p the Brandy and coke and took sip and giving the blue guy the once over and started to get the sense that he was hiding something, she finished,"and I didn't catch your name?"

"Lixor Nabohn," he replied answering the second question first, "not sure you'll really understand what I'm saying.

Paula made a mental note to check this guy out when she got back to her office, She asked," So what is it you are saying?" as she placed the glass back down upon the table.

Lixor was quiet for a moment then replied offering a faint smile, "I learned more about avoiding people growing up than I did making friends, you seemed to live a bit longer that way."

"That you do," replied Paula looking at the blue man, she continued,"Without friends at your back in a fight you will lose every time," picking up her drink once more and took a sip of the beverage.

The blue man thought about what she had said, were his gang members really to be considered friends? They had his back but mostly for their own purposes and because he was their leader. He hadn't thought they had done it because the, well, liked him.

Lixor sighed nodded, "my trouble I suppose was more knowing who to trust, that is who was really your friend." He drew in a breath and tried again, "gang life does not tend to breed too much trust."

" I understand what you mean, my brother and I have not spoken in years, but he want's me to believe him that he has changed ," looking back at the blue Man, She continued," although he is family, Still he has to earn my trust again," as she remembered the day that Paul Winchester turned up unexpectedly.

With a nod the blue man offered a faint smile, "shall we try this again?" Lixor's smile broadened, "hello, would you mind if I sat with you?"

"Please Join me,"replied Paula waving her hand to the seat again taking a sip of her drink, She asked," what would you like to drink?" as she started to lower the glass from her lips and motioned a waiter to her table.

As the woman came over to wait on him he did his best to offer her a smile and set his dark eyes on her, "a glass of water, no ice please."

Lixor glanced back over at Paula and blushed slightly, "guess that wasn't so hard."

"What do you mean by that?" asked Paula watching the man sit down opposite to her, She continued," I am waiting for my Daughter to be honest," as she knew Davina had been getting used to finding the quickest route from their quarters to the school and back again.

The blue man smiled, "was referring to me being polite and social." There was a more puzzled look that began crossing his face, "I hope you didn't think I was referring to you?"

Paula Looked back at the Blue man and smirked,"Whatever gave you that thought," once more lifting her glass to her lips and started to sip the contents of the glass. as she started to place the glass on the table she spoke once more,"So, how are you finding ship life?"

Lixor tilted his head, "it's good, I prefer it to colonies." He smiled broadly at the woman, "at least were going somewhere."

Paula looked back at him for the moment, she replied,"Yes, but where we go trouble soon follows," as she knew this was going to turn ugly soon enough.

The blue man nodded his understanding, "tue but from where I come from I at last know where I stand here," He drew in a deep breath, "you were never sure of anything. Food was something you fought over and safety, if you didn't make it yourself there wasn't any."

"That is what we are out here to stop the trouble before it gets even worse," remarked Paula looking back at Lixor, she continued,"if we didn't then Chaos would reign supreme," as she knew that her glass was nearly empty.

Lixor nodded, "true," he chuckled and added, "I already know what that is like, chaos reigning supreme and don't want to try that again."

"Nor do I," replied Paula looking at her new friend; She continued," I have work to do, So if you excuse me," once more keeping the blue man in her sights; She finished," I'll see you around," as she started to rise from her seat and gave a short nod to him.

lixor stood and nodded towards her, "pleasure to meet you Paula," he said, "have a good rest of your shift."

"Thank you," replied Paula as they started to go their separate ways, Paula wondered what else lay in store for them, as She knew trouble was not far away.



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