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The Idea of Image

Posted on Wed Apr 2nd, 2014 @ 5:24am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins

Mission: Photons Everywhere Part 2
Location: Captain's Ready Room

After talking to Admiral Grayson, David needed to get focused on the job at hand. The S.S. Wasp was in tow, and they were at low warp speeds keep their Dino Guests near. It seemed that Captain Jack wanted to also see the cargo ship see thru to its last mission.

Now it was time to see his Holographic XO for an update. He wasn't completely used to the fact that a computer program was doing his XO's duties but Mercia was still getting used to the job. There was only a matter of time before they would be fully crewed.

"Hawkins to the bridge. Have the ETCH report to my ready room. Lieutenant Stele, you have the bridge," David called out on his comm line before pulling up the ships morning reports

Elian glanced at Stele who nodded recipient of the message. Elian dematerialized from the bridge and appeared in the Captains ready room. "Commander Hawkins." Elian said standing in front of the mans desk. "Reporting as ordered sir." he said as he clasped his hands behind his back.

"Seriously!" Hawkins shook his head almost startled by him materializing before him. "Does your matrix have issues walking around?"

Elian watched the commander, "No sir, my program determined that this was the most efficient way to comply with your orders."

"Whatever," David replied as he shook his head still before sighing and leaning back. "I assume your programming has already gone over all the data for the morning report to the captain?"

"Yes sir. Would you like a verbal report, or would you prefer a run through on your screen?" Elian asked nodding towards the monitor on his desk.

"Verbally from you and want to hear your personal understanding of the situations we are in," Hawkins replied as he leaned back and relaxed. He had already read the information and knew most, but wanted to test out the hologram's programing and reporting procegures.

"Yes sir." Elian said. His eyes seemed to hollow out a little as he began his report. "At 0132 hours there was a report of the diomedian-keela scarlet flower growing on deck 6 section 2. A containment field was set in place. At 0218 hours there was a report of the diomedian-keela scarlet flower growing on deck 10 section 17, a containment field was set in place. At 0219 Engineering reported a power fluctuation on deck ten, and compensated with a power rerouting. At 0235 turbolift shaft C was rerouted due to another growth of diomedian-keela scarlet flower, all turbolift traffic has been rerouted until resolution can be reached. At 03..."

"Thats good," Hawkins cut him off as he nodded a little as he thought for a moment before continuing. "Just sum it up on the actual details unless it truly is manditory."

Elian nodded curtly, "There were 89 reports of the diomedian-keela scarlet flower around the ship up until the last hour, the containment fields have been set in place, although there are now only 37 sections which have not reported a siting of the plant." he said firmly. "Engineering has reported 15 power flow interruptions, it is likely the plants, and the towing of the SS. Wasp at warp are the likely causes. Four crew members have reported to the medical bay for repair due to encounters with the plant, including one who had a severe reaction and remains in the medical bay." he said. "Another six reported to the medical bay for other ailments, such as upset stomach, and on duty injury. There are only half of the turbolift pods still in use. My programming surmises we will be unable to use the turbolift system with in 8 hours at current rate of growth. Science has attempted 29 methods to kill the diomedian-keela scarlet flower but none have yet proven successful."

"Recommendations?" David asked as he looked at the hologram. It took down the information quite well but it was a program. What else was this program capable of is what he really wanted to see for himself. The Engineers behind this hologram had put in a lot of time and energy into it. If was, in David's eyes, to push it to its limits.

Elian looked at the captain while he processed the information. "Data is incomplete as to what the plant is vulnerable too. What will destory it is unknown sir."

"So by that logic, you want to leave it alone and hope that it will die off?" David tested the Hologram.

"No, that will present a health risk to the crew and the ship." he said. The program adopted a near frustrated look on his face. "As of yet there has been no successful tests in destroying the plant. If no resolution can be made in 6 hours, the best course of action for the safety of the crew would be to leave the SS. Wasp and go to maximum warp to the nearest inhabited planet. In the event of warp or life support failure due to the plants, the Gladiator should send out a distress call and all hands report to the escape pods, and shuttles." he said.

"You left out the possiblity to use the holographic crew to continue working in those effected areas while the rest of the crew evacuates the areas. A report has been sent to Starbase 47 on the condition of the Gladiator, and they have a team ready to launch at a moments notice. But for now, the ship is still salvageable. There hasn't been any major injuries, and there hasn't been any damage to this ship that effects the primary and secondary systems," David explained. "Remember to take everything into account. Your response is noteable, but you need to keep in mind that not every ship and crew are the same. Especially this ship. Holograms can access the majority of this ship, and there for makes a great key item to use as much as needed."

Elian nodded, absorbing the information, "Noted sir." he said.

"WhaT about your programming. What have you been able to expand to make you able to become a better program and possible member of this crew?" the commander asked as he shifted enough to cross his left leg over his knee to rest his ankle on it.

Elian nodded again, "I am attempting to expand my programming. With observations of crew behavior and documented studies on such I am striving to incorporate an approachable stance." He said. "Lieutenant Kavi also instructed me in a game of cards and betting."

"Poker and betting... and did you win against her?" Hawkins asked interested in the capability of the programming in different types of situations.

"I did not lose." Elian stated. "Kavi was using a flasher, and my programming knew the placement of cards." He said. "The out come was favorable to me."

"So you stacked the cards in your favor?" Hawkins questioned intreged. This wasn't something that he expected but then again the ETCH was programed for multiple scenarios.

"Lt Kavi was attempting to show me that enemies did not always conform to rules, and I would be required to behave in such a way that I would still win. Yes I stacked the cards." He said. "She also instructed me to obtain all the betting beads, so I knocked her down and took them." He said. "I am programmed to find a method of victory."

Hawkins started to chuckle and shook his head out of disbelief. "Oh i wish I was there for that. I am surprised you weren't deleted on the spot."

Elian matched his smile and chuckle, copying his behavior. "She stated I was clever, and then did a better job of.clarifying her instructions." He said.

"Prior to that, were you programed with humor atrabutes?" the commander asked as he waved for him to take a seat for once.

Elian took a seat, "I do not believe so sir, lt. Kavi turned off a subroutine that restricted such things." He said, "the ability to learn to copy humor was there, but durring testing such things were not needed. Kavi felt the subroutine needed to be turned off in order for my personality programming to expand. Do you believe she was correct sir?" He asked

"I back her up with her choice on giving you the ability to communicate with personal better and making it a way of getting your orders executed to the best of your abilities," David diverted the answer of how he felt about it. He wasn't completely sure on that subject, but Mercia was making ground with the Hologram and would continue to give her the power to do so. "How do you feel about all tihs?"

"I have noticed a few of the bridge crew have seemed a little more at ease. I am unable to decide if it because they are morr accustomed to my presence now, or because of the behavior modifications."

"I guess only time will tell, but I am not going to test any theories at this time being," David replied shrugging as he leaned back and rested his head on the back of his chair while closing his eyes. he was tired and wanted to sleep. "I got to say one thing, I do not want you changing your visual layout anymore. Is that understood?"

Elian tipped his head a bit, "Yes sir, although I must ask why?" He said. "Lt Kavi expressed that by altering my image I would enhance the ability for members of the crew to feel more comfortable interacting with me." He said.

"Your change in visual stands as is. The idea of a member of the crew that changes at will to look like whomever or whatever does not help the situation at hand. The crew need to get used to you and what you look and sound like. furthermore, i have great respect for your creators whom did set you up with a layout as is. Changing your programming is almost insulting to your creators," David explained to the best of his abilities.

Elian nodded as he considered the information. "I have no desire to insult my creators. Is it normal for creators to take offence at image modifications?" He asked. "Such as the markings upon your skin, that are listed in your profile?" He asked. "Do they insult your creators?"

"Interesting analogy but you change your whole look, I merely added imagery to my skin that comes from my native side," David countered intrigued at how the hologram was able to question things in an interesting fashion.

"I see." Elian said. "Was Lt. Kavi trying to insult my creators? Her profile suggest that as a possibility." he said. "I observed her reactions as I tried several images, first of all a woman, that received the worst reaction from her. She had encouraged me to choose, but rejected the images I tried."

David eyed the image man for a short time before finally speaking up. "Well for now on, keep it locked in the image as is. Is that..." Before he could finish off his order, the ship shook and the ship dropped out of warp. "What the hell?"

"Sir sensors are indicating two unknown class ships have opened fire on the USS Gladiator." Elian said.

"Stele to Hawkins and Kavi, we're under attack."



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