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Verifying Facts

Posted on Wed Dec 28th, 2016 @ 9:53pm by

Mission: Anarchy in Alcatraz
Location: Lizzy's Office
Timeline: After staff meeting :: Backpost


Walking down the corridor like Lizzy was dressed was getting a reaction of shock that she mused could only be topped if she was doing it completely butt-ass naked.

A poor ensign from Security had gulped and then run into a wall as she passed him in the full-length redman padded body protection suit, and she had stopped to check on him - to his embarrassment.

Reaching the Counselling annex, Lizzy entered and and smiled as Lacey spoke, "Hello, how can I.. What the fuck, Lizzy?"

Heading over to the desk, the counsellor grinned, "We are going to have a visitor who will be under armed guard, Iggy. The Commodore was a bit nervous for me and I had to threaten to put in a formal report.. Took a lot of willpower not to say something to make him blush."

"Not surprised with you, Lizzy. She was nice when we met once. I thought she went to prison. Anything you can tell me?"

Lizzy laughed and curtseyed, "True. Iggy was in prison, but there was some sort of breakdown of the system and she fled. She's given us some intel, but the senior staff seemed quite hostile - expsecially our chief engineer. We may need to put down some anger management classes in future.

Looking around, she saw the solitary couch and sighed, "We need to get some chairs from the spare room.. No spikes or whoopie cushions.. Maybe some couches? Possibly."

"I think chairs might be better if they are security or marines."

It didn't take long for the pair of them to get some chairs and Lizzy headed into her office to load the files that she had for Iggy.

A couple moments later, the doors parted as Iggy entered, followed by two guards. She shifted her hands in the cuffs a little but otherwise looked around at the area she entered.

Lacey looked up from her desk, "Hello. Lieutenant Commander Caldera told me that you would be coming. I'll just let her know."

Tapping a button, she smiled, "Lacey to Lizzy, your client is here."

In the meantime, she turned to ther guarding staff, "Can I get you anything from the replicator?"

The guards merely shook their heads in response. When Iggy was called back the guards followed, close enough to grab her in case she attacked but not so close as to be breathing down her neck. When she saw Lizzy all decked out in some sort of protection suit the inmate rolled her eyes. "Jesus, is all that really necessary?" To her amusement, however, it did make the guards do a double take.

Waiting long enough to be told to sit, Iggy began. "Look, I know that I don't have a good rapport with this crew. I get it. But what I said during the meeting is true. You can read my mind or get someone who does if it supports my claim. But what I saw is what happened."

Sitting up in her chair a little, she continued, "I was sitting in my cell, reading and mindlessly listening to the training grounds outside when the sound changed. It went from uniform to erratic, and when I looked out my window I saw a couple ships in the sky firing down at the training grounds. Unless Starfleet technology has changed that much, I knew it wasn't Federation in origin, but beside the point, the prison was being attacked. The ships turned toward the prison, and that's when I braced for what I knew was going to be an attack.

"The walls shook with each explosion, and eventually the forcefields on the cell doors went out. I figured that they had knocked out the communications hub, so I wanted to go find someone who could hopefully get out somehow and get help. That's when I noticed that the attackers were killing just Starfleet personnel. Any injuries inflicted on inmates were purely accidental. I was able to get to the main control room, but the door didn't hold long. One of the personnel gave me the chip that was in my possession and told me to run, and I didn't feel like dying so I went. I knew I wouldn't be targeted because of my status as an inmate, but I finally made it to the shuttlebay."

Iggy paused as she mused, making sure to recall the event to the best of her ability. "The chip had a programming code on it, such that when it was plugged into a console I could program anything I wanted into it and it would bypass the normal firewalls and checkpoints. Since these inmates were dangerous and I didn't have any access codes, I programed the computer to do a level 2 lockdown before taking a shuttle and escaping. I also took one of their weapons with me as proof. That's how I ended up on Memphis Island." She leaned back in her chair and watched the counselor for a moment. "I already know what you're probably going to ask. I never caught a good enough look at the attackers in the prison. The only thing I can distinctly recall is a bunch of people in black uniforms with some red insignia on the right side of the chest, and they had weapons that could blow your head off. Yes I was scared, no I do not need extra counseling to 'release my emotions' and cope with the losses of my beloved inmate friends. Can I go now?"

The sarcasm by the end of her story wasn't just in her features; Iggy wasn't even looking forward to the session, but on the other hand she had nothing better to do than count the screws in the wall of the brig. She had her own methods of coping with things, and didn't need someone else telling her how to run her life. Surely this counselor could see that she was telling the truth simply by looking at her facial responses, but only time would tell. Iggy did what she came to do, and now all that was left to do was wait and hope. After being dismissed, Iggy rose from her chair before turning and leaving the office. Guess it was back to counting screws again.



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