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Breaking Out

Posted on Sun Oct 23rd, 2016 @ 7:07pm by Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Anarchy in Alcatraz
Location: Alcatraz

The attack on the prison came as a surprise to Kaldrac, he'd been in Alcatraz long enough to know that the guards had regular training exercises and that they normally weren't very exciting. He'd watched them a first but soon realized the guards weren't as well trained or battle ready as they thought. He'd offered to help them, make them better but they'd always refused. They were likely afraid of what he'd do and there was con convincing them otherwise.

Whoever attacked easily out fought the guards, part of him felt vindicated at his assessment of the guards but he was also saddened by the loss of life and the fight that took place in the prison after was ugly. He'd done his best to stay out of it, better not to risk his life if he didn't have too.

The man stood at just over six food, was muscular and had an intensity about him. He had light grey hair, he kept the sides shaved and the top a little long. His skin was a grey blue color and his eyes were bio luminescent and had a soft blue glow. Along each of his cheeks he had four yellow bars indicating his rank in an order that was very old and had roots that would have surprised a lot of people. On each of his arms he had a white shield with a red cross tattooed on them.

Kaldrac Cohov was a member of The Order of Solomon's temple, also known as the Knights Templar. He'd starting his training as a boy and had forgotten more about the art of war than most soldiers knew in the first place and while the guards were fighting, he was three steps ahead and prepping his cell block for the prison riot that was going to come after. The lock down kept most of the prisoners at bay, but he knew how to get past the security quickly.

Across the hall way Odin Parison stood stock still, just inches away from the bars that held him in. His dark eyes watched every thing, and his thin lips never parted. He was weighing his options, carefully considering every angle, he would have to play this right for him to find the most enjoyment out of it. His eyes flickered to the cell across the way landing on Cohov. The man would serve some purposes, and likely was a leader among the rabble that was shouting and causing so much useless noise.

Kaldrac had gotten out of his cell just before the full lock down hit, the block he was in was two levels, it had an open central area and two levels of cells with upper railing. There was a two way door and then a guard station and a third door that lead into the rest of the prison. The fighting was getting ugly and he needed to come up with a plan. A quick look around the cell blocks and he spotted Odin.

"What do you have in there for weapons?"

Odin was slow as his eyes bored in to Kaldracs. His finger came up to his temple and he tapped it twice. He, of course, had several weapons in his cell. He was excellent at hiding them. Weather he wanted to given them to Kaldrac, or use them on Kaldrac was still up for debate.

"In a minute, they're going to come through that door to kill all of us," Kaldrac gave the man a hard look. "So either you help me and we might live or you don't and we both will perish."

Odin watched him for a heart beat longer before he turned sharply and and opened one of the hidden compartments he had carved in to the walls and pulled out several knives and a hand gun. He tucked the hand gun in h is sleave and one of the home made knives. He brought the rest of the open door of his cell and presented them to the other man. "This does not mean I am aligned with you in the end." he said with the blandness of a vulcan.

Kaldrac watched Odin and weighed his options, he didn't trust a soul in this block but of all the people to ask for help, he was the one that would probably be the least trouble and he knew that if he had to he could take the man in a fight. "I'm going to open your door and you're going to help me."

Odin nodded slightly and stood waiting quietly as he watched the others in the block, noisily prepare themselves.

The Knight approached the cell and fiddled with the control panel for a few minutes before the field dropped and he was able to open the door to the cell. After taking a step back, Kaldrac narrowed his glowing eyes at Odin and held out his hand. "Give me a weapon and stand with me, at least for now."

Odin handed over a blade but before he released it, he paused. "Perhaps we would be wiser to join whoever has come here? Are they killing prisoners, or just the guards?" he asked blandly.

"You'd simply be trading the Starfleet guards for another master, I serve none but my Queen and my God," Kaldrac spun the blade in his hand a couple of times as he got the feel for it, he glanced up as several shouts and the sound of phaser fire rang out just outside their cell block. "What say you? Stand with me now or offer yourself up to them?"

The man considered offering a smile, but a devilish glint touched his eyes. "I suppose we shall discover that choice together in the moment it comes." he said stepping out of his cell. He knew he was unnerving to many, and could hardly be trusted, but that was part of his game.

"Then you will die," Kaldrac narrowed his eyes at the man, before he moved back a few steps and silently moved back over to the main entrance to the cell block as the fighting continued to get closer.

There was an explosion at the outer door, some more shouting and another fire fight before it died down and whoever was advancing had taken the small guard room. It meant they had access and would be able to see Odin and Kaldrac but that wasn't going to stop him from taking out as many of them as he could.

Three men, dressed in black, came out of the guards room and were buzzed through the first door and then the second. As soon as the door was open Kaldrac struck, he grabbed the first of the three men, drove the blade he carried into his throat and stripped the phaser off of him before the other two could even react. He shot one of them and as the third aimed the business end of his phaser at Kaldrac. Before the third could fire, Odin closed the distance and had killed him as well.

"Take a phaser and anything else you want off of him and then go," Kaldrac instructed.

Odin was already quickly stripping the fallen attacker of his weapons, He kicked off the mans helmet before other freed prisoners started to jump towards them, wanting to take whatever they could get as well. "Human..." he said. He bent down and ripped open the mans shirt and quickly and skillfully looked him over for an identity of who he was or where he came from. Nothing. He was a ghost. "What is your plan Kaldrac?" he asked. "I'd like to know who invaded our home." he said ironiclly.

"I'm going to get off of this rock and go home," Kaldrac arched one of his brows, he'd gotten a phaser and that was better than most of the animals were going to get. "I find the hospitality here to be lacking."

Odin raised his eye brows, "You need planning and resources, and support to get out of here. Even with an attack security would be tight. The orbital platforms, security in to the shuttle bays that can support a jump to the nearest system, the ability to mask your receiver so that other ships do not realize it is a shuttle stolen from a prison. Do not be a fool and rush in to escape. Noble cause, and one I would join you on, but we must do it correctly." he said evenly.

"Suddenly you wish to join me?" Kaldrac's suspicion clearly on display. The truth was he didn't know if he could get all the way to the shuttle bay without help but Odin was not a man he wished to stand with. "Very well, but one false move and I will kill you without hesitation. Now let's move."

"Consider the same warning for yourself." Odin said blandly as he stood and moved back from the body. "Advancing down the hall ways will not gain us any advantage as all the rukus will be traveling there as well. The air is thin outside, but not obsolete, can you handle it?" he demanded, thinking of how to get to one of the air locks to the facility.

The warrior in him wanted to boast about how he'd have no trouble getting down to where his ship was, but the truth of the matter was that it would be a hell of a fight for him to take on alone. "I was genetically enhanced to survive an array of environments, the air on this planet does not bother me."

"Wonderful. Down the hall and through the guard station is a hall way that will lead to the intake zones. There are air locks there, we'd have better luck going outside and accessing the shuttle zones that way." Odin said tightly. "Lets move."



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