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The good luck charm

Posted on Wed Apr 9th, 2014 @ 5:12am by David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi
Edited on on Wed Apr 30th, 2014 @ 11:16am

Mission: Photons Everywhere Part 2
Timeline: after interaction

Mercia groaned, she had a kink in her neck as she slowly came to the land of the living. She stretched out and frowned as she realized she was laying on her couch. She pushed herself up, her hair all crazy. Looking over herself she realized she was uniform. "What the devil?" She said rubbing her eyes, no doubt giving herself raccoon eyes because of.rubbing day old make up around her eyes.

"Good morning, Lieutenant. I trust you slept well," Elian replied as he looked at her in the same position he had been in all evening and into the late hours. "You tossed and turned a little in your sleep, but from what I could tell, you slept decently even though you are not laying down in a bed, which is recommended."

Mercia jumped hearing his voice. She glared at the hologram, "what the hell are you doing h... oh." She remembered chatting with him.last night, the two bottles on the table in front of her reminded she had just enough to drink to make her relax. Apparently it was enough to send her to sleep despite the fact she didn't "I didn't have a nightmare..." she said. "How long.did I sleep?" She asked trying to sort out how she felt about Elian sitting there all.night. she should be uncomfortable, then again he was just a program

"Five hours and thirty-seven minutes. Not a complete nights sleep, but I do believe it will hold you off until you are able to find time to catch up on your normal sleeping patterns," He stated bluntly and without shame.

She let out a breath, "thanks Cogsworth." She said.referencing and old children's movie, one of the ones Master had given her. It was the name of a cartoon clock. She pushed the blanket back, "you didn't think to see yourself out?" She asked.

"I was not sure the proper protocol in this situation. But I am a hologram, it is not like I had intent to be bother your personal settings. I went ahead and continued to look over system reports and other information to help me be ready for today's work assignment."

"Oh." Mercia said, "Well, you don't have to stick around next time." She said standing up. She smiled at Elian, just.a program Mercia. "I guess.I can't complain too much, thats the best sleep I've had in weeks." She said "and no night terrors. Nice" she breathed and checked time the. "Maybe you're a good luck charm." she joked as she headed for her bedroom. She had time to work out today, she needed to get back on a good routine with that.

"I am a hologram, so I do not see how I am good luck Charm, but you can believe what you will," He replied as he stood up and nodded. "If there is nothing else, I will report to the bridge."

Mercia pulled on a tighter tank top and stepped in to.line.of.sight again. "Ill be up in a couple hours." She commented. She was.going to work.out then do some office work today. "And anything can be a good luck.charm." she smirked as she grabbed a brush and started to brush her crazy hair back. "Maybe I should have you talk me to sleep every night so I don't have nightmares." She chuckled. She tipped her chin up. "thanks though.. i'll see you on the bridge."

He looked at her and processed her comments before nodding and replied. "As you wish, Lieutenant. I will see you on the bridge." With that the hologram dissipated into thin air and left the living quarters empty once again.

Mercia blinked, not knowing why she hadn't expected that. Weird. She shuddered and headed for her bathroom to.finish getting ready. "Very weird..." she sighed.

Elian Played by Hawkins


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