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Well That Didn't Go Quite As Planned...

Posted on Sun Jan 1st, 2017 @ 11:04pm by

Mission: Anarchy in Alcatraz
Location: Tarona Beach
Timeline: Backpost, Before Mission Start


M'Gann heard the voice on the other end, that sweet chocolatey voice, and felt a longing grow in her stomach. It seemed like an eternity since she had heard that voice, and soon she was going to see the woman that voice belonged to. "Where's Tarona Beach?" She asked Helena.

"Just down the hill a bit, only a few minutes walk or we can beam over." Helena said offering out her hand to the woman. "By the way, and I can't believe I haven't asked this, but what is you name?"

M'Gann accepted the hand and stood. "M'Gann," she replied. It started to occur to her how strange her story sounded, and she guessed that it wasn't going to be easy for anyone to understand. She started fiddling with the locket again before looking at Helena. "Ok, I'm ready," she said, hoping that she could believe it herself.

Several minutes later, the sandy shore and the rolling waves of the ocean replaced the white sterility of the hospital. Despite the calmer environment, M'Gann still wrapped her arms around herself as if she were cold. She lightly kicked a little bit of sand, watching the grains skitter across the ground. She looked at Helena, the nervousness in her eyes betraying her.

"This might be a stupid question, but are you doing alright?" Helena had given the other woman a respectful amount of distance since they got to the beach. She didn't want to intrude and give M'Gann a bit of time to adjust. Taking off her shoes, Helena loved the feel of warm sand between her toes. It was relaxing after a long day on her feet and she hoped it was helping M'Gann as well.

It took several moments for M'Gann to respond. Part of her was wondering if this was a good idea. Would she be able to handle seeing her again? She ended up giving a small nod, "there's no such thing as a stupid question, but for now, yeah."

After finishing up the report, Lauren took off the gloves she was wearing before telling the doctor on call that she was taking her break. As she left sickbay the brunette glanced down at her uniform, confirming that the odd mix of standard attire and hospital scrubs was clean, before heading down to the beach. She was genuinely curious about this person Helena had met, and how on earth this person knew both of them. Whatever the reason may be, they were about to find out soon enough.

Why was she nervous? Lauren could feel the butterflies in her stomach as she entered the transporter room and got onto the pad. She told the technician to get her to Tarona Beach, but the dematerializing process did nothing to ease her nerves; in fact, it seemed to amplify the feeling.

Her view was greeted by the sight of the beach, and the sound of the waves instantly began to help calm her. At least Helena would be there, so she didn't have to do this alone. Lauren closed her eyes for a moment and took in a deep breath through her nose, savoring the salty smell of seaweed and fish. Opening her eyes, she bent down and took off her shoes, unable to resist the opportunity to stick her toes in real sand. The stuff that the holodeck made just wasn't the same. Shoes in one hand, the brunette looked around before spotting two individuals off in the distance. She recognized Helena immediately and waved her hand at them.

Helena was glad that Lauren had beamed down when she did, M'Gann might be doing fine now, but the Doctor suspected that the longer the wait the more antsy the woman would get. Waving her hand back to her friend, Helena started to make her way over hoping that meeting her half way would help ease things. "Lauren how are you doing?" It sounded just as silly as asking if M'Gann was doing alright, but she really wasn't sure what else she could say.

The brunette gave Helena a smile as she got close enough to hear. "I'm doing well. Still catching up on sleep, but also glad to be off the station for a bit." Her brown eyes shifted toward the figure, noting that she had blue skin and blonde hair cut off at the shoulders. Turning back toward Helena, she gave a look that asked, 'is this who you were talking about?'

When M'Gann heard that sweet chocolatey voice she turned, her eyes going wide when she saw her. Lauren was approaching them, with that same smile and a caring look in her eyes. She blinked several times, the woman's name barely whispering past her lips, and before she knew it she was walking, no, running toward the brunette. Time seemed to slow as she got closer to Lauren, the sand kicking up behind her and seeming to hold her back, making each second feel like minutes. The quizzical look on Lauren's face didn't have time to register as M'Gann nearly tackled the brunette in a desperate and longing hug. "Oh Rassilon, Lauren!! You're alive!!"

Needless to say, Lauren was not expecting this response. She slowed her walking when the blonde came towards her, then stopped and even took a step back when she saw the woman running full speed at her before being engulfed in a tight hug. The impact made her lose her balance, and the two women fell onto the sand, Lauren pinned under the blonde. Alive? "I, uh, I am alive," she wheezed, her voice strained from the weight on top of her, "at least, last I checked-" Her eyes went wide when the woman on top of her stopped her short by pressing her blue lips hard into Lauren's. Clearly grossed out by the passionate kiss, Lauren took both hands and grabbed the woman by the shoulders before pushing her off and scrambling away. "Ew! What the hell?!" she exclaimed, using the back of her hand to wipe her lips.

At first, M'Gann had thought that Lauren was getting into it, but then confusion settled in when she found herself being pushed back and the woman obviously not happy with the reunion. "L-Lauren, it's me..." Did she suffer memory loss? Why was her love suddenly acting like she was a stranger? The blonde reached out a little with her hand, her expression a mix of worry and comfort, "Lau, it's ok, it's just me..."

Helena had been rather surprised to say the least as the blue woman came streaking past her and tackled the nurse. If she hadn't been so shocked the young Doctor probably would have laughed her ass off. Instead she was just frozen standing next too the pair her hand clasped over her mouth. That had not been at all what she expected to happen, M'Gann seemed to have lost her focus on where she was, that she was back in that alternate universe she mentioned. Part of her wondered if she should interviene, pull M'Gann up and try to refocus her. But the heat of the moment seemed to have died down and perhaps M'Gann would refocus.

Lauren glanced over at Helena, who had a hand over her mouth. "Care to explain why your patient just... attacked me??" she demanded. "It's not funny!" She stopped to wipe her lips again.

"No you're right it isn't." Helena said shaken out of her shock. Finding her legs again Helena moved forward and helped M'Gann up off her friend before turning back around and helping Lauren up. "Lauren this is M'Gann and she's not my patient."

M'Gann watched the woman as Helena helped her up before scrambling to her feet. "Lauren... don't you remember everything we went through?" To prove her point, she reached into the collar of her shirt and pulled out the locket, showing it to her.

Immediately Lauren placed a hand on her chest when she saw the locket, but confusion settled in when she felt her own locket resting underneath her uniform. Pulling it out, she looked between the two identical pieces of jewelry before asking, "how did you get that?"

Seeing the other locket made M'Gann's heart sink a little. It was coming back to her that this Lauren was not her Lauren, so the woman shared none of her love's memories. "Lauren gave it to me," she responded, closing her hand around it. "It was passed down through her family, and the one who gave it to her..."

"... was my grandmother," Lauren finished, clearly surprised. How did this woman know about her life??

This was certainly one of the weirdet moments in Helena's young life. Sure she knew about alternate realities and all that but this was the first time she'd had direct experience with it; seeing the two identical lockets up close... It was also heartbreaking to see M'Gann's face fall, the realization that this Lauren didn't know her like she had hoped.

M'Gann gave a small nod. "She wanted a picture of us together to go inside, but we never had the chance." As she spoke, she looked carefully at Lauren, hoping to find something, anything that indicated even a spark of familiarity in her mind, but found nothing. This Lauren truly didn't know who she was. "But I was mistaken. You aren't Lauren." She then wrapped her arms around herself and turned her head to gaze at the water. All this hoping that she would get to see her love again, and when she finally got the chance it wasn't even the right one. Everything about Lauren was the same, from her haircut to her stance, but it wasn't her.

Lauren could practically feel the woman's heart breaking, and almost felt a little guilty when M'Gann realized that she wasn't who she thought she was. "I, uh..." Lauren began, turning back toward the blonde. "I'm sorry, for your loss. If there is anything I can do to help..."

"I don't think so," M'Gann replied quietly. "You're not her. You can't replace my Lauren, and you can't bring her back."

Looking at Helena again, Lauren gave her a look that asked for some help with this. This had never happened to her before, so she didn't know how to respond. What could she say to a woman who lost what must have been her everything, only to reunite with a copy? She wasn't even sure if her presence was helping or hindering the situation.

Sharing a pained look with Laren, Helena gave a small nod and walked slowly over to the blue skinned woman. "M'Gann I..." Helena started, her voice breaking as she realized she had no idea what to say. "I'm so sorry, I hoped that there might be something here meeting our Lauren to help you with your loss."

M'Gann turned to face Helena, biting her lip as she tried to blink away tears. "Helena, it's like I'm staring at a ghost. She looks like her, hell even talks like her, but it's not the same. It will never be." Tears betrayed her as they started to run down her face, and she pointed at Lauren. "To her, I'm just another person. I don't mean anything to her because we don't have a connection! She didn't go through what Lauren and I did! She didn't have to fight against a system who saw me as nothing but an object! She didn't care for me when I was tortured and tested on, and she wasn't the one who pushed me to keep going when I wanted to give up! She is a reminder of everything that I had lost!!" The hand she used to point curled into a fist before she brought it to her face to wipe at her tears, only managing to smear them across her face.

Lauren blinked, feeling like she got hit in the throat. It hurt her chest to even think about responding. She didn't even do anything, all she did was stand there and get tackled by this woman. She had seen people lose loved ones before, but M'Gann clearly had a strong connection to the other Lauren. It sounded like there were circumstances that brought them closer and created trust, and to have that taken away... she couldn't even imagine what it must be like. But the woman did have a point; she could never completely replace the other Lauren simply because that connection wasn't there. "I..." she stammered, struggling to find her voice. "... I apologize if it made things worse to see me, uh, M'Gann. I only wish the best for you. Um... I-I should head back. My break is almost over." Her break didn't end for another 15 minutes, but she wanted out of this, especially if she wasn't helping the situation.

Helena smiled awkwardly Lauren's way, she definitely owed her friend a huge apology and many, many weeks of homemade meals to make up for this little adventure. But for now she needed to focus on making sure M'Gann was alright too, the moment not having had quite the effect she was hoping for. Waiting for Lauren to beam away, Helena cautiously made her way over to where M'Gann was standing. Honestly she didn't quite know what to say...this had really all been her fault...

Turning the woman around Helena did the only thing she could think of, pulled her in for a tight hug and did not let go. "M'Gann I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

The blonde started to push her away, but ended up giving in and burrowing her face into her shoulder to sob. She couldn't speak, she couldn't do anything as the pain that had started to fade from her chest came back at full force. It was the same thing she had felt when the doctors told her that Lauren had passed away, like there was a giant hole in her chest. "It's my fault..." she said, her voice muffled by the other woman's uniform, "i-it was too soon..." M'Gann sniffled and pulled away a little, turning her head and clenching her eyes shut with the hope that it might prevent more tears from falling.

"I...Do...Do you want to tell me about it?" Helena asked hesitantly. Now that she had brought this out, there was no way she could leave M'Gann on her own. Helena felt she now had a responsibility to help the woman at least begin to recover.

M'Gann swallowed the lump in her throat before nodding a little. "You c-can come to my apartment for a bit." She needed someone to release her emotions to. A small part of her felt guilty for scaring the other Lauren away, as she was only trying to help, but it only reminded her of the woman she had lost. Taking an uneven breath, she wiped the tears from her eyes before leading the way back to the apartment complex. Perhaps Helena could be the listening ear she needed.



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