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Son of a....

Posted on Fri Dec 2nd, 2016 @ 3:01pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price & Ensign Amelia McMillan

Mission: Anarchy in Alcatraz

Things had finally calmed down and this gave Hawkins a chance to breathe a little bit. Defense perimeter was breathed by his away teams and repairs were under way. It was a waiting game for his first officer and security chief to start investigating the issue at hand in which he had no control over. So he ordered additional troops from all ships in the fleet to head down to the planet to assist Mercia and her teams to secure it all. With the system secure and his fleet acting as in the defensive positions, he wanted to check up on his guest, Zul’erra.

They hadn’t gotten to chat much since they had left Memphis Island, but he knew that they could get her involved in things and even help out leading her people to more suitable locations for them all. It was a fresh start, and quite honestly, Federation personal had already started coming in to assist with the process. Part of him was actually glad that his fleet had to leave. He hated the additional briefings and paperwork he was required to do in order to handle the new arrivals. The extra eyes in his area was not helpful at all. He hated it…

Walking through the hall, the red klexons added illumination to the halls as crew members moved through the veins of the ship. He came across the guest quarters and tapped the chime. He thought to himself for a bit before he noticed no response. Tapping it again, he started to think about the here and now. No response… Concern overwhelmed him slightly as he tapped in his command override codes. Within seconds, it swished open to an empty small quarters. Where was she? What the hell?!?!

“Computer, locate crewmember Zul’erra.”

“Crewmember Zul’erra is in her quarters.”

“That’s a bold face lie…” he muttered as he walked up to a small night stand next to the bed. He picked up the small combadge he had given her and ran his thumb over it as he sighed.

“Computer, do we have Zul’erra’s bio signature on records yet from Memphis Island and from transporter records?”


“Can for her life signs on Gladiator.”

“Crewmember Zul’arra’s bio signature is onboard the Gladiator.”

“Use external sensors and scan her,” he started to pace in the quarters slowly waiting for the Computer.

A moment went by before the female voice responded. “Zul’erra’s bio signs were detected on Alcatraz Prime forty-seven minutes ago.”

“Son of a…” David growled as he tapped his ear piece. “Hawkins to the bridge, hail Alcatraz Prime and get Captain Kavi on the comm. Patch her to me directly in guest quarters 17.

Mercia heard the call come in from the Gladiator. She sighed and shifted her rifle to her shoulder and tapped her ear bud. "Not the best timing Hawkins. Check in isn't for another 15 minuets." she complained as her group slowed down. They had finally breached the defences allowing them in to the administrative sector of the prison, and were going to the prime control room and wardens office. Some prisoners had holed themselves up there, and had been resisting.

"I was the one that told you your report times, I know. Just want to give ya a heads up... Zal'arra is planet side," he countered as he tossed the badge up in the air and catching it in the same hand.

"She's WHAT?" Mercia growled stopping the group. "How the hell did she get planetside?" she demanded her eyes snapping around her large group to see if any one was out of place.

"Probably on one of your shuttles. No records of her using the transporters. She is good... picks up on things real fast," he sighed as he activated the small monitor on the guest desk. He looked over the logs of information and sighed. "Hmm... looks like there is more to this young woman's species than she was able to let on. She looked up a lot of star fleet rules and regulations. Historical tactics... and marines and their code of conduct.

Mercia arched her brows, "Quick study, so she moved in to the marine group." She glanced backwards and her eyes landed on a marine in the back with equipment on her face, but was clearly female. "I think I see her. How do you want me to proceed, or should I just do things my way." she grinned,

"She injured? "

"Not yet." Mercia grumbled, "Can't promise she wont be when I get my hands on her." she said tightly.

"So she made it that far and no issues, huh," Hawkins pondered. "Impressive."

"You can be impressed later, right now, I've got an untrained child on my team, who I cant trust and protect, in the middle of a dangerous prison." Mercia said tightly and quietly as to not spook the girl if she over heard. She nodded to the Marine close to her and the group began moving forward again. Either way she'd be dealing with this inside the warden office.

"Well... she is survived for years protecting hundreds. She obviously can handle herself. Hell, either she fooled you or you are rusty," David brought to light as he read the programing training course Zul'erra had learned. "Looks like her species can mentally hold onto all she takes in."

"Natural Eidetic memory... fantastic." she grumbled. "I don't care if she can handle herself, she isn't trained to obey orders, she is a risk to the operation." she complained.

"Be that as it may, we cant pause this with the prisoners and the lock down. Lock the base down, and worry about the mission first... besides you weren't either when you first came in," he countered as he sighed and turned off the monitor. "She isn't trained to follow orders... but you are. Mission first, then have her escorted back up."

Mercia scowled then said through gritted teeth. "Yes sir." She waved her hand to the team and they started moving again. It wasn't an easy route, but they managed to get in to the offices with out a whole lot of prisoners coming at them. It seemed most of them were focused on getting the other teams pushed back. Mercia wasn't sure how to take that. Either that meant the control tower was a total loss, or these people were morons.

The wardens office wa the nearest stop, and since it had a direct door in to the control center they secured it first.

Once the room was secure and Mercia had the computer expert working on getting through the wardens security she moved to the small person dressed as a marine. "I don't believe we have met, you must be new " Mercia said to the girl.

The marine woman looked up at her and snapped to attention. "Yes, ma'am?" she shuffled for a moment before holding her head up respectfully.

Mercia slung her rifle back and put her hands on her hips as she looked her over. Now that she was seeing her in light it was obvious who she was. "Name and Rank." she said bluntly wanting to force Zul'arra to lie or confess.


"Name and rank Marine." Mercia barked, "And remove your gear." she ordered harshly.

"Private Christina Ramirez, ma'am," the female responded as she pulled her gear off and looked at her highest ranking officer before her. The young human looked almost scared as she seemed to be ready for anything but never expected this in this place.

The surprise in Mercias face was evident, she looked the woman over for a long moment to cover herself, "Good job covering our asses Privet..." she said quickly.

"... Yeess... Ma'am!"

Mercia turned away from the woman, "Relax, Privete." Mercia grumbled her eyes starting to scan the rest of the faces.

"I believe you are looking for me, Captain." Zul'arra's voice came from behind her as another female marine stood with her rifle over her back and her extended quarter staff in hand. She collapsed the advanced staff and went to hand the weapon to her. "I turn myself in."

Mercias eyes darkened again and she took the weapon from Zul'arra quickly and flicked her wrist, letting the staff extend. Once that was done she shoved Zul'arra in to the wall, the staff against her throat, "Give me one good reason I shouldn't put you down now?" she demanded wanting to shake the girl up a little. Some tough love to make her get some sense in her brain.

The members around them quickly locked up and stood confused as they watched what was going on. Zul'erra gulped slightly but held a neutral facial expression on her face. "Don't have one. But you would waste your time and all you would prove is what my people stated about the Federation," the alien explained gripping the end of the staff with her hands as instinct kicked in for survival. She was skilled, but she doubted her skill against Kavi.

"You are a danger to this team Zul'arra." Mercia growled. "What were you thinking?" She demanded. "What are you doing here?"

"And yet, I saved two of your men and am still here," she countered as she narrowed her view. "Kill me or send me back. I won't be ridiculed in front of all these people."

"You will be whatever I say." Mercia said. "This isn't a game Zul'arra. these are evil dangerous people and you threw yourself in the middle of it with barely any knowledge and zero training as to how we operate." Mercia said. "It was stupid, foolish, and below your capabilities." she said pulling the bar from the girls throat. "You want to be a marine, I'll get you trained, but on my terms, NOT yours." she said. She set the bar in front of the girl again and met her eyes. "Until I decide to return you to the Gladiator, you are to obey every command I give you, without hesitation or argument. Any deviation from my orders and I will shoot you myself. Do I make myself clear? Just incase you did not know considering your lack of military training, the proper response is Yes sir."

Zal'arra looked into Mercias eyes for a moment before straightening her equipment and snapped to attention as she had researched. "Ma'am... yes, ma'am." She had learned from her reading that she wasn't wrong, but the Captain wanted it her way. So regulations were second over her need to be right. What did it matter? She was allowed to stay... and fight. Which was what she wanted more than anything else.

Mercia watched the girls eyes, it wasn't often she saw a warrior in one so young. Vanora would love this kid... A touch of sadness washed over Mercia as she nodded to the girl again. "That's better." she snipped. "Guard the door with Ramirez."

Taylor had heard from another marine about Mercia confronting marines. It wasn't that he had a problem with it. The opposite really, if his marines were out of line he welcomed it. But he wanted to know about it. He wanted to know who it was. The marines should respect Captain Kavi but they needed to respect and fear him. He made his way over to Mercia and saw her standing face to face with Zal'arra. Oh, sh...

Mercia looked over at Price, her expression numb, and a bit cold. She took a deep breath and made a point to soften her gaze just for a moment. She wasn't mad at Price, although they'd have to take a damn good look at how Zul'arra had managed it. She nodded to Price and turned to the geeks. "Tell me what you got, can you get us in to the command center?" she asked them.

"This prison is old, it's using an out dated Lcars version that I used to play around with back in the academy. A half way decent programmer could take over this entire prison without guns," Zeti half smiled, she was clever and probably a little arrogant but she was ok with it. "The problem is, we're past that point and most of the prisoners are free. If they resist we're going to need a fighting force that can get them subdued. Baring that, we could go outside and try to get into the command room from there but once we're in we're cut off."



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