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A Matter of trust

Posted on Wed Dec 21st, 2016 @ 7:48am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins

Mission: Anarchy in Alcatraz
Timeline: Back post

Things had been quiet for too long of a time, and it was making Mercia antsy. The team was working hard to unlock access to the prime control room, so that they could undo the hacks of the prisoners. A number of these prisoners had engineering and programming experience, and they not only were seeking to take over all the resources of the prison, but also they were battling each other. It made everything look like a mess. The other teams were holding the line, and pushing the prisoners back and trying to contain them. Her team was working on getting control back of the systems so that they COULD contain the prisoners.

She looked towards the door as Ramirez peered out of it. Like in slow motion a shot came out of nowhere and hit the young marine in the neck. Mercia leapt over the desk to catch the girl before she hit the ground. The team rushed in around her and helped pull her back with the fallen Marine girl. "Fall back!" she ordered Zul'arra.

Hesitation rushed over the young woman as she had quickly ducked down gripping her rifle. She looked at Ramirez for a moment knowing all too well that it could have been her. But what pained her the most was that, the private didn’t deserve this at all. Zul’arra had failed her comrade and what could have been a friend as well. Without another hesitation, she pulled up her rifle that she had taught herself to use and pulled around the corner, targeting the one she thought had tried to kill them first. Missing her target, she watched as they scrambled and head back down the corridor that they came from. She quickly darted down the barely lit hall and gripped the staff with her free arm ready to activate it.

"ZUL'ARRA!" Mercia growled. She scrambled to her feet, "Finish the mission!" she ordered the others and took off at a run after the girl who was going to get herself killed. She should shoot her and drag her ass back, but she had to catch her first.

The lighting flickered as weapons fire could be heard all around echoing around them all. Zul’arra gripped the rifle barrel and the staff in one hand as she peered down the sight through what was a scope with a red dot pointing at her supposed location of where her phaser was going to hit. The barely lit hall with debris everywhere making each and every place clearly capable of hiding someone. She slowed her breathing as she watched and waited for the moment of their screw up. Show yourself, you lo’cah! she thought to herself as she curled her noise at the thought of the honor less lowlifes that had ran away.

Mercia ran up behind Zul'arra, Mercia ducked down behind a fallen beam giving herself some shielding. "Moron, you're a sitting duck, target on your knee behind shielding." she growled, her eyes open ready to knock Zul'arra down to get her out of a shot if someone lined one up. "Do you have a death wish?"

"Have you ever hunted wild game?" the girl questioned as she kept her focus in front of her. She slowly moved her feet one foot in front of the other as she tried to understand the ramifications of her actions of running off. This was what she was used to. Track down the threat and eliminate it.

"In a manor of speaking, you're talking about beasts who have teeth and claws, these animals have phasors and can kill you with out being seen." Mercia said. "Stand down Zul'arra, return to the group, you had orders to remain with us. I did warn you, don't make me shoot you and drag you back. You will not put the rest of us in danger because you want to go hunting." Mercia warned her. She heard a creak, and it made the hair on the back of her neck stand up. Something was wrong, "You're being hunted Zul'arra, not the other way around." Mercia said quickly as her red flags went up, and her irritation that the girl didn't see the idiocy of her actions.

Silence crept up over them as Zul'arra froze like ice. Another creak was what caused her staff to be thrown behind them, extending in mid-air into the flickering darkness. The connection of the staff to two figures was heard and they heard the moans of pain after before weapons fire lit up on both sides of the women. The younger took cover across from Mercia as she gripped her phaser rifle. "I heard them coming after your foot steps." Just couldn't hear the ones in front of us. So I figured they maybe hiding near."

Mercia did her best to hide how impressed she was. After navigating that island it was no wonder that Zul'arra was so skilled. "You can be a perfect shot and a great hunter, but when you abandon your team and don't follow orders you are useless." Mercia growled. She raised up and took a few shots, landing on in the chest of a forward attacker. "Now our position is revealed, and we are vulnerable, and could be cut off from our team." Mercia said trying to teach the girl, wondering if she should let Zul'arra get shot and have to depend on Mercia to save her. Maybe it would force the girl to be humbled. Pride was destructive.

She took another shot and saw another attacker go down. Suddenly she felt pressure on her mind. It felt like someone was hitting her head with a rock, she looked to the girl, and saw a similar look on her face. Suddenly from out of Zul'arras face came a monstrous grotesque ghost clawing at Mercia. She shoved back against the wall with a fearful yelp, before it dissipated. "Shit" she growled. A strong telepath she'd read about had clearly teamed up with people. She could terrorize the mind and drive people insane, she'd hoped that no one was dumb enough to deactivate her telepathic blockers.

From behind them a swarm of phasor fire and shadows came flying at them. In an instant she and Zul'arra jumped around the barriers, but the fire was coming strong, and not being able to tell what was real and what was fiction Mercia knew they needed to run and get out of range, before the pain and pressure was to great, or if Zul'arra would fall susceptible to the insanity this prisoner could cause. "Stay with me." she said grabbing the girl's arm and taking off down the hall way, away from the Wardens office.

Shadows and voices overthrow her thoughts as Zul'arra rushed to try and understand what was going on. Her heart rushed as she fought to keep track of all the new voices and threats that were all around her. She felt the grip on her arm and the feel of being drug before she could even say a word. It was as though her mind was in overdrive and she had no control.

Gripping on her rifle in her hand, she fired at as many as she could as she heard the voices starting to get louder and louder in her ears and mind. "They are all around!?"

"Only some are real Zul'arra focus on what you know is real! Ignore the rest!" Mercia cried. The telepath must be loose and following them.

A screeching voice overthrew Kavi's and made Zul'arra bolt back and swung her rifle at Kavi. "Get away from me!"

Mercia gasped at the noise in her mind, and barely saw the rifle coming at her. She raised her arm and took the heavy hit against it. "ZUL'ARRA! Pay attention! Its not me!" she growled. Shooting the girl now would be difficult, and Mercia was not about to abandon an innocent to the depravity of the prisoners.

She grabbed the girl and shoved her in to the wall behind her, trying to shut out the false things she was seeing. It was difficult, but she had to focus. "Listen to my voice, ignore every thing else!" she said, struggling to still the girl and meet her eyes.

Locking her jaw as she saw stars for a moment, Zul'arra was forced to focus on what had just happened. The voice of Mercia was louder in her ears but the voices in her head were still there. She opened up her eyes and could see Kavi's form as she had known it through her eyes, but stars around her for a moment before the shadows started to come back along with the hall way around them. "Am I poisoned?"

The ground below them shifted, and before either could react it gave away and they both began to fall among the debris.

"Ahh!" a scream broke through her lips as fire seemed to shoot threw her limbs. Quickly gripping down on her thigh, Zul'arra forced her eyes to open up and saw the shard that had jammed through her leg. Blood rushed from the her Leg for a moment as the pulsating pain rushed through her. All her focus was now on her leg, but tried to look away and figure what had happened.

Mercia groaned as she turned over, feeling the breath knocked out of her. She was seeing stars and it made her feel sick to her stomach. She cracked her eyes open and it took a moment to focus and see the shard standing up through Zul'arras leg. She pushed herself up, and let out a swear. She struggled to stand up but ended up just on her hands and knees, as she moved closer.

She knew if she took it out of Zul'arra it may cause more damage and could kill her. "Don't move..." she said. "Kavi to away team, we need assistance... Kavi to... Kavi...." she growled and pulled out her ear bud. It was snapped in half, a quick look at Zul'arra showed her's was missing entirely. "Well this is peachy." she said.

"Peachy indeed.. what have we here?" a deep voice rumbled, and a sea of chuckled sprung up from all around the pair of women. Next came a deafening chorus of cat calls.

Mercia looked at Zul'arra, trying not to display any fear. "We're in trouble now..."

"Why are they whistling?" Zul'arra groaned as she finally dug through he vest and found a long strap she had read was made for this instant. Her hands covered with her blood and shocking, she worked as best as she could wrapping it a couple inches above where she had a shard stuck in her thigh. "It is not that scary."

Mercia moved closer to help her with the band, shifting it up a couple more inches, knowing it wasn't supposed to be that close to the wound. Of course she'd taken her pack off in the wardens office. "My dear you've yet to experience the depravity of the worse of the universe." Her head was clearing faster now, as she heard the shuffling of feet. Now that her eyes adjusted she could see they'd fallen straight in to a prisoners block, and most of the prisoners were loose. With the girl injured Mercia didn't know if she could fight all of them off by herself.

"I am a Captain in the Federation, we are here to rescue and secure you, I warn you not to make any moves that will increase your sentence." she called out knowing it would do nothing. She'd been in prison before, she knew the chance to escape and to do what any one wanted was too great to pass up. She and Zul'arra were about to be at their mercy, and Mercia had to weigh her options... make deals and be alert enough to protect Zul'arras innocence, or fight and risk leaving the girl to their whims.

Shuffling was heard before a figure stepped up in the dark overlooking the two. "Captain, my Captain... If you are here to rescue and secure us... why are you in your natural state of being below us."

Mercia looked up, the man who approached was taller than her even if she'd been standing. "Oh sweetie, don't think that just because I am lower in stature means I am lower than you in general." She said standing and moving protectivly in front of Zul'arra. "Any true man knows that women are superior." She winked deciding to try banter and charm first. Violence would eventually come, but hopefully she'd be able to locate their phasors first. If not, the various knives hidden on her person would have to do.

"And those would be considered whipped..." the man before her chuckled as he waved his hand as he towered over her in height. As more foot steps were heard, a quick crack was heard, causing the man to turn and look he rushed to the sound of another crack and thud was heard. Finally, one last crack and thud was heard.

Mercia held her ground but the shadows shifted in ways she could not predict. She looked down at Zul'arra briefly wishing for a moment one of them was a telepath. Was the girl still armed with blades?

She looked back at where the man had disappeared to, trying to figure out where the noise had come from and what it meant. Circling around then, the prisoners murmered but not enough for Mercia to pick out their meanings.

A dark man stepped into what little light there was flickering between the power surges. He stood with the staff that Zul'arra had thrown at some prisoners. He eyed it for a moment before tossing it before the women on the ground. The figure cocked his head slightly as he eyed those around them before leaning down and raised his arms slightly to his side to show openness. "Commander Tali, I did not know you were coming here. Who is the alien female?"

Mercia turned her head to look at Zul'arra to hide her confusion. ~ Tali?? And why would HE call her Tali? Alive? How... Oh ...~ M'Gann said that in the other universe Tali, Mercies twin was not crazy, but in fact a member of the order, and a rebel. Question was, was their guy a loyalist or a rebel.

Taking a breath and looking back at the man, showing her face as relieved to see him. "She's a rebel from the federation, who joined me, she has a natural idadic memory, useful no?" She smirked, relaxing her visible stance, and yet not truly relaxing.

The man looked her over before leaning down showing his face. "You are not Tali... are you? This is truly the universe the Bolian female is from, isn't it?" The black man seemed calm and had peaceful yet strong eyes. He saw the facial expression on the Captain which confirmed his response. "You seem like you saw a ghost."

Mercia gave nothing away , not wanting to give her true self away. Maybe she was this Universes Tali. "I've been undercover, and i recently heard you were dead. It is startling to see the differences between the universes, and it took me a moment to remember that it was this universes Cooper that was dead, and not the other..." she said. Mercia had had no like for Cooper, and her reservations were not going to fade.

"Tali sent me here, or rather to our Alcatraz to infiltrate and demoralize areas as best as possible. So you are not our Tali. I do apologize ma'am," Ion Cooper explained with a calming voice. "I am out of my place. I would like to offer you my assistance, ma'am."

"So how did you end up on this Alcatraz?" she demanded.

“My shuttle was latched onto the Wilcock which travelled to the sector. During the travel, there was some anomaly which knocked me out, and my sensors had to be realigned. I had no time to deal with that as we were already over Alcatraz. As part of Intel, I had a command code which got me through the defense grid. Yet for some reason, the ship had gotten through with no issues. I am unsure as of yet, but my shuttle should have answers to that.”

"And these prisoners I assume are under you control?" she asked seeing as they did not advance on the trio, but rather kept a dissatisfied distance.

“I asserted myself in with a group of inmates to keep myself alive. They respect me and know who I am, in a since,” the deep voice from the man affirmed her question in a sense.

"First of all, I need a first aid kit or someone with medical knowledge so we can free the girl, then we'll worry about orders." Mercia snipped.

“What is going on, Kavi?!?!” Zul’arra interjected as she growled still in pain holding her thigh. This caused Ian to look at Mercia for a moment and blink as though to say, I told you so.

"Hush girl." Mercia commanded her, not wanting her to speak out of turn and lose them an ally.

“There is a trained doctor in the group,” Ian offered ignoring the suggestion of ignoring it completely. The captain was correct and the female before them needed medical assistance. “Roberts, find Qu’Phin. Let her know, she has a patient,” Ian called out over his shoulder before leaning down and looked Zul’arra over. “Nygnu, what is your name?”

Zul’arra looked up at the man in a slight shocking look. She hadn’t told anyone who her species was and this through her off for a moment. “Zul’arra. How do you know of my species?”

“It is a long story. Your species and it’s alliances have added to our issues in repairing what has been lost though,” Ian explained almost coldly but he could tell that she was unsure what had been going on. “I do not hold you responsible, but I must be cautious of you is all. Either case, I will insure your safety, if you will allow it.”

"I demand it, she is in my care." Mercia said firmly. "We need to return to my group, I assume you became stuck here when the attackers disrupted the prison?" she asked him. "A prisoner escaped and reported the issues, we're working on regaining control of the prison." she said.

Ian looked Mercia over wandering if she was friend or foe. But at this moment, he had no other choice. His thoughts disappeared as an Andorian female walked up with her arms risen up over her chest and seemed to have little control of the jitters she had. One antenna was curled over completely forward, almost discolored and the other barely held still. It seemed almost like it had a mind of its own.

"You good enough to help the girl?" Ian asked as he looked her over. With only a simple sigh before she calmed down slightly and nodded that she would be good. She fell to her knees and started to visually examine Zul'arra.

Mercia stood over the Andorian to ensure she did not pull any thing on her charge. The state of the woman's antenna told her she'd had the stuffing beat out of her. "Do you have a way out of this cell block? We need to return to the Wardens office..." she said. She looked up at the hole they'd fallen through. "That Telepathc was lurking around somewhere." She knew it wasn't over.

"The Betazoid from cell block D? She is another person that needs help for sure," Cooper noted as he looked over at the group that respected him enough to listen to him. "We were cut off shortly before you arrived. But that was only because we had to go help another small group."

"Help? She needs to be put down." Mercia growled. "People like her are one reason I dislike that we as a people do not practice capitol punishment." she snipped. "She's more of a monster than I am." she grumbled. "So we're stuck here..." she said. "What resources do you have? Ropes? Communications?" she asked looking at the hole again. Maybe they could climb out.

Cooper looked over the woman before her. He knew her as Tali and even seen the fire in her eyes as Tali, but he held her self higher in ways that his Tali wouldn't have. This was something more, in which his people had lost at the end of the war when COIL had taken over. He knew that even though he didn't know this woman's truee name, she was someone to respect.

"I would not suggest going back up that way," he pointed to two of his followers and they quickly nodded to move to Kavi and Zul'arra's sides to help them stand. "We have another way up, but which way did you come through?"

"We entered the prison through the primary hanger bay. I need to get back to the wardens office." She looked at Zul'arra concerned she'd not be able to make it back up, however she could not leave her behind either. "Lead the way Coop." she instructed him. She held her hand out to the Andorian, demanding her phaser back. "I'll need the rifles returned as well." she demanded to Cooper.

The Andorian doctor looked at the Captain and raised one finger before tapping a couple codes into the weapon. She twitched slightly before looking up at Cooper and Kavi. "I'll need you one of you to hold her down, the other to pull that out. Once its done, I'll clear it up. She may pass out from the pain."

"I'll hold her down," Cooper stated as he got down on his knees and nodded to Kavi before looking at Zul'arra. "Are you ready?"

Her eyes were almost filled with fear but she nodded while she slowly leaned over and lowered to the ground completely. Pain had been up there but as she moved, she held back the urge to scream in pain. She knew it was coming, and to hold on to dear life. So she put her hands under her butt to keep from reaching up. Another jolt of agonizing pain rushed her with every movement but finally found herself in the position needed. Ian held her shoulders down with his palms and looked over at Kavi.

Mercia eyed the Andorian for a moment, this Prisoner didn't know that she was intimate with an Andorian. They might be tough, but she knew how to take one out if she had to. She also understood the posturing and how the Andorian would either challenge it or respond well to it.

"Name." she demanded.

"K'telth." she quickly replied.

"Can you see straight?" she asked motioning to her damaged Antenna.

"My vision isn't an issue." she snapped.

"Yes but your balance is and that can effect your vision." Mercia said flatly.

K'Telth glared at her. "You want this child to bleed out or what? Because I could care less what happens to you Fleeters. I owe him, that's the only reason I'm volunteering my services, and it better damn well get me some good will." she said meeting Mercias eyes.

Mercia held the woman's gaze for a moment before she grinned. "You'll do... Lets get this done, but if she dies, you die." she said.

"Understood." K'Telth said flatly.

Mercia moved into position. "Grit your teeth Zul'arra, this is not going to be pleasant." she warned her with a bit a softer tone.

K'Telth shifted the girls leg and then nodded to Mercia. The two of them lifted her leg and pulled the object free, before K'Telth quickly applied the phaser burst. "Hold her still or I'm going to burn good tissue!" she growled at Cooper as the girl writhed, and jolted.

Zul'arra screamed in pain as she shifted hard trying to prevent more pain to go through, but only was able to move a couple inches in any direction. Ian placed more pressure on her with every slight movement as the doctor moved quickly in ways he hadn't seen from her since he had met her a couple days prior. Blood started to run out as the doctor quickly called out for them to flip her over. With the massive amounts of pain, Zul'arra finally went limp as he turned her over. He looked over at Mercia and the doctor as he checked her vitals. A sigh of relief went over them as he noticed the pulse. "Continue on Doctor."

Without even another glance, the doctor leaned in closer over the phaser pulse and watched closely to her work to make sure she wasn't overdoing it. Once the work was completed to close the wound, her one twitchy antina leaned up and slightly back as she felt the young woman's pulse and turned her back to her back. Once in place, she looked closer at her work then moved up her body to make sure the rest of her was well.

"She will need a bit to come back around out of it. No major damage besides that. She will need to be taken to your ship's doctor. This is all I can do with what we got for now. Your doctor will have the medical support needed to ensure that this heals up. But there is a possible chance that it will leave a lasting scare," the andorian explained as her hands started to shake once again as she reached over to return the phaser.

Mercia took it from the Andorian and tucked it away. "Good, How long until she comes to?" she asked.

"She should come out of it shortly so you can move her once again."

Mercia nodded, "Then I guess we wait. How long ago did you receive that injury?" she asked her.

"Two days ago... I should adapt in a day or two." K'Telth said as she stood, "But that is only the surface of my injuries." she explained. "I also need your ships medical care. I'll take a straight trade for saving your officers life." she said.

"Once we have control the prison, all prisoners will be accounted for, assessed, and cared for. I'll ensure you are at the top of the list, but that deal goes away if you participate in the fighting against us." Mercia warned her.

"Understood. How about I come with you?" She said.

Mercia looked at Cooper, not sure how much trusted the Andorian.

"Unless you have some fighting skills that you haven't told us about, I prefer you stay back until the fighting stops," Ian insisted.

"I can handle myself," K'Telth countered as she stood up slightly still a little twitch from moment to moment. "I want to keep the Captain at her word and in eyes view."

"I'm a woman of my word, I said you'd be at the top of the list of course you will be." Mercia said standing taller, posturing herself to the Andorian.

"I never trusted Star fleet or pink skins. You are both."

"Well princess, you're kind of stuck aren't you? You have to depend and trust in me." Mercia said tipping her chin up.

K'Telth growled and stepped forward, "That isn't how this works. You made a deal and I'm going to ensure its followed though. You do not want to challenge me little one, or you may get cut." she hissed. Her hand shifted.

Mercia didn't even give it a moment and reacted on instinct. She grabbed the woman's hand and swayed using her lack of balance against her. The woman was stronger by nature, but her injuries and Mercia's skills made up for it. She knocked her feet out from under her, and swiped the shive away from her, and pressed it to her neck. "Now you listen here. I made a deal with you and I'm a woman of my word. Don't threaten me, you may be andorian, but you don't know that I've been trained by an Andorian who actually has some honor and is a true warrior, not a coward who fears a broken word." she growled in the woman's face.

"That is enough," Ian cut them both off as Zul'arra started to slowly move again. Once she was awake enough, she quickly moved her arms to her wound and moaned in pain before looking up at the adults over her. "Welcome back, Miss Zul'arra.

Mercia got up off the Andorian and tossed her shive down next to her, confident she'd made her point. "That's the only mercy you get coward. I'll still keep my end of the deal, but you make another wrong move I'll kill you." she growled.

As they watched the Andorian pampered her arm and mumble to herself in her native tongue, Ian blinked in disbelief before turning his attention to Mercia. "You may not be Tali, but you sure have her ability of enforcing yourself, that is for sure," He waved a group over and made their way to a small hall that lead up a flight of stairs. "We go that way, Captain. I'll help your friend."

Mercia raised her brows, the Tali she knew wasn't nearly as bold as she was. She had spirit, but that is where it ended for the most part. She was the gentler twin. She would ask him a lot of questions later, for now, escape was more important. "Off we go then." she looked at the Andorian. "Stay in this cell block. Ill be back for you."

"What if it becomes more unstable?" the woman demanded pointing to the rubble and the whole in the ceiling.

"Go to the main hanger bay, no weapons, full surrender, you will be confined, but the team will confirm with me who you are." Mercia said. "Its not safe for you to go there just yet, so only if you must." she said.

After the andorian walked away twitching and growling under her breath, Ian leaned down and lifted Zul'arra up. As he checked her over, he nodded to the exit they were to take. "They will clear the area with us. All they want is the fighting over," Ian explained as Zul'arra huffed and puffed through the pain.

"Good." Mercia said. "You ready for this Zul'arra this isn't going to be an easy fight." she said. "I hope you've learned your lesson about listening to orders."

"Yes, ma'am," Zul'arra nodded. "I am ready. Just get me a weapon when we find some others so I'm not all useless."

Mercia handed over her smaller phaser and slung up the rifle that was returned to her. The other was at her feet, detoryed in the fall. "TIme to go."



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