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Turn your head and cough

Posted on Mon Nov 21st, 2016 @ 6:26pm by Ensign Amelia McMillan & Lieutenant Mellicent Borden

Mission: Anarchy in Alcatraz
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Backpost: Before Gladiator leaves Kaleb III

Aboard for twelve hours and Amelia was still working to find her way around the immense Sovereign class starship. Despite memorizing the schematics during the trip over as soon as she stepped aboard Amelia was feeling overwhelmed. All the corridors looked the same and it was easy to get turned around. Thankfully the people she'd met so far had been nice and didn't judge her too harshly for how young she was acting. It wasn't exactly the first impression she wanted to leave on such an experienced crew, especially since she was a member of the senior staff.

Still people seemed to be giving her the time she needed to adjust, at least a little bit. Amelia could only hope that the next person she was going to meet would be as congenial. The young scot hadn't always had the best experiences with Doctors int he past, the Academy Chief Physician had been a sour old man who couldn't find one thing she could do right. You're not eating right, your protein levels are too low, you're not exercising enough, now too much!

It had been frustrating to say the least...standing outside the sickbay doors Amelia took a deep breath before stepping inside the brightly lit room.

It had been a rather uneventfully day for most of sickbay, a few colds, one injury from an holodeck accident, and a few minor accidents; it was nothing that a well trained department couldn't deal with. Mel had just finished dealing with a four year old, who had presented with a cough as she looked up at the newest arrival. "Don't worry," Mel assured the father, "a good nights sleep, plenty of liquids and she will be fine."

The father nodded, "thank you Doctor," he scooped up his child.

Mel made a few notes in the child's chart and then looked back to the waiting room. Standing up she approached the newest arrival, "What seems to be the problem Ensign," she asked seeing no apparent signs of illness, or injury?

"Problem? Oh, ah no problem. I'm Amelia McMillan, I just arrived aboard I'm supposed to get my intake evaluation done in the first twenty four hours." The woman said looking the Doctor up and down quickly, comforted that she wasn't going to have to deal with another crotchety old man. "I figured, best ta get it over with."

"Not too often I see an Officer willingly come in for their check up," Mel added motioning down the hall to one of the private suites, "Second door on the left," she stated. As the two walked Mel spoke, "Just arrived," she questioned, "where were you stationed last," she asked?

Willing might have been a bit of a stretch, but she was supposed to get the check up so what else could she do? "My last post, if you can call it that was Starbase 25. It was a holding assignment while personnel worked out where I'd be stationed. I've only been out of the Academy a few months." Admitting that to the much more experienced officer brought a slightly embarrassed flush to Amelia's cheeks, as if saying it out loud put her in an awkward position.

"Seems unusual," Mel stated motioning to the BIOBED, "especially for an Officer that completed the Academy. Typically they have all that ready for you on graduation," she stated as she pulled out a tricorder. Mel made a mental note to review McMillan's record when they were finished. Running the tricorder over McMillan she spoke, "Anything new since your last exam," she asked?

"I dislocated my right shoulder a couple of months ago, nothing too serious but that's about as exciting as it gets, besides a bit of Taleran flu. But that's no worse than the old common cold." Amelia said with a chuckle, as she hopped up on the biobed. Amelia wasn't surprised to hear that her records had been...misplaced. Jerkass Doctor at the Academy probably 'forgot' to include them in her files for transfer.

"Taleran flu," Mel commented, "Not fun," she replied as she set the tricorder down. "Nothing to serious in the scans," Mel added, "any left over problems with the shoulder," she asked as she opted to scan the should again just to be certain?

"It sometimes gets a bit sore after heavy use." Amelia admitted, it wasn't a constant thing but still it was good to mention. "Or if I hit it just right, landing too hard especially."

Mel nodded, "shouldn't have taken this long to heal up," the Doctor noted, "I can give you something to help with the inflammation and tenderness; but if you are still experiencing discomfort after this much time might be a sign of some under laying problem."

The Doctor adjusted the setting on the tricorder and started to take a deep scan just in case.

"I guess it's possible I didn't let it heal completely right. But I also know it can take awhile for some of these kind of injuries to fully heal." Amelia said trying not to catastrophize over her stupidity. She had always been this way about injury, making a big deal over nothing. Hell it was taking all her will power not to ask if it was something she'd need to worry about in ten years.

Mel chuckled, "Let's save the medicine for the one of us that's trained," she smirked. "Between osteo-generators, dermal regenerators, and modern medicine this should have healed a while ago. So I am going to go with you did a little more then not let it heal completely," she looked at her patient waiting to hear as they said the rest of the story.

Her cheeks coloring as she looked over a one of the nearby bio-monitors and sighed. "I may have jumped back into working out and...other things before it was recommended I should." In her defense she'd been feeling fine at the time. It sounded silly in hindsight but at the time she really didn't think it would be an issue. She'd been taking it easy working out and didn't even start trying Judo again until she was sure she was alright. Or at least she thought so.

Mel only gave a warm smile, "Ensign if I had a bar of latinum for every patient who ignored my advice, I'd be richer then the Nagus."

"Then I guess it's too bad the Federation only pays its people with credits." Amelia said with a chuckle. She was glad that the Doctor had a good sense of humor, that in itself was a vast improvement over the academy.

Mel reach over and grabbed a hypo, pressing it to the Ensign's neck she spoke, "I'm going to give you a rather high dose anti-inflammatory, and something to help with repairing the muscle damage." She reviewed the sensor reading, "and I would suggest taking it easy and let's not over use that arm for a few days..."

She looked at the Ensign, all things considering and given the facts at hand she added, "if needed I could replicate something to completely immobilize the arm; just in case?"

"I don't think that's the best way to introduce myself to the crew...I'll just try to take better care of myself." Amelia said hoping that the doctor wouldn't insist too much. Of course if it was necessary she'd do it but hopefully with a it of therapy her shoulder would be as good as new.

Mel nodded, "then I see no need to keep you here any longer then required," she gave a warm smiled. "Nurse Sanchez here will see to the rest of your treatment and will set up appointments for your follow up visits with Physical Therapy, just to make sure that we get this taken care of..."

"Anything else you need help with Ensign," she knew better but still had to ask?

"Um...any tips fr the new girl?" Amelia asked with a nervous smile. "Ya know of the non-medical variety?" Her first bit of time aboard hadn't exactly been the greatest in her life and any bit of help...well she certainly wouldn't pass it up.

Mel smirked, "haven't been on the ship long enough to offer any advice other then don't plan on things going by the book, and expect the unexpected." Mel closed down the biobed, and set the tricorder down. "I think we have all we need for know, Ensign," the Doctor smiled, "Anything else?"

"Nope I'd say that's it." Amelia hopped down off the biobed, her hands twisting a bit. So far this experience with sickbay had been far better than any of her previous, hopefully it would be a continuing trend.

Mel nodded at the Officer, "remember your follow up appointments, and," she paused, "welcome to the ship." The Doctor turned to face the door as the Nurse alerted her to yet another injured patient, "job security," she smirked leaving the room and Ensign McMillan alone.

"Heh, I'll do my best not to become one of your regulars." Amelia called after Mel as she watched the Doctor set off to deal with another clumsy member of the crew. "And thanks for the welcome!" So far Gladiator was shaping up to be a very interesting assignment. Looking around the area one more time, Amy went in search of the nurse so she could get her schedule and escape sickbay.


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