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To Cast, or Not to Cast...

Posted on Wed Nov 30th, 2016 @ 6:03pm by Lieutenant Mellicent Borden

Mission: Anarchy in Alcatraz
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Backpost: Before Gladiator leaves Kaleb III

Lizzy moaned and gritted her teeth as the motion of the turblift caused the pain in her arm to throb and yelped as it stopped. Pulling the yellow plastic raincoat more around her, the chief counselor carefully moved out the lift and headed along the corridor.

Entering into Sickbay, Lizzy found that it wasn't as busy and spotted a nurse, heading over, "Hi, I hurt my arm bad and wondering if I could see a doctor."

The nurse blinked before shrugging and nodding, "I'll go and get one. Have a seat."

Lizzy nodded and walked over to the biobed, getting up carefully.

Mel came into the small exam area, having heard that a member of the Senior Staff was here the Doctor opted to see the patient personally, rather then trust an minion. Tricorder in her right hand, and a padd in the other she looked up at the biobed, "Doctor Caldera," Mel looked the Commander in the face, "I heard you have a problem."

Mel glanced at the arm as she took ahold of the injured body part, carefully cradling it. As she started her scan she gave a reassuring smile, "Doctor Borden not sure if we've met... met too many people over the last few weeks to keep track. So how did this happen," she asked?

Lizzy winced a little as the doctor checked her arm, and didn't really notice as the yellow rain coat came open, shwoing there was nothing at all underneath, "Well, I was sort of.. hanging upside down from the roof trying to put in.. a swing and my foot got caught. So there was there swinging without any clothes on and I thought it would be better to try to reach up & see if I could tug it free instead of bothering my wife or Security. That was when they both released and I fell. I heard a crunch and shooting pain. I got in trouble self-treating once so I put on something and came to get help."

At first Mel was certain she had heard that wrong, naked... upside down... swing, she tried to brush off the internal monolog but just couldn't shake the feeling. What had she gotten herself into, she asked herself? While she had only been on the ship a short time she was certain this crew, and everyone on it had to be Star Fleet's misfits tossed into one vessel. "That is a very interesting story," she stated trying hard to keep it together.

She continue her scan of the arm, "you have a fracture of the ulna," Mel pointed to the image on the screen in front of her. "I could get more detailed but it looks like when you landed I would guess your arm was extended and open," she pointed, "bones don't bend that way...." Mel looked over to the nearby Nurse.

"Bring me an osteo-generator, 200cc of Metorapan," Mel looked at Caldera, "Lizzy right, this is going to hurt, I can give you something to help with the pain while we tend to the arm, if you'd like?"

Lizzy grinned as Mel did the examination before smiling, "Yeah, I should probably mention to you about now that I'm a cross-trained medical officer, and at least for part of my time aboard, I did some shifts here. So you don't have to worry about jargon. Yeah, pretty sure that was how I landed. You don't have to worry about the pain killer, Doc. I was happily married to a Klingon for a year and well.. guessing you know about consummating the marriage. I apologise if I make too much noise. ooh.. or inappropriate ones."

While Mel and the nurse worked on her arm, Lizzy tried to bite her lip to stifle what she thought was inappropriate and also tried not to

"It shouldn't be too bad," Mel added, "we set it to ensure that it will heal correctly and immobilize it for some time and you heal up. No swings, no climbing for a while, and I want you back here two times a week for the next three weeks for Bicaridine injections. It will help that," she pointed to the arm, "heal fast and reduce inflammation and down time."

Mel didn't wait for a reply, as she turned back to the Nurse, "We will start her on 500 mg of Bicaridine," she explained, "on her next visit."

Lizzy sighed and nodded, "Okay. It will be hard because I'm hyperactive. Sounds okay, although you might find that my wife, T'Madh, comes along to check on things.. I'm so going to get a talking to tonight. Don't suppose we can hide that this happened?"

Mel laughed, "Not a chance," she winked. She pressed the first hypo to the Officer's neck, "that should help with bone regeneration," she stated as she picked up the osteo-generator and began to make slow, precise over the Counselor's arm. "So as long as you promise me you won't be over doing it, or using this arm I don't see the need to restrict you from duty," her first gave a hint of sternness, "that shouldn't be a promise, should it?"

Lizzy shrugged, "Okay. I think my wife is going to wrap me in bubble wrap now."

Thinking for a moment, Lizzy sighed, "How about we put it in a cast then? I'm rather forgetful and hyperactive. And kind of accident prone."

"Sounds like a plan," Mel nodded to the Nurse, "Go ahead and prep the Command, and set up those follow up appointments." She turned back to the Commander, "Ensign Zook will get you set up and will cast that arm," she smiled, "See you in two weeks, Commander!"

This certainly was an odd ship, and one that was going to take some getting used to. Her last assignment had been so "by the books" that this care-free attitude on the Gladiator was going to be quite the adjustment. Mel nodded and gave a small smile to both Officers as she turned and left the room.


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