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Posted on Mon Apr 7th, 2014 @ 6:24pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant JG Liam Callaghan
Edited on on Tue Apr 8th, 2014 @ 4:50am

Mission: Shoreleave: Kaslau - Submission
Location: Star Fleet Academy
Timeline: 12 Years Ago


"What's the most interesting race you've been with?"

Liam laid back on the couch in his quarters, his left arm wrapped around Ash as he debated the question she had just asked. He really didn't want to answer that, it was a little personal and he wasn't ready to share that part of his life yet; however she did ask. "Klingon," he replied quickly before he was mentally able to change his mind.

"Of course the Klingon did get me beat up, sort of," he laughed, "By three women."

"By three women?" asked Ash. "I totally have to hear this story."

"No," he smiled.

"Why not?" she asked. "It sounds like a great story! Come on!"

"That is a part of my life that I would rather forget," Liam replied, "Besides I have changed a lot, as I got more mature."

She winked at him. "I know," she said. "I'm empathic, remember?"

Lilla sat on the couch in the common room in the dorm house she lived in. She was chatting with her friend (CK) about her boyfriend. He really was a cute guy, flirty, sweet, charming. She had a feeling he was bad news, but she was smitten by the guy, and last night... Oh she could go on forever about last night. He had promised a night she'd never forget, and she never would. Just thinking about it made her want to call him up and set up another late night date.

"It sounds as if you have had a lot of fun with this guy," Meg- a Klingon/Bajoran who had been raised in Venezuela- said, untangling some hair from her Bajoran earring. "Are you seeing him again, soon?"

Lilla bit her lower lip, "Oh I hope so." she grinned. "He's quite delicious!" she grinned. "So tell me about your guy, having fun with him?" she asked.

"Of course!" said Meg, a saucy grin on her face. "He is fantastic! I cannot see him tonight, though. He has made plans with some of the guys. It is important for a man to have man friends, I suppose."

"What a shame, but I know how that is. My guy has close buddies, no girls allowed sort of nights. He had one just a couple days ago, I was kind of upset, because he had changed the plans last minuet on me, but... He promised me an unforgettable night last night. Hmm Hmm he delivered that's for sure." she giggled. "We need to set up a double date Meg!"

"That is a great idea," agreed Meg. "But, perhaps with enough time left over so we can go our separate ways, hm? I enjoy our time alone as much as it sounds you do."

Lilla clapped her hands with excitement before pushing back her red hair, It was silly but she was an excitable person. "Oh very much yes!" she grinned. "I can't wait to get some alone time with him again!" she grinned brightly. She checked the time, "Alright I promised myself I'd work out before I go study, wanna come?" she offered to Meg.

"Why not," said Meg, dragging herself off her bed. Her Klingon heritage had given her a dense muscle mass that was only diminished somewhat by the Bajoran in her. She didn't have to work out nearly as much as most of the students here, but it had been a few days, so she should probably do SOMETHING. "Let's go," she said, motioning to Lilla to lead the way.

It was only three weeks from Graduation, and the young Liam Callaghan was prepped and ready for his departure. While he had fun at the Academy, and well made a lot of memories there was a time when all good things must come to an end. His end would be coming in a matter of weeks. Frankly it couldn't come any soon, his lies had almost caught up with him on several occasions and he was having trouble keeping his stories straight.

His only saving grace was that the fact that he had given them both a different story, with his duel major it was easier. He stepped out of his room, his stride a little cockier then normal. It was time to meet Lilla, and hopefully convince her to leave campus for a while.

Liam rounded the stairs, opting to travel the old fashion way instead. After all the prize was worth the wait, wasn't it? He rounded a corner, nearly running into Cadet Johnson. Stopping dead in his tracks he had to quickly recover, "Rachel," he stated helping her off the floor, "Sweety, I didn't realize you were out of class yet..." He was starting to panic.

"Cally," she ran her fingers down his chest, "I told you, I would be done and I wanted to come up and see you..."

Liam interrupted, "OH shit... Professor Miller just called he wants to meet me to discuss my final project." He reached over pulling her closer, "I will make it up to you I promise." He quickly planted a kiss on her moist lips then darted down the hall, "Oh my god that was close," he muttered.

Liam had managed to make it down the stairs and almost to the lobby, when he heard Rachel's voice behind him. "Cally, what a minute...." she said, "I don't get it, Professor Miller's final isn't until next week," she paused, "OH I GET IT," she giggled, "You are going out with your boyfriends again," she smiled.

Liam cringed he hated that term, "They are not my boyfriends," he stated, thinking if you only knew.

"Cally," she stepped closer pressing her breast into his chest, "If you keep spending time with these boys of yours one is going to think you are gay or something," she laughed, almost snorted, "And we both know that is not true..." She grabbed his hand, "Let's go have some fun," she stopped looking pasted Liam.

"Oh look there is Lilla," she waved, "Hi Lilla..."

Lilla smiled at Rachel then frowned seeing the face of the guy who's hand she was holding. "Liam?" she asked blinking, as she changed her path, leaving Meg behind her. "Baby what is going on?" she asked suspicion raising in her, along with horror.

Rachel stepped between the two, "Cally," she smiled brightly, "I didn't know you knew Lilla," she turned to watch the other female, "Are you in one of his classes?"

Liam opened his mouth, but knew that anything he said would be bad so he opted not to speak.

Rachel smiled, "Cally and I were just going out if you get my meaning, so we can't stay."

"Excuse me?" Lilla asked dropping her work out bag, her eyes narrowing. "Girl you better back off my boyfriend." she said, Rachel was known for being forward with guys, poor Liam likely didn't stand a chance, with her flirting with him. She walked right past the blonde and walked up to Liam and kissed him possessively, making it clear to Rachel that he was claimed.

Liam clearly returned the kiss, but his mind wasn't entirely in it. In fact no part of his body 'really' was. He carefully pushed Lilla back a bit, "I can explain.." he started to say noticing another figure approaching the group, "Oh shit, really," he blurted out.

"Babe?!" exclaimed Meg, clearly angry. "Wait a minute. This is the man you have been seeing?"

Rachel approached Lilla and shoved her out of the way, "Get your hands off my man," she gave her a once over. "You are not even his type, Ms A Cup," she lifted her own breasts, "Liam doesn't do flat..," she bopped her head side to side. "Cally, let's get out of here."

"C cup thank you very much Ms Ridiculous Implants. least my brain is bigger than my boobs, makes me a hell of a lot better in bed." Lilla said. She looked at Meg, "Yeah this is my BOYFRIEND..." she shouted at Rachel, "Liam." she said looking back at Meg.

Meg gave both other girls a significant look. She had figured it out, even if the other two had not. "I see," she said tartly. "Well, this is the man I have been seeing, too. It appears, ladies, that this gentleman is not a gentleman at all. Unless, of course, he can 'splain himself?" she added, eyebrows raised at Liam.

Liam sighed, "I can explain, honest I can." He looked around at each of them, this was the day he was dreading. "Ok, maybe I can't."

Rachel puffed out her breasts as had to proof herself, "Cally, I don't get it. Why did she kiss you, and who is the Klingon bitch," she grabbed his arm pulling him in close as if claiming her possession. Little did she know she was only making it worse.

Liam held her hand while she gripped his arm, "Cally, it is hard to explain.."

"You don't have to sweetie," she smiled completely clueless, "I trust you."

"You shouldn't," Meg told the blond. "He has been seeing all three of us at once. And sleeping with us, it appears. When was the last time you had him? I had him two nights ago. And she," she said, indicating Lilla, "had him last night. Now do you understand?"

Lilla didn't care if the blonde understood or not, she reached back and punched Liam as hard as she could across the jaw. she yanked off the thin chain necklace he had given her last night and threw it at him. "You ass, and to think you had all these promises about us staying together after graduation!" she growled.

"He promised you that?" asked Meg. She turned to the blond. "Did he promise you the same?" she asked.

Rachel looked around as the reality of the situation finally started to settle in, "He did," she pouted.

"He promise me, too," Meg said, giving Liam a look that said quite clearly what she thought of that. "Perhaps you were thinking sister wives? Did you think we would not mind?" she asked. And then, because she couldn't help it, she punched him three times- nose, chin, stomach- with fists so fast they could not be seen.

"It was not so smart of him to date a ninja, was it?" Meg asked, smirking at the other girls.

Liam grimaced as Rachel kicked him in the balls, sending him to the floor, "Didn't really think this far ahead," he replied, as every part of his body started to hurt. "Girls, girls," he tried to add, but was interrupted as Rachel poor her soda on his head.

Lilla grabbed a handful of dirt out of a planter next to them and shoved it in to his mouth, "Eat dirt you shit head!" She backed off and looked at Meg, "You got any thing worth using to humiliate this pig?" she growled. "I've got some pictures..." she said suddenly grinning. "And videos of his lies."

"Unfortunately, I do not," said Meg regretfully. "But, I will make sure the whole of Starfleet knows what he is like. He will not have any more dates. Come along, girls. We deserve some ice cream. And maybe churros."

Liam waited till the girls, all three of them, had left the building. He slowly stood up, covered in sticky dirt, "I did ask for this, I guess," he sighed heading up the stairs to his room to change. He was still sore, had a fat lip, and a sore jaw; but over all it was good. Heading out the building he had only taken two steps when a voice caught his attention, "Liam," the voice sounded puzzled, "What happened, Babe?"

Liam turned around, "Martina, hand to hand combat training," he held his lip, "Wanna kiss it better," he smiled scooping the figure off the ground. "What do you say we head to the beach?"

He held his jaw as he spoke to Ash, as if his mind was remembering the pain, "Took a few days to heal, but I more then earned that beating," he smiled. "Lesson learned, no Klingons.... or blondes.... no three women.." He paused, "For now on only Telinos."

Meanwhile, Ash was laughing so hard, tears were streaming down her cheeks. "I don't feel sorry for you AT ALL," she said through her laughing. "You totally deserved it. I hope Martina came to her senses, too."


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