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Breaching the doors Part 2

Posted on Thu Dec 1st, 2016 @ 9:59am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Lieutenant Mellicent Borden & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price & Ensign Amelia McMillan

Mission: Anarchy in Alcatraz

cont from part 1

Mercia was pinned down by a stack of crates, but as the Andorian female marched down the catwalk to aimed, but her angle was off, and the woman moving too fast. When she paused and aimed, Mercia followed her line of sight. It took a moment to register but when it did she popped up, "Take Cover!" she screamed to her crew, only for the blast wave to send her sprawling into the open area as flames exploded around her.

Keval had some shelter, having just backed up, after the phaser attack, but he was still flung backwards off the shuttle. He landed awkwardly on one shoulder and felt something snap.

Julian, hearing the warning managed to close his eyes just before the blast went off Nevertheless, he was close enough to the action that his brows were singed off of his face.

"Everybody down!" Zeti heard the whine and knew, roughly, what it was and that something was, about explode. She scrambled and managed to drop down behind a stack of crates that were loaded on a hover forkift.

Price took cover and squatted down behind some toppled cargo containers. The smaller the body mass exposed the less likely anything was to get hit with flying debris. He heard hear himself breathing, even with a few years of experience this was by far the most intense gun fight he'd ever been in. His back pressed to the containers he heard the explosion and then took great care to peer around the corner to see the damage before stepping back out.

Having stayed primarily at the back of the group in anticipation of having to stay out of the way to tend to potential wounded, thankfully, it wasn't difficult for Lydia to say cover behind nearby crates. Even though she covered her ears to mitigate any potential damage to her eardrums, the explosion was deafening and she was disoriented far longer than she would like. After something like an explosion, time always seemed to stand still as one fought to find his or her place in what seemed like an upside down universe.

Zera turned when he heard the call to take cover before he ran to the nearest crate and dropped to the ground to minimize potential damage. Shortly after, the explosion echoed through the room, and the force of it sent him rolling into the nearby wall. He was going to feel those bruises later. Keeping low, he scrambled up behind the remains of a crate before assessing the damage around him. That was when he spotted Mercia knocked over in the middle of the room, out in the open, and after taking a quick look around he grabbed his hand phaser, forgoing his rifle which had clattered to the ground several feet form him. He'd deal with it later; the dust was still in the air, making it hard for their attackers to see, so he took the moment to run out to Mercia to make sure she was alright. He was by her side within seconds, and after briefly glancing to make sure that she wasn't badly hurt he bent over, tucking each arm under her armpits and hoisting her up before pushing her in the direction of the crates.

Mercia felt herself being dragged, her ears were ringing and she was mildly disoriented. She swung her legs up and kicked whoever had ahold of her in the head and flipped over before jumping to her feet in time to see the man stumble back, that is when she realized it was one of her guys and not a prisoner. "Shit," she growled. "What the hell are you doing! Get to cover you idiot!" she hissed with irritation as she moved past him back to the now burning crates, moving fast and low. She grabbed his arm and glared at him, "Don't do that again! You don't risk yourself like that!" she chided him. It wasn't his job or his risk to take.

"Don't argue, just go," he growled, frowning when he saw that the dust was starting to settle. He followed shortly behind her, his phaser aimed and ready to fire at anything that shot at them. They were almost to the safety of the crates when the weapons started piercing the air again, and Zera hissed when he felt a sharp and stinging pain in his shoulder. It made him drop his phaser, and he knelt down behind the crate as several more shots ricocheted. "Son of a..." he grimaced, placing a hand firmly over his shoulder. One of the inmates hit him. Peering around the crate, he spotted his phaser close by and quickly reached for it before retreating behind the crate, hearing bullets target where his hand was moments ago. Pulling his hand away for a moment, he saw blood before putting it back against his shoulder to apply pressure to the wound.

Mercia tried to get to Zera, but every time she moved even a little a barrage came at her. She was fully pinned for the moment, and someone managed to get another angle on her and knocked the crate at the top of her stack down right on top of her, and she never saw it coming.

Zeti groaned as she stayed where she was for a moment, the smoke, acrid smell in the air and the force of the explosion had her head spinning. She took a few deep breaths before she grabbed her phaser rifle and tried to get her bearings as a few more shots rang out. This had gone south fast and they needed to turn it around. She took a look around and spotted Leyar putting pressure on a wound, and she couldn't help but growl. How did the dumb ass get himself shot?

The thought vanished when a couple of bullets hit what she was hiding behind and caused her to shift her attention to the high ground. The other guys had it and they had them in a shooting gallery. She snapped off a couple of shots with her rifle and nearly hit her target.

Price raised his rifle and stepped clear of his safe spot. He moved again following the plan. He kept his eyes on the marines under his command. He saw a prisoner firing rounds towards a marine pinned down and opened fire. They were quick rounds but he got the bastard.

"Price," Zeti called to the marine, glad they'd rode along. Kavi was down and someone needed to take command. She snapped off a couple of shots into the upper gangway before turning towards Price. "We need to take the high ground. There's a stairwell on the wall in front of me and to the right. What do you think?"

He looked towards Zeti and then in the direction of the stairwell. He gauged the stairwell, the gangways, and the catwalks. There were a lot of possible ambush points. Although he definitely agreed the high ground was necessary. "I'll lead." He called out to her.

"We go on you. I'll be right behind you," Zeti nodded to Price before she tapped her comm. badge. "Winterstorm, Winchester and anyone else still awake, we're making a play for the stairwell. Give us some cover."

Staggering to her feet, Lydia heard just enough to know they were heading for the stairwell. A few brief seconds of awareness allowed her healer's instincts to kick in as she searched desperately for trapped wounded, but it quickly became apparent there was no time for extended search and rescue. If Whitlock was going to survive, she had to take action to protect herself.



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