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The Fed's Come A-Knockin

Posted on Thu Dec 29th, 2016 @ 11:10am by Ensign Amelia McMillan & David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti

Mission: Anarchy in Alcatraz
Location: Alcatraz Prison Wing 4

Simply put prison sucked, anyone who thought otherwise was an idiot, a liar or both. Allies were few and far between, nobody who said they were innocent was fully innocent and you were always watching you back. That was normal prison, everyday prison or at least what passed as normal in an ultra high security facility to house some of the most dangerous criminals the Federation had to offer. Now...after the attack, fracking hell who knew anymore. Vionia didn’t even know which she preferred. It’s not like her life had been overly bad before, besides the prisoner part of course. It didn’t come close to comparing with the life she had before as a ship Captain and even before that...back home.

She didn’t think of those days much anymore, at first maybe, in those opening months of her imprisonment. But that was years ago, before she cemented her place here, before she met Iggy. One of the few people in this place she could call a friend and the only one she truly trusted. They hadn’t gotten along at first, two dominant women in the same cell block why would they? Some poor saps had actually tried to use the small feud to try and grab power, it was always shifting inside the prison, someone had to be on top besides the guards. Vetis Alarta an ugly, large and extremely violent Caldari had been a thorn in her side since she arrived. Thankfully he was also pretty stupid, going after both her and Iggy, creating the common ground they needed. Since then they’d run things, an unstoppable force keeping the most dangerous and depraved criminals in line.

That was until the attack, things had completely gone to shit since then. The guards were all dead, so were a lot of the prisoners. Alarta unfortunately wasn’t among the dead and Vi was starting to worry that Iggy was. No one had seen her since the attack, and while she wouldn’t admit it to any of her people but she was worried and had been looking for her. It was hard to get attached to anyone in prison, hell she hadn’t even gotten that attached to her own crew not most of them anyway. Iggy had been different and as weird as it sounded Vi missed having her around, especially now. Since the attack the prison had been split Vionia had managed to take control of three of the prison’s six wards and a fourth was close to falling in with her. Not that it was a hard choice, considering that the alternative was Alarta.

Vi had more power than she’d ever had and was probably as free as she could ever be for the foreseeable future. But she was also alone, no one she could really friends to lean upon. No one to share it with. The last thought was a little disturbing to someone who’d never needed anyone before, but it also felt kinda nice. Vi wasn’t ready to give up of course, Iggy seemed like the sort who’d been in worse scrapes and got out fine. Someone who might make a good member of a crew one day...that is if they got out of this and she could get her ship back. Of course that meant getting out of the prison and while Alarta’s faction had control of the docking bay that would be quite impossible.

She had to beat him, somehow...Vionia had more supporters but they weren’t exactly loyal to her, just more loyal than they would be to Alarta. Most also weren’t fighters, criminals yes but not fighters, not like the the violent criminals she had once shared a ward with. It was really too bad their mysterious attackers hadn’t killed more of the psychopaths. Sighing loudly she got up from the desk and quickly left the office she'd commendered from the (former) ward boss.

Vi needed to get up and do something, securing the rest of ward four would be an excellent distraction.


Kaldrac Cohov had escaped his wing, gotten a short distance and discovered that there were no guards left and that the inmates had taken over the mad house. It took them some time to find the best break through point. They were about to make their move to break through one of the prison's windows and make their way though the outside when three men approached them. All of them has the same tattoo on their neck, a skull and a feather. It was a symbol of Vetis Alarta and the men that were part of his crew got them to show loyalty. Kaldrac knew these three well.

The first was an Andorian named Shylass, A big ugly Nausicaan named Lhoz and a human who went by the name King. This wasn't the first time he'd run into them when there weren't any guards around but that time he held back and didn't kill any of them.

"Can I help you?" Kaldrac asked with a low growl.

King smiled a big toothy smile, the man had dirty blond hair, a pair of blue shifty eyes but wasn't as big as the two that were with him but he had a metal pipe that was about a foot and a half long, that looked like the end had been pounded flat, curved forward and sharpened to a point the other two had similar weapons. "Kal, I'm glad we found you. Alarta wants your head."

Kaldrac glared at King and tucked his phaser away as a smile crossed his lips, he was going to enjoy this. "Killing you will be almost as sweet as escaping."

King laughed at that, "Good luck."

Kaldrac moved with a speed that caught all three of them by surprise. He grabbed the pipe in King's hand, yanked it out, flipped it around and drove the end of it into the skull of the Andorian before moving to his left as the Lhoz finally reacted and took a big swing at him. Kaldrac pulled the pipe from the Andorian as he dropped back three steps before whipping it at Lhoz. It flipped end over end before meeting Lhoz' forehead and sent him into a pile on the floor, blood flowing from his wound. Kaldrac grabbed King by the throat and lifted him with one arm.

"I don't need luck."

"Wait..." King gasped and gurgled. "Please... Show mercy."

Kaldrac's eyes burned into Kings, "I'll show you the same mercy you showed Lilni." He squeezed until he felt the man's windpipe get crushed under the force and then tossed him into a bulkhead like he was nothing before he retrieving one of the pipes and took a second to look it over before he glanced back and spotted Vionia.

"What do you want?"

"I'd advise you to watch your tone." A rather burly Orion said as he stepped up behind Vionia. THe image was probably quite amusing more than intimidating, his large frame dwarfing her slimmer but no less imposing form.

"Easy Tosin," She said before either man could make a move, raising her hand to keep her loyal bodyguard from making sure Kaldrac understood his place. It wasn't that she needed a bodyguard, Vionia could handle herself just fine. But she liked Tosin and they worked well together, even if the man had a bit of an...intense loyalty.

"There's no reason we can't be cordial, an enemy of Alarta is a potential ally of ours."

Kaldrac eyed the Orion, he'd just killed three men and wouldn't care if he made it four. He wanted to say something more but his attention shifted to the one that was in charge, the one that was always in charge. "I'm being cordial, if I wasn't I'd have killed you already. I don't want to join your crew, but I need access to the hanger bay and if Alarta has it he has access to a lot more resources then we do."

"Like you could actually kill me, and as for my crew who said I'd take you on anyway?" Vionia said with a laugh, her hands slipping into her pockets. "And as for resources, it's all a matter of perspective, isn't it? Alarta rules through fear and intimidation, his people have no loyalty, they're like a pack of apes, deferring to the Alpha male."

"Pack of apes they maybe, they've got access to the hanger bay," Kaldrac's bio-luminescent eyes focused on the woman and watched her closely. "I need to get in there, and we need to get them out."

"They have it for now, it'll be mine eventually, the question is why do you need to get there so much, so much more than the rest of us?" Vionia wondered, eyeing the man carefully. They'd never really known the other and his motivations were a mystery for her. "We all want to escape, we all have lives to get back to. What's got you so bothered?"

Kaldrac didn't want to tell her, but if she was going to trust him it may be his only choice. His loyalty to his Queen made him want to keep his mouth shut, but his instinct for survival won out in the end. "My ship was stored here, it's a war ship. It has three suits of battle armor and enough armaments to equip three men. If he gets into it, you will lose. It's in the most secure part of the hanger, so he may not be able to get in but if he does..."

That did pique Vi's interest, for all she knew her ship had been impounded her too, or at least somewhere nearby. But it also worried her, because Kaldrac was right, if Alarta got those weapons he could tip the balance of power back into his favor. "Well shit..." She said with a sigh. She could not let that dammed psycho get his hands on them. "Tosin, get word to the others, we need to move our timetable up. We're going to take the hangers."

With a nod and a slight bow the large orion ran off to relay the message, leaving the two alone for the moment.

"I'll help, I've lead men into battle before," Kaldrac replied firmly.

Eyeing the man one more time Vionia nodded, she needed more fighters in her corners and one who'd led men in a fight before, well that was definitely a bonus. "Alright we'll get you a proper weapon before we get moving again...I'm trusting you here, do not let me down."

"I could say the same to you Princess," Kaldrac replied. "Let's get this done."

"One rule, don't ever call me princess." Vionia said before turning on her heel and stocking off. She was a ships Captain not a princess, not anymore.

"Why not, you are one even if you are in prison," Kaldrac said. "My world is a matriarchy rulled by a queen, I am taught to use proper titles, it's a sign of respect."

"I..." Honestly she hadn't been expecting that response. Most people who called her Princess these days use it disparagingly, even before she was in prison. "I'm not sure I deserve the title anymore...My sister is Queen and I'm a renegade."

"I've spent the last two years here becuase I was sent on a mission that went sideways, that doesn't mean I forgot who I am," Kaldrac replied. "You may be a renegade, but I respect you as more. Now, let's move. I'm one for action not words."

"Now that we can agree on, if we're going to take the hangar we need to do it sooner rather than later." Vionia said as they neared her 'command center' inside on of the main control towers for ward 6.


Entering the large room she had setup her base of operations in Tosin immediately walked up to the pair. "Vionia we have a problem..."

Raising her eyebrow as the large Orion turned walked them over to a large plotting table, Vi cursed quietly under her breath as she saw the Sovereign class starship rendered before her.

"The Federation have arrived and they've launched boarding shuttles."

Slamming her fist down onto the console Vi had no other options, she had to act now. With the Federation here she needed to get rid of Alarta, otherwise she had no leverage and would probably end up going back into her cell after this whole thing was over. "Prepare our men, we need to move, wouldn't want to leave Alarta to give the Federation a, less than warm welcome."


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