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Sneaky Little Happenings

Posted on Wed Dec 28th, 2016 @ 9:14pm by

Mission: Anarchy in Alcatraz
Location: USS Gladiator :: Crew Quarters


This was crazy. Why did she need it? It was the only thing running through his mind as he strode casually down the corridor. She had set up a meeting, offering a deal. Retrieve the device, and in turn he would receive a generous reward not only for retrieving the object but also for keeping quiet... the offer was too good to pass up. Besides, he was being transferred in a week, so they would never know it was him. Part of him felt anxious, being up in the senior staff quarters area of deck 3 when he had no real business being there. At the same time, however, it gave him a rush, participating in an inside job. Knowing that he could be arrested for it. Did it make him a bad person? Normally, if he were on a mission he would have no problem with this type of work, but this wasn't a mission. At least, not an official one.

There it was. He stopped in front of a set of closed doors, his eyes shifting over to the small panel that declared the room number, before focusing his attention on the wall panel beside it. It would be hard to break through, but thankfully he came prepared. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small rectangular object before pulling off the wall panel with a short and fast tug. Blue eyes examined the circuitry underneath while one hand held up the panel, and with a flick of his wrist the device in his hand extended a small piece of metal with a hook on the end before he stuck it into the mess of wires. The small readout on the handle told him which wire relayed the passcode to the door, and he pressed a button on the end of the handle. A faint buzz told him that the wire shorted out, and he retracted his hand before putting the panel back into place. Touching the console, he deactivated the security systems before pressing a button to make the doors slide open.

Making sure that nobody saw the act, he slid inside and let the doors shut before looking around, noting how bare the room was. It would be fairly easy to find the object. He didn't bother to turn the lights on, as he wouldn't be around long enough to use them. Instead, he turned on the miniature flashlight that was strapped to his wrist before shining it around. His contact didn't know where the device was, but she knew that it would be within this set of quarters.

The light stopped on a dresser, where some items were resting on top. As he got closer he noticed that one of the items was a small triangular piece of technology, which was resting on a round platform. That was it. He reached for it but paused, his hand hovering right above it. This was the point of no return. Pushing back his concerns, he grabbed the device and its platform and shoved it into his pocket before turning off the flashlight and exiting the room. He made sure that the door shut firmly behind him before heading down the corridor, only pausing in his tracks long enough to wait for the turbolift to arrive.

"Deck 6." It wouldn't be a long ride, but as the lift moved he pulled the device from his pocket and made sure that it was secured to its base before returning it to the hidden safety of his pant pocket. The doors parted and he strolled out, nodding to a crewmember as he passed but not really paying attention to them. Even though it was nighttime and most of the crew would be sleeping, there would still be the night shift crew walking around and he didn't want to make them suspect anything. Timing was everything.

As he continued down the hall, his blue eyes spotted his contact. The brown hair and blue uniform was unmistakeable. As they got closer, he turned a little and coughed into his fist, a subtle signal that it was clear on his end, and in response she tucked a lock of hair behind her left ear. As they passed each other, the exchange went practically unnoticed, and as he felt her grab the device and take it from his hand he turned and gave her an acknowledging nod before continuing on his way to the lift at the other end of the hall to head back up to his quarters. It was done, the emitter was delivered and he would be expecting a reward in his quarters tomorrow morning.



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