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Rubbing Salt in the Wound

Posted on Fri Dec 2nd, 2016 @ 8:10am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps & 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price & Ensign Amelia McMillan

Mission: Anarchy in Alcatraz
Location: Prison Colony 37122 :: Alcatraz


Once the threat of armed inmates was taken care of, Zera finally let himself sit down against the crate he was using for cover, wincing as his shoulder throbbed. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see a couple of officers lifting the crate that had fallen on top of Mercia before getting her out. He placed his free hand back over the injury to hopefully prevent it from getting worse. His head was pounding from when Mercia kicked him, reminding him that he should have told her it was him before moving her. He could hear the other officers as they moved around to secure the hangar bay, as well as some conversation about where to put the inmates who weren't so lucky. He noticed that the injured were being relocated to portable cots and stood to head over before someone decided to carry him.

Zeti had contacted the ship as soon as they'd secured the hanger and called for backup. If the rest of the inmates were as dug in as the group in the hanger they were going to need a bigger fighting force to get them under control. Although now that the danger had passed, the shuttle bay was theirs and they were setting up a makeshift command center with what little gear they'd brought and what they could salvage that the inmates hadn't destroyed. It was slow going.

She approached the wounded and checked on Kavi first. "How are you doing Captain?"

Mercia held her head, nursing a rather large egg on her forehead, and a few nicks on her cheek. Other wounds would show as massive bruises later. "Wishing this headache had been preceded by a good time overnight... other than that almost ready to get moving," she said glaring at Borden who was still fussing over her.

"Make sure they check you out thoroughly, can't have you going into a mess and not being one hundred percent," Zeti replied.

Mercia humphed, "I could out do you at 10%" she scoffed, still irritated about being knocked out b a damn box. "Report." she ordered. "Who do we got left?"

"Keep dreaming Captain," Zeti shot back, smirking at Kavi. "Two security officers and one marine are dead, intel is injured."

(Borden and Kavi)

Once they'd discussed the situation, she walked a cot down to Zera and couldn't help but smirk at him as she sat down on the edge, considering he was sitting up. "So guess who has two thumbs and saved the day?" Zeti pointed at herself with her thumbs and smugly said. "This girl!"

Zera looked over at her and rolled his eyes. "What are you expecting from me, a gold star?" He muttered. "You could have been shot multiple times, but you're lucky you didn't."

"Says the assbutt who did get shot," Zeti let out a humph before she leaned over and poked the bandage. "I'm checking in with the wounded. Should I move on?"

The Bajoran hissed and instinctively slapped her hand away. "I was making sure that our highest ranking officer didn't get killed because she was thrown into the middle of the floor. I would take a bullet to save a life any day. But at least I wasn't all 'gun-ho' and charged out into the open, like someone I know..." He paused for a moment to think before finishing icily, "oh yeah, you."

"Oi! No poking bandages, I don't want to have to redo my work." Tealati called out from a few feet away as she worked on one of the wounded security officers. "Especially with that one, whines like a baby."

Zeti actually giggled at that bit, she smirked at Zera as she moved her hand away from his shoulder. "I didn't charge out in the open, I came up with a battle plan, consulted with the Marine CO and acted. Don't be a dick because your dumbass got shot."

Zera rolled his eyes at the medic, grumbling something under his breath. "I didn't see the 'grown and independent woman' coming up with a plan to make sure our Captain didn't get into more danger than she was already in," he shot back. "Everyone else was still recovering from the explosion, there was an opportunity and I took it before the dust settled. But what do I know, I'm just the Intel guy," he shrugged.

"That's right, you tell us where to go and who to kill and we take it from there," Zeti shot back, she wanted to bite his head off but this was neither the time nor the place. "Besides, there would be no use in running out to grab her when I'm more useful with a rifle and she might have already been dead."

"Was there an actual reason for checking up on me other than to rub your little stunt in my face?" Zera growled at her.

One didn't need to have psionic abilities to see the tension between the two and as Lydia approached to check on the wounded herself, she offered calmly "We can expect the inmates to turn on one another. I would think that's reason enough to ensure the rest of us keep our heads, yeah?"

As much as she hated that their people had gotten hurt, focusing on the injured had given her a distraction. It was true she knew how to defend herself, as a minimum requirement of all Starfleet officers, but it was also true she didn't relish having to brandish a weapon and engage in combat. She was grateful there were others around her that could offer protection and support while she tended to what came to her more naturally.

"It's a good thing duty calls," Zeti stood up, the guy couldn't even be friendly with her. She didn't even try to flirt with him this time. "If there's anything you need Doctor, please let me know."

Mercia approached the group, "Alright, time to get off our asses." she said. "Our teams are still as previously discussed, With the back up on the way we'll be ready to suit up and head out to your assignments in about five minutes," she said. "Control of the tower, rounding up prisoners, and getting some answers," she said. "Are there any questions before we head out or do you two want to keep dick measuring?" she asked looking at the Bajorans.

"No, we both know mine's bigger," Zeti wanted to be snarky at them both. "We'll make sure the bay is held, so there's a safe place to drop back to."

The look on Lixor's face was priceless as he listened to the banter from where he stood. He merely shook his head and tried to ignore the exchange and fighting with his tricorder to find out why he had only read such a small number of adversaries earlier.

Hearing Zeti's remark about her...well her remark, Amelia nearly stumbled as she walked up to the other officers, she after all had a bit more knowledge on that...subject than the others in the room would have. The blush would be harder to explain away, but the stumbling could. This was her first away mission after all and it just happened to be to a planet full of violent prisoners. Still she hoped she didn't give anything away, the whatever she and Zeti had was supposed to be secret, she stood next to the Bajoran hoping they would be moving onto other things.

Phelps had come down with the party; why they wanted an Archivist was beyond him in an obvious combat situation. What more information could he really give than the obvious? Still, he did rate nearly 92% on his phaser training on the 'combat course; though he hated weapons for the most part as they are vulgar things when a civilized man thinks of it, he was a logical candidate for going down.

Moving from the 'Landing Zone' he took cover more casually as he adjusted the satchel on his back. Being in a hangar or the Galley were the most logical places to have a larger area for bringing people in. He had only heard the Hangar was secured just before transport so no time to customize his satchel but then he had tried to cover more than one contingency and the 'package' he brought would be enough he hoped?

Seeing the wounded he started to go around the parameter and see if any 'holes' might be found right off to put the team at risk then he would 'lay out more securing tactics. Securing the Hangar was like securing the Intel center, keep it safe and things were his priority. But he wanted to find an access panel first to see what he could get from a computer; more precisely what he could put into the computer.

Mercia rubbed her head and took a deep breath, "Alright... Zeti I'll need you with me, we're heading for the control tower and wardens office. We need to get control of the systems so we can start locking down."

"Yes, Captain," Zeti replied with a firm nod, before heading off to grab what she'd need for the next leg of this journey.

"Phelps," she said. "I'll have you stay here, I need you to collect data and question prisoners about what happened here. We still don't know about who set this place into chaos, and we need to find out," she said. "Start with the prisoners we captured here... the other team will bring you, anyone, that seems useful," she said.

"Glad to be of help," Phelps said with a grin. "I do so love a good conversation with interesting people." He had to admit his bringing along a few 'tricks of the trade' would help him, nothing harmful just some 'tricks' that tend to help things along.

"Prepare your teams," she ordered Winterstorm and Taylor. "Lixor, I need a word with you," she said.

Price nodded his head. "On it." He finished up his conversation with his marines and went to make sure the rest of the team was ready.

Julian looked between the Marine Commanding Officer and the ship's Executive Officer. "Yes ma'am," he replied, "my team will be ready to go."

Lixor examined his utility belt to ensure it still had all of his toys and checked to make sure his phasor was still well charged. He glanced around keeping a watchful eye on what seemed to be a now secured area."

Mercia pulled him aside. "Listen, beyond your science background, I had a reason for ordering you on this away mission," she said. "Your history is one I can use. You used to be a part of the rougher side of the tracks, I'd like you to go with the containment teams, there may be opportunities to slow people down... talk them down, negotiate. I want to prevent bloodshed of these prisoners if possible." she said.

Lixor nodded for a moment, "Captain, you do realize I know some of those that call this Hilton home?" He gave her a faint smile, "I'd really like the chance to talk them down and save some lives, it's why I did it the first time."

"Good. exactly what I wanted to hear." she said. Mercia gripped his shoulder and turned to the rest of the group.

"Do we have access to cold water," Phelps asked. "Nothing like a cold glass of water when someone has a tongue tight, let them just look at it as they try not to talk, very effective to loosen the tongue you know?" HE said casually. "And do I have access to a 'Bad Security Officer should I need?" He asked with an honest tone.

"Im sure Wintrstorm would be happy to play bad cop for you." Mercia laughed, "I see a wash station sign over there, I'm sure there is water there. Set up up however you need. Call me if you have issues alright?"

*Code name Ryback.* Phelps thought of the Officer.

"That would be fine Ma'am." Phelps said calmly. "I really do not see any problems but should they come up you will be the first I alert." He had a good plan forming in his mind and the fact that Winterstorm was in access for the plan just made it so much more simple. "I am sure I can manage with Lt. Winterstorm's help." He said graciously. "I should get set up then, if you will excuse me?"

"Lixor nodded at the superior officer then as he left he let out a sigh, "bad cop... seems to be plenty of those around," he muttered well beneath his breath.

"Ma'am, do you want me to help Phelps?" Asked Paula looking back at her friend as she thought it would be a good idea for him to have some back up when he did what he had to do.

"Actually, I want you to join the capture team." Mercia ordered. "I think you'll be useful on the go. Any last questions?"


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