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Advanced Starship Operations, Part 2

Posted on Thu Jun 19th, 2014 @ 7:55am by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele & Ensign Charity Prince

Mission: A test of Patience
Location: Holodeck 2
Timeline: Backpost - Way, way back... before Chap's promotion


Taylor pursed her lips, unsure of what to do. "Hail the ships again, and scan for life signs on the fleeing one. I want to know why they are attacking the other one."

A Romulan voice came over the comm, slightly broken up with static. "This ... the IRW Ar'leius, Sub-Commander Sareth... taking heavy fire ... need ... your assistance." The communication died as quickly as it started, as another barrage of disruptor fire hit the ship.

" Can you get the line open again?" Taylor asked. " and are there any responses from the attacking ships?"

"Sir," interjected Chap. "I suggest we target their weapons, force them to stop so we can figure this out. And have the tractor beam ready in case the fleeing ship attempts to leave- in the eventuality that they are criminals or something."

"Yeah," Cadet Hawkins rolled his eyes as he continued to look at the station he was manning. "Great idea, let's declaw the animals and then tell them to obey our will not others. Typical Star Fleeties."

"Well, they are beating the hell out of someone," said Chap. "Their shields are at... 19 percent."

"So we beat the crap out of them as well," Hawkins snapped back. "We aren't the police force of the Galaxy here."

"I didn't say anything about being police, I just thought that if a couple of Federation ships were firing on US, we'd like it if the Romulans stopped them, wouldn't we?" snapped Chap.

Vanora frowned at the pair and made a note on her PADD, but allowed the cadets to continue to work out their lack of teamwork among themselves. Another series of explosions rocked the lead ship, and it began spinning slowly from momentum, appearing to have lost its navigational thrusters and impulse engines.

Logan sighed as he bit his lip for a moment, "I suggest we extend our shields around the damaged ship and take the blunt of the assault. We have the bigger and stronger ship."

Chap nodded, her expression impressed. "That's not a bad idea," she said fairly. "Wish I'd thought of it."

Taylor grinned. "Do it, and try and get communication back with the ship. the moment we get the ok from them i want to start beaming the injured to sickbay.tell medical to prepare for the injured."

"Yes, sir," Hawkins responded as he entered in the orders quickly. First he quickly transfered power... or he thought he had properly before sending a message to medical bay. "Standing by, captain. "

"Navigating our ship above the Ar'leius," Mago reported back. "Whoops," he said, as he overshot the other ship, quickly backing the Gladiator back up into position and then matching the Romulan vessel's trajectory. "Okay, I think that's close enough, sir."

As soon as the Gladiator got into position to extend its shields around the IRW Ar'leius, the other two chase vessels began hailing the Gladiator.

"Yeah, sure, now you want to talk," smirked Chap. "We're being hailed."

Mago pressed a button that he thought was a full stop, but somehow activated the communications system. The faces of the two pursuing Romulan vessels' commanders came on screen, and they looked very angry. "Whoops," said Mago.

"Federation vessel, this is an outrage!" said the first angry Romulan. "Your interference with internal Romulan affairs is a clear violation of the Treaty of Algeron. Remove your shields from the Ar'leius immediately and retreat from this sector."

"Computer, pause simulation and end program," Vanora ordered. "Hate to interrupt the action, but I'll have to here. Our hour's up, and you all have duties to attend to, as do I. For next time, review Standard Bridge Primers One through Four. I expect a better performance next time, from all of you," she gave Mago a long look. "Well, what are you all still doing here? Dismissed!"



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