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Clearing the Halls

Posted on Wed Dec 28th, 2016 @ 1:44pm by Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn
Edited on on Wed Dec 28th, 2016 @ 6:26pm

Mission: Anarchy in Alcatraz


Zera sighed a little as he led the group he was in through the halls of the prison, moving his shoulder to work out the stiffness. It was calm for now, but he had his phaser rifle ready in case something jumped out at them. Inside, he was still seething a little over the argument that almost boiled over with Zeti. Why did she have to one-up him like that?? Despite his attempts to prevent it, it still managed to annoy him. Narrowing his eyes a little, he pushed the thought away for the moment as his blue eyes scanned the scenery before him. Various-sized pieces of rubble littering the floor, a flickering light, some cells bent out of shape... the silence only made it creepier.

Donnovan had come down with the landing party at first thinking he would be left in the Hangar; the 'Fall Back Area' was was ready to start his 'Damage Control style specialty there. When the damage to the facility was apparant and his skills highlighted he was put with the team fanning out more to retreve the personnel.

"WHo better to fix a lock than someone from OPS?" DOnnovan had playfully commented as he was brought into service. Yeah, he just loved the idea of being out where he Inmates were and to be the guy who 'locks them back up.'

He had a type two phaser and a satchel with his tools in it; standard repair type outfit, he was lucky not to have to bring a moble Replicator with him on a cart. He walked in the middle of the group kind of like an after thought in a sense. He needed to be close enough to open a door or turn on the lights for a section but not in the front lines. He had also been assigned a Security Officer to escort him about. Ensign Drew; she even outranked him, seemed a competent enough officer while she shouldered the rifle as though it were a part of her body. This did help him with feelings of comfort; she knew what she is doing and could use that weapon by the well practiced way she moved with it not encumbering her.

Heading down a corridor in a small group Donovan came across a section that was unlit; he figured the Main junction nearest this point would give them an idea of things; he could run a diagnostic from there.

"You know anything about Main junctions?" Donovan asked his personal body guard Ensign Drew

"That is why you are here right?" Drew was more busy keeping her senses primed for attack than the light banter Donovan kept trying to spark.

"Nearest one is twenty meters back, I can find out how the power flow is stifled from there."

"Lead on Mr. Donovan, I have your back." She assured him when they split slightly from the group to make the lights work to help continue the sweep for prisoners.

Lixor's eyes sparkled a bit as he took in his surroundings, a faint smile crossed his face as he glanced around him. In one hand he held his tricorder and in the other his phaser.

"Two life signs at the junction," the blue man interjected, "tagged." He tilted his head and raised an eyebrow, "any idea why I smell something sweet? My tricorder isn't picking anything up yet."

There was a slight pop behind him as Crewman Vasquez from Security popped a bubble gum bubble and aimed her phaser rifle down the hallway.

"Probably that, sir," she said.

With a slight smirk Lixor shook his head, "thank you, I think." He let the smirk disapear and be replaced by a smile, "bad habit you know, bad for the teeth."

She shrugged.

"Who the hell wants to live forever, sir?"she asked.

Teálati couldn't hold back the loud chuckle and shake of her head as Vasquez popped her gum. "I for one wouldn't mind living to a nice old age, with all my teeth intact." She said hefting her large jump bag as they moved down the corridor.

"To argue in her case," Zera countered, "it helps with focus." He was beside Donnovan, his eyes focused intently down the corridor. Perhaps it was him, but not hearing much other than their group was unnerving. "Lieutenant Nabohn, can you confirm those numbers again?" He would rather be called paranoid than be unprepared for a large encounter. Besides, it had been proven in the hangar bay that not all of the tags are being read by tricorders.

The blue man looked down at his tricorder again with his hazel eyes. Lixor pressed a few buttons and he could see the heat signatures ahead as well, "there are two sir, one on each side and based on infrared they both appear to be armed."

Vasquez popped another bubble.

"What's the plan?" she asked. "Tactical or loud as hell?"

"Give me a second..." Donovon said as he played with his tricorcder and had a slight smile upon his fact. "Tell me when they are going to peek around to look at us, check our position?" He requested. "Have you ever seen what feature these lighting systems have and they are all by remote." He mused. "And when I say 'now' close your eyes, trust me, you will thank me afterward."

"Got it," Lixor said, studying the screen on his tricorder. He was as intent on his task as if he were waiting for the result of an important experiment, "I'm a bit familiar with that trick."

Zera understood the plan and prepared for it.

Paula Had taken up the rear of the team; knowing full well that they could be flanked by those wanting to escape from here and that was unacceptable, She reported," We are clear back here Captain," as she kept her rifle up level with her shoulder.

"Now," the blue man blurted closing his eyes and holding up his arm so his elbow bent to protect his eyes.

The built up power spike in the lighting system gave an instant of light brilliance that rivaled looking at the sun on a close orbit; prolonged exposure to this intensity could ; in theory, even tan the pigment of their skin given enough of a time exposure. It was like flashing the sun in a corridor where light seemed to be absorbed, this time there was no chance as the 'Flash did the intended trick and two men were sudenly gripping their eyes in frustration from lack of sight.

"I hope I did not scorch their retinas?" Donovan said as he knew the security types would make short work of the two.

Vasquez dropped the pair with two quick shots, then used restraints to secure them to some pipes running along the wall.

"Okay, two down, a whole lot more to go," she said, then popped a bubble.

Donovan glanced at Vasquez. "In the case for safety I vote with her for Ladies first." HE commented. "I am not that good with a phaser." HE complemented. "I will stay around for the technical parts."

Lixor was not impressed by Donovan's remark, "just because you are not exceptional with a energy weapon doesn't mean you are helpless. What would you do if the power to cause a phasor to fire had been depleted, surrender?" He shook his head, "I became a scientist but that does not mean the fighter somehow died or that I was no longer willing to fight for what I believed in." He drew in a breath and continued, "put me where you think best but if they get anywhere close enough that I can physically do something about it..." He stopped for a moment then began again, "I refuse to become soft when there are others that may need my help."

Vasquez looked over the science officer.

"Sir, if we weren't surrounded by the galaxy's worst, not to mention a bunch of murderous inmates, I'd take you right here," she said. "But enough girl talk, which way now?"

"Don't bet on it Vasquez," Lixor said with a faint grin, "I'm not your typical nerd, they used to call me the Omarr King."

"So I'd be relieving stress with royalty? Nice," she said.

Lixor shook his head, "not sure you want to part of this royal family." He offered a faint grin, "tell you what, meet me for drinks in the lounge when this is over, we'll see if your still interested."

"Maybe you two want to worry about scheduling your extracurricular activities for later?" Tusalo said with a slightly annoyed grunt. "Unless you'd rather we tell the Federation's most violent criminals to wait while we find you two a broom closet."

"You think these are the worst," Lixor questioned, "some of them I used to consider my friends."

Vasquez cocked an eyebrow at the science officer.

"And the rest are probably mine," she said.

"There is another barrier ahead, sealed corridor." Donovan said. "And if you want to throw down phasers I would be able to cover your six Vasquez, I said I am not as good as she is." He smiled. "If it gets personal I can hold my own, I am just your tech guy otherwise why bring me along right?" He shrugged. "Now if you want to have those lounge drinks we might think about progressing another thirty meters to our next problem of what lay beyond the bulkhead?"

Vasquez let out a melodramatic sigh.

"I suppose we can do that," she said. "Might as well earn our pay, right?"

She brought her rifle up to her shoulder and began creeping down the hall.

Before Vasquez could get out of close ear shot he lean and said to her alone. "Butterfly swords..." and he let her continue her leading the path.

"Four dead ahead," Lixor commented as his dark eyes gazed at the tricorder, "remember we're supposed to try and negotiate this thing not kill them all."

Vasquez stopped and stared at him, then made a show of looking at her rifle.

"Would you look at that, it's set on heavy stun," she said. "Don't tell me how to do my job, Sir."

"I wasn't," Lixor said managing to keep the frustration he was beginning to feel from his voice, "I said it more for me than you, if you knew anything about that title I mentioned you might get it."

"I do not think our light trick would work." Donovan mentioned. "I would like to say that I have no real trick up my sleeve this time." He admit.

"Let's keep moving," remarked Paula looking at the rest of her team, she continued,"We don't want to end up stuck here," as she started to move to the next corner to make sure it was clear.

Vasquez paused to give Lixor one final glare before following Winchester.

The blue man noted Vasquez's look of disapproval but his face remained as placid as ever, "no change in numbers ahead," Lixor offered in a lower voice.

A small junction was on the path, Donovan moved laterally from the group and tossed the access panel aside as he began playing with the power flow. HE had the connections to their side of the corridor he thought rendering it dark on our side might give an advantage so he was quickly set up.

"Blind man's Bluff anyone?" He asked waiting a signal to take away the advantage of the prisoners who whole illuminated would not be able to see the dark corridor while the federation team had a backlighting to any moves the prisoners make.

"Works for me," Vasquez said as she aimed her rifle. "I'll take the two on the left."

The scientist's face was a placid as ever and his dark eyes swept ahead as he awaited the next movement, "let's do this then," he muttered returning his eyes to his tricorder, "still four."

Not that Donovan was a coward but this was not his forte' as he cut the lighting that instant and dropped to a crouch to be less of a target in the dark, drawing his phaser should it be needed but letting the 'Security people do their jobs.

He did note the warmth of Drew; the woman assigned to watch his back taking position to cover him. It was good to know Security remembered to do the 'protection' thing rather than charging into combat. For her part Drew did not take as aggessive a part of this; she was assigned to keep the 'Tech Boy' out of danger and and subdue any prisoners along the way. Vasquez and Winchester seemed to have this at hand. Her job was 'cover fire' and she also checked their 'six' to assure no one tried to flank them as a precaution.

As soon as the lights went out, Vasquez squeezed the trigger twice and her two targets fell.

Lixor's dark eyes went to Vasquez in the dark but he said nothing letting them return to his tricorder. The backlit display still showed two on the opposite side but they had not emerged or even seemed to move since the lights had gone out. His brow furrowed slightly as he pondered was was happening, "still two on right but not moving."

The Bajoran cautiously moved forward until he was close enough to either listen in on the prisoners' conversation or take them out, and he shifted the rifle in his hand before rolling forward, coming out of his roll on one knee and his rifle aimed. "Dead," Zera flatly responded, waiting a moment to see if it was a trap. When the two didn't move, he lowered his rifle a little before tilting his head toward the group, keeping his eyes locked on the two still forms. "Keep going. We have a lot of ground to cover."



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