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Back into things

Posted on Mon Dec 5th, 2016 @ 6:57am by Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps

Mission: Anarchy in Alcatraz
Location: Galley


Phelps had been out of it with health issues, that damned monkey on the last away mission, who would have thought a cute little monkey would have a poison bite? Well things were getting back into the swing of things, he had decided it was about time he get back into the swing of things and especially those people of note.

He had called and polietly asked if Paula Winchester was free for lunch; not a 'fully business' lunch as she was more of a friend. In actuality he trusted her and that was a small number of people at the moment so he wanted to keep things as they should be.

The two had shared an under cover mission; where Paula did a perfect job as required, and they had a type of 'friendship' that was hard to put into words. She would do him favors and he had to compensate her accordingly; which he did happily, and they had established the groundwork for more things between them.

He had a PADD for her; it was something he wanted to have her check upon from a security angle; he had followed his Intel connections as far as they would go. This he needed to actually get information from Security itself; the Federation Security and it might be something of a challenge. It would also make a fine bit of a name for Paula; it might lead nowhere but it also could be everything?

[Paula's Quarters]

Paula had received the Call from Phelps and finding out that he had been taken ill due the the mission before hand had left Paula and Lisa concerned for their friend; Now here was a chance to see first hand at what state Phelps was in. Upon exiting her Quarters Paula headed towards the turbolift that would take her to the Galley and find out what Her friend wanted.

^ Could this be another mission?^ she thought after the last covert op she had been involved in had gone smoothly; as thoughts ran through her mind about what direction her career was heading; for her a change was not something she was expecting, however; if it happened then so be it.

Phelps rose for Paula when she came near the table he had brought a second PADD with him just because he thought the information he wanted to relay would be best if just given and not transferred through the open network of the ship. It was placed there by his system with safeguards.

"It is good to see you Paula." Phelps moved to seat the lady; as was his custom. "Thanks for seeing me so early as I know I have not been around of late ."

"Nice to see you to," replied Paula looking back at Phelps as she slid into the offered seat; She continued,"So, What is it this time you want me for?" getting down to the issue at hand as Paula knew that Phelps only wanted her for some issue that he himself could not access.

"And here I thought we had established a basis for a friendship; a type of trust that looks out for one another?" He tisked as he went to his seat. "Here I am trying to give my trusted friend a boost in her career and she suspects I am going to take advantage of her. " He slid the PADD over to her. "No one else can access that one except you and it has to manually download to a network console of your choosing." He shrugged as he was not about to try a game face or humorous side track with Paula. "I trust you..." He hoped she realized how much that really meant to a person in his position. "And you are my friend so I look out for friends and help where I can, this is some data I came into possession of, Fleet Security might want to know where you go tit, tell them or not as you think it will help you?" He said quietly. "But give me the search pattern results you get, I will not hack Fleet Security for it and it will add to other things I know." He nod. "It might also show you have more of a network than most and get you some better credit-ability I hope?"

"I See..." replied Paula looking at her friend knowing that he was trying to help her gain some credit within Security fleet services as she accepted the PADD from him, She asked,"So what is it we are dealing with?" raising an eyebrow; as this started to intrigue her curiosity and look what it did to the cat.

The information had five bits; manifests of shipments on the surface, glancing at the names of the 'shippers' would point to Federation High Security Munitions and power sources, a known front for Weapons development. The level of security was above that most Captains would know; not unless the ship was in direct patrol pattern of the routing of the shipment. Level 4 security or above only; Only a captain level of security 'eyes only' by the rating, and Paula would also note three shipments with 'compromised'; a fancy way to say intercepted and lost, with a strategic noting. Two more have date to depart within the next week and ten days respectively. The week departure is from Earth and the classification was 'Dilithium' and at a grade of crystals used in phasers for focusing more energy through them. The other shipment in 10 days is 'restricted' and was under the Research and development branch of the Federation.

"You know the rules; I cannot tell you how but just that it is real and urgent while out of my methods to expedite the urgency of the fact that information was brought to me in a manner of speaking. My sources are ... secure as when you help me my friend. I hope this helps you appear more worthy promotion and such? It also helps me in ways I cannot express"

" I understand," replied Paula looking back at him, she started to read the items on the list that she could see, but to get the full contents she would have to download the full information to her own server, she asked," Do you think that someone in R&D and Fleet or just one of them?"

"Neither." Phelps replied. "Or both; as I am not sure and the information you can get from your connections might help narrow the margin of suspects. I am hoping it is in the shipments themselves and not with fleet as that could be a larger problem." He chuckled. "Just a lot of mopping up and if a large enough job I might have to lead and that means..." He shrugged. "Let's just get a few more facts before we put fleet personnel on court martial." He smiled. "Be discreet as this is a Can of Worms and we want to control when it is opened."

" Thing is Sam, I don't have any contacts within the Security high ups," replied Paula as she looked back at her friend; she continued,"Only those that were in my class," as she started to wonder where they had gone and what ships they were serving on. as she made a mental note to make a quick call to Lisa and see if she had heard from anyone from their class.

"You are able to access Security records and personnel in General; you have access to diffrent information than I do." HE grinned. "Intel is good but a Security Officer making inquiries within the Security Community and files seems to draw less attention than an Intel man making the same questions. I need a Security Person to ask Security questions; that would seem more routine than a cross departmental request; you look like you are doing your job and cause less heads to notice as you poke around. That is where you can help me most just verify that information in your computer connections to Security H-Q and let me know what you find?"

"Fair enough," replied Paula looking back at him, she continued," I will see what I can find out," as she rose from the chair, she finished,"am I allowed to bring in anyone else into this?" as she wondered if she could.

"We just need versification so I will trust you to be discreet." He rose with the lady. "Just make it a maximum number as I still have not told the Commodore we are onto anything yet." Phelps filled in the blanks. "I figured your Chief might be needed but that I leave to you, and he can come to me if he needs?"

"Well then, Let's get started then shall we?" replied Paula as she looked back at Phelps and gave him another smile knowing that this could end up worse than it sounded; but she knew that it had to be investigated first. now she had to get back to her own Office and Start this off.

"I trust you to do the right thing Paula, that is why I let you in on Intel stuff." HE said as he started to depart politely giving her a grin as he turned.

She turned to look at Sam and gave him a nod before heading out; she thought to herself^ is my Career changing or what?^ as she still wasn't sure what was happening with her as she knew things were going well between them.


Lt. JG Samuel Phelps
Chief Intel Officer, man of Mystery.

Lt.JG Paula Winchester
Deputy chief Security, Man of Mystery Icandy

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