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No crossing of wiring

Posted on Mon Jan 23rd, 2017 @ 9:27am by Lieutenant Samuel Phelps & Ensign Amelia McMillan

Mission: R&R Coming Home
Location: OPS Office


Phelps had his PADD in hand; it was always in his hand while on duty and much of the time when off. The information was 'compartmentalized' and this compartment was OPS; he needed to get some 'allowances' and hoped the new chief would be respecting of his request?

Glancing around to see a clear corridor Phelps straightened his uniform; often called a Picard Maneuver, with his jacket then the glasses he wore. This is a little ritual that he did privately as he did not like to call attention to himself. He then strode into OPS in search of the chief.

Hitting the chime to be allowed entrance Phelps stood casually straight, not one for the more foramal military style stance, he was content with his being and waited for the Chief.

Amelia had been running herself a bit ragged since her first meeting with the Captain, trying to prove herself to her new commanding officer. Amelia hadn't expected her first assignment to easy but she hadn't expected this. Although she'd still been mostly on the bridge during her shifts, Amelia had made a special effort to visit the operations center as much as possible. Usually managed by the Assistant Chief's and quartermasters, she had quite a bit to prove to them too.

Working at the power distribution station, Amy was right next to the door when it opened and didn't pay it much mind. People came and went from Ops all the time, it was one of the busiest centers of the ship besides the Bridge or Engineering, it got tiresome to ook up every time the door opened. However this time was different, instead of just walking into the room and proceeding to whatever department was needed, whoever it was just stood there waiting.

Looking up she was surprised to see a Grey collared man standing just a few feet from her. Intelligence didn't mix with Ops very often, for the most part they had their own supplies so they didn't need much from the quartermaster. Getting up Amelia made her way over, hoping that she wasn't about to step in it, again. "Hello there, is there something I can help you with Lieutenant?"

"Ensign." Phelps gave a polite expression. "I am glad to see someone minding the doors; it would be bad to walk into one..." He chuckled for a second. "Not a fun way to realize a door was not working right." He continued. "Actually I had some plans I wanted to go over with you ; a cross between OPS and my department that has to do with the COmmunications system."

"Sure, let's see what you've got worked up," Amelia said as she walked toward the main holo display in the center of Ops, a large representation of Gladiator suspended in the middle of the room. Currently it was showing the warp field efficientcy as they traveled. Accessing the controls, the young ops officer brought up the ship's subspace communication system. "So lay it on me."

"There are several points that I would like to highlight." Phelps said as hee took a remote access from his PADD to start changinh the access. "There is a secondary network that is seldom used but more importantly an Emergency channel." As he spoke the holographic display altered to show a blue line from the COmmunications Array through a series of Junctions that eventally ended in the INtel Offices. "This routing would give us a secure connection all but exterior of the ship's communications system. BY avoiding the usual traffic pathways The Secure Intel Routing would not be noticed nor interfere with normal or even combat operations and allow for the secure coded transmission that occassionally come through from Fleet Intellegence H-Q." Hee glanced to the Ensaign. "I could do the routing myself with my staff and no one but You and I need be aware of the work."

"Hmm, we'd have to make sure the connections can take the added strain of continued, highly encripted use..." That wouldn't be too difficult, but if the system wasn't designed for long term use there would need to be a few modifications made, especially to the control systems. "I don't see why we wouldn't be able to make the modifications, although I'd want to get the XO's approval before I started mucking around too heavily with the Communications system."

"You understand that some of the conduits will need to be adjusted for the added Securities for the Intel Department requirements?"

"Another thing I don't see as being too difficult, it would make servicing them a lot harder in the future, but unless you want to seriously lock it down it wouldn't be prohibitive." It was strange to have to think in these terms, usually for her it was work needed to be done so you got it going. Needing to worry about security interesting challenge. "Will personnel need to be moved around for installation as well?"

"No additional personnel needed as I can do the work myself." Phelps said with confidence. "I have done it before, even on a grander scale as it was a station or two." He chuckled. "Counter Intel can be rather interesting when you have to wire it so you do not get caught."

"Heh I can't even imagine that." Amy knew she would never be cutout for that kind of work. Just about everyone agreed that she was a terrible liar."But are you sure you don't need help, doing all that wiring will take time."

"You will never know what I did." Phelps gave a wry smile. "I prefer to keep it that way as you kow we 'Spooky types' , we like to have our secrets and if you knew how simple it is what we do..." He smiled. "It would ruin the whole illusion of the Intergalatic man of Mystery." He chuckled. "And as the new chief I would not want to burden you with the details I assure you."

"Oh it's not a burden, I'm a details kind of girl after all." Amy said with a wry smile, enjoying the banter that had built up between them. "Besides there's few things more exciting than trying to see past those illusions to figure out the mechanisms lying below the surface...I guess I was always a pull at the loose thread, type of girl. "

Phelps met her eyes and smile with a sly one of his own for a few long seconds; the eyes being the gateway to the soul he look a little deeper into the Chief a,d winked. "I look forward to the challenge." He chuckled lightly. "But trust me; it will take more than just pullig a thread or two with me; I rather enjoy the mystique of my job, call it a perk of my chosen field."

"Hmm I guess I'll just have to delve deeper into my bag of interrogation techniques...let's see..." Amelia said, dramatically scratching her chin. "Perhaps the dreaded cupcake torture..."

Phelps gave a wry grin. "I see the lady cheats." He smiled. "We shall see if you and the Borg are even; if resistence is futile or not?" He winked.

"The lady plays to win." Amy replied with a grin rivaling the one plastered across the Lieutenant's face. "As for the borg, against them you'd have a chance, but they don't truly know the meaning of the words."

"As is said, 'A lady knows best' and I find it inadvisable to contradict a lady's knowledge." He gave a wink. "I should look forward to the opening volley." Phelps stepped forward to lean in closer. "The Chinese have a saying upon first meetings: A coincidence destined by heaven." Phelps moved back to await the reply.

"Hmm quite the interesting saying, I don't think I've had a heavenly meeting before..." Well except that one with Zeti, but that was a different situation...wasn't it? "As for contradiction, I actually prefer a challenge, far more fun that way, when a discussion get heated." Amy felt her cheeks flushing a wee bit as the taller man stepped closer. It was actually a bit of a strange moment for her, Amy wasn't exactly used to people being much taller than her, it was hard to describe.

"You threw the gauntlet..." Phelps let the implications hang. "The opening moves have been made." He chuckled lightly. "I do have a sweet tooth but is that enough to get what you want?" gave her a sly wink. "In the mean time I shall not keep you from your duties any longer; after all I do have some modifications to get done. Much as I do enjoy 'stimulating conversation'duty does often ... delay further indulgences?"

"It does seem to get in the way." Cheeky Intel Agent eh? Well two can play that game. "I guess we'll just have to rain check then? But in the meantime if you do find that having an extra pair of hands around would be a help, let me know."

"You are first on the list." Phelps gave a slight bow. "I should be letting you get back to your work and in my department when the Boss is away my mice really like to play." He gave a wink before heading to the door.

"Hmm sounds like I'd get along with them just fine." Amy called after the man with a little wave, chuckling as he headed out of Ops. It was funny she'd always worried about meeting someone from Intel, but so far she was pretty sure she'd gotten into her own head again, Phelps seemed like someone she definitely wanted to get to know.


Lt. JG Samuel Phelps
Chief Intel / Man of Mystery

Ensign Amelia McMillan
Chief Ops / Woman of many talents


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