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Checking into things

Posted on Sat Jan 21st, 2017 @ 2:12pm by Lieutenant Samuel Phelps & David Hawkins

Mission: R&R Coming Home
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: TBD


It had been a while since Phelps had been on the bridge; he waited for the doors and performed a 'Picard Maneuver' with his jacket and adjusted his glasses on his nose. The Connection to the Tricorder gave him HUD type information as he walked. The door parted and he proceeded to the Ready Room to make contact with the Captain. It was high time that a few of the more 'needed' fact were brought out into the light.

Pressing the chime Phelps had called ahead to get an appointment of course; using the excuse of relaying a report of 'sensitive nature' to the Commanding Officer of the While not a lie in any way; it did hide some truths, there were none of the really pending questions that were barking like some guard dog in the night because it smelled danger but not able to get his teeth into it.

That was where Phelps had it; a strain of information, a connection to three ships attacked by Pirates and the evidence the 'routing' was compromised in the important shipments. Dilithium Crystals were among the items lost. Where this all lead was not clear but Intel could not really make many more inquiries into what is clearly Security matters' without ruffling some feathers. Phelps hoped to bring Hawkins to speed an get permission to dig 'Phelps style' and involve other departments to help dig where needed?

"Enter!" David called out as he looked over his shoulder from his position in front of the view port in his office. He pondered of things going on and that had gone on as he tried to sort it all out. He still wasn't sure about things, but his crew didn't need to see that part of him.

Phelps entered with the specialized PADD in hand; adjusting his glasses he moved to the opposite side of the desk away from the COmmanding Officer.

"I know you are a busy man, Commodore." Phelps began. "I promise not to take much time." He was ready to transfer the datum. "For the past year I have been working a 'study' of the Security Top Secret Transportation Schedule Branch." He decided it was best to just be brief. "I have information on leaks in the Security Branch, and the Level four Security breech in several shipments that Pirates have managed to intercept. Two of these shipments are weapons Grade Dilitum and Some R & D projects that I am sure were sorely missed." Phelps began. "I felt I should let you know I was delving into some Intel projects that cross over with Security resources. There might be some ruffling of fathers with my investigation Sir."

"Well good morning to you as well," David remarked as he leaned back and looked at the young man. He waved over the padd to look at as he looked at the man. "Have you informed the head of Star Fleet Security or special investigations?"

"No Sir." Phelps said calmly. "I told the Intel superiors who relayed the information about the pirated vessels. The Security Command Chain have made this seem more like a 'lucky connection' compared to the overall operations with acceptable Security Leaks." Phelps continued. "I have enlisted some of our resources to check things out."

"Very well," David nodded in agreement. "Once we get to Memphis Island, can you use what we have there to help your work?'

"Unless I can find a significant connection that will be all I have to work with; I might need some Security Assists and some OPS if you don't mind them on a little side trip?" Phelps asked. "I can get them to help me track a few leads."

This made the Commodore think to himself for a moment as he pondered this whole situation, but in the end, he knew this was what Phelps and his officer's trained jobs. "Who do you have filling in your place up till your return?"

"I think Nuxac ould hold down the fort with the shuffling of information and filtering what is needed and what is just background information." Phelps replied. "I will be following leads during ship down time and a few leads that should not take a lot of the ship resources." He assured. "It is really an interesting place that the leak keeps coming up. I want to follow that lead and hope it goes somewhere."

David nodded in agreement. "You got my stamp of approval. Use whatever you need to get to the bottom of this."

"Thank you sir." The Proper tone and British accent emphasized the mood of his gratitude. "I should like to involve Security as some of the leads that I have are not in what one might call the "Nicer parts of town and enlisted would be a better choice than officers for this operation if you do not mind?" He smiled. "You know the old Earth Term Loose Lips sink ships Sir?" HE gave the major hint as his point of investigation."

"Use whoever you need as long as they have the security clearance and you trust," He agreed as he looked the man over before asking. "What does it mean, Lieutenant?"

"Earth History during a time of war in the 20th century." Phelps began. "There was a belief that the worst security leak came from military personnel speaking to lovers , wives or just friends to let them know the ship was departing and that the Person will not be around. Just the simple act of knowing a ship was leaving gave the right person foreknowledge and the enemy had new Intel they could use. "Just the act of saying one is sailing to teh wrong individual ; a spy if you will,or loud enough to be over heard put that ship at risk. The crew and support personnel were the biggest Security Leak and so the propaganda slogan was created to drive the point home." Phelps ended. "It might not have been malicious but we have to watch our words and not give away things we should not, I think that is often a more dangerous angle as a person telling a lover they will not be around for a while before departing hints at a departure and can be dangerous to that ship. It only takes one person to put them at risk."

"If you are concerned that I may leak this information, You sure got a ways to go. Don't worry, Lieutenant. I have worked with Intelligence Operatives in my time. You have nothing to worry about," David smirked as he stood. "If there is nothing else..."

"I did not mean you sir." Phelps said surprised. "I suspect that is what the root of the problem is; I merely explained what the saying was and the meaning. I apologize if I gave the wrong impression. The Loose Lips I believe are among the crews or logistical planning section." Phelps said. "I just need to find out where the leak leads to and then I can plug it." He nod. "You, I trust with information that is even above your pay grade if needed sir."

"I have had experience with both those above and below my 'pay grade' that are loose lips," David sighed concerned at that thought. "But if you can find those loose lips, I fully back your work. Just be careful doing so. I don't want to lose another member while spying on others to get the leak. We can't have leakers anymore, especially on this ship."

"I believe the leak is exterior in the security network." Phelps chuckled. Somehow I do not think Winterstorm and Winchester would allow any loose lips." He had the confidence of his security department. "And I will be very careful; I have suspicions but no evidence yet, so you can count on discretion as my most useful weapon sir. Best to hit them if they do not know you are coming." He bow slightly. "I should be getting back to it Sir."

With that, David nodded before standing and shaking the mans hand before watching the man exit his office. He took in a deep breath and thought to himself as he wasn't a stranger to any of this all. But he was quite annoyed with the idea of those still wanting to be spies and work to ruin things for them all...

Phelps went into the Bridge and to the nearest Turbo lift, he had a lot of work to do.



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