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Impossible Duel, Part 2

Posted on Wed Apr 9th, 2014 @ 3:47pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Mission: Photons Everywhere Part 2
Location: Holodeck 2


Like Mercia, Vanora sheathed her daggers and grabbed a machete, and then went back for the second one before rejoining Mercia.

"Double dagger to the gut, and I used your 'stomach and face' move on the first," she reported.

"Perfect." she said. "Alright, lets get the next one." she smirked.

The horn blew and the doors opened, this time is was a Klingon and Andorian paired together. "Oh Damn...."

The pairs roared and started at them, "I got an idea." Mercia said as she ran for her pair. "Hey, I heard the Andorian say Hab SoSlI' Quch!" she said to the Kingon. "And he said your mother had pink skin and moaned like fat Preshava." she grinned. It worked, instantly they turned on each other. Andorians should not speak of Klingons in that their mothers have smooth foreheads, and Klingons shouldn't call an Andorians mother such an ugly creature.

"I'll have to remember those lines." Vanora could not help but laughing as she watched the pair beat each other to a pulp. "I guess that takes away our 'insult' strategy." The pair were surprisingly evenly-matched, and so the fighting between the holograms continued for a while. "I've been meaning to ask you," Vanora said as they watched the skirmish with some amusement, "What do you think of the Chief Engineer?"

"Khelev?" Mercia asked as she put her machete on her shoulder and watched the two fighting with amusement. "In what respect?" She grinned, "I could comment on a few different things about him." she grinned.

"I suppose in the respect that I think you and I think similarly sometimes, and I'd like to know what your evaluation of the man is. We have some time," she waved at the pair. The Klingon and Andorian had managed to disarm each other and were now standing toe to toe and exchanging blows to the face. "What different things can you comment on?"

Mercia grinned, "Well, He's really smart, clever quick witted... I like chatting with him." She said. "Certainly passionate, in several areas, honorable." Mercia said she smiled again, "Has bit of a wild side too, which is fabulous." she said smirking. Last time she had sparred with Khelev he'd gotten on her case for almost messing up a good thing with Vanora, she didn't want that to happen again, and yet she had no issues telling the truth... if asked.

"See? This is the sort of inside info I knew I could count on you for," Vanora smiled back. "I've seen the smart and honorable, too. But tell me about this wild side of his."

Mercia chewed her lip for a moment as she looked at the other woman. "I doubt he makes a habit of it, but.. Uh. Before I was assigned here I met him in a bar. I was looking for some wild times, and he was just getting a quiet drink." she said. Mercia grinned, "Ended up letting him stick around for three days. Hmmm that was fun." she said looking up at the sky, remembering the weekend. "I Told him my name was Mercy, and I knew only his first name, nothing else."

Vanora laughed. "That sounds more like a story about you being wild, than of Khelev."

Mercia laughed, "I never said he was more wild than me." she said. "But men that don't have a wild side don't hook up with girls like me on the fly." she said. "He might not have been looking for it, but.." she shrugged. "You know you don't have to worry about me and him right?" she asked. "We're just friends, no benefits." she giggled.

"Elasian women don't get jealous," Vanora smiled slightly. "We are a society that believes in freedom, and bonds between two people are built on trust and mutual benefit, not on possessiveness. And in any case, I'm not even sure that I have standing yet to be worried about anything. But, if we were on Elas, I might give you fair notice that I'm considering pursuing him. Of course, we're not on Elas," she smirked.

"Fair notice?" Mercia laughed, "Trust me, even that is completely unnecessary, I consider Khelev a new friend, and nothing beyond that. To be honest i was rather embarrassed when I encountered him here. It was good of him not to make a big deal out of it, neither of us were interested in that. I guess because I'm aware of your attraction for each other I just want you to be comfortable with the facts of the past." she shrugged. "Like I said before... I think what happened was really sort of an adventure for him, not something he makes a habit of, and I'm not even sure its ever happened before for him. But it tells me he has a wild side, hence why I use it for such an example.... I also wouldn't be just telling anyone about this..." she said. "David is aware of it, only I sort of told him when I was drunk because I was trying to get a rise out of him." She laughed then she winced watching as the Klingon got a grip on the Andorians antea. "oooh" she hissed.

"Drunken admissions rarely go well, in my experience," Vanora sighed, "but I suppose they also have the side effect of being very frequently the truth. How did he take it? David, I mean." The Andorian was at a very clear disadvantage, and the Klingon took quick action, using the little energy he had left to bring the blue warrior's face into the ground. Vanora began walking leisurely toward the Klingon, expecting Mercia to join her.

Mercia followed, "It didn't go as I expected to be honest. In the past I'd used jealousies to get guys to make bold claims and prove to me how they're better than the other, just for the fun of it... But... David saw through the game and refused to play." she said, she was learning a lot recently, she still felt like she was on new territory when it came to David.

"He claimed he's not the jealous type." Mercia smirked "he lies." she said firmly. "I know he can be, even if he doesn't so easily show it." she said thinking of a few comments he'd made about her flirtatious instincts. "I don't think he's bothered by it though." she shrugged. "You were clearly aware of what happened... how did you know or was it an intuitive guess that I just confirmed?" she laughed.

"Maybe I have secret telepathic powers?" she laughed. "It was an educated guess. I saw how uncomfortable you seemed at the poker game, and I figured a lot of that had to do as much with David hearing it as it did with Khelev. Here we go." The Andorian was defeated, but the Klingon was still breathing, on his knees and exhausted. "He deserves a noble death," Vanora said as she pulled out a dagger and drove it straight down into the Klingon's brain stem, pulling it out cleanly.

The Klingon, however, was unfazed, and turned his head slightly as if a mosquito had just stung him, but he was too tired to even swat at it.

"Ah, right. I used that one already. Forgot about that." Vanora knocked the Klingon out with a firm kick to the face, flipping him over. The program registered it as a defeated enemy and both the Klingon and Andorian disappeared from the dirt. "It's interesting that you think that David is the jealous type. I don't see it, but then again, you know him better than I do. Khelev, I could believe it if you told me he was..."

Mercia chuckled, "I think he's just different about it." she said. "Its subtle, and I think because he knew that I was trying to MAKE him feel that way he was just not going to let it happen... but I'm convinced there is a little of it there..." she smiled. "The other day when the plants caused me to break my leg, I couldn't remember McMannis name, and asked for the doctor with the hot accent." she related the story that made her believe that David might have a little bit of it in him than he would like to admit. "He didn't like that a whole lot." she grinned.

Vanora laughed. "It really is a hot accent, isn't it? Thank the gods for my universal translator, though, or else sometimes I think I wouldn't understand him."

"I know Right?" Mercia laughed. "And even then!" She shifted her machete around, "All 'ight... wha' neu'?" she said imitating the accent.

"Hey, that's not bad!" Vanora was nearly rolling on the ground. "Leuks lahk we gaht sahm cahmpany," she attempted, with much less success, as the next wave of opponents emerged out of the shadows of the gates. Six giant scorpions emerged from opposite gates. "Well, that's a new one," Vanora admitted, as she considered how she was going to deal with the armor, much less the pincers and stingers.

Mercia shuddered, "OK what the hell?" she asked raising her machete a little as she stared at the creatures that scared her more than the Durrighash had. "Can we maybe get them to sting each other?" she laughed nervously.

"Maybe. The program might read that we've used that one already, though, depending on how we do it. I think we'll need to work together on these. They've never come up in my solo runs at the program, but then again, most of the opponents tend to be new. Adds to the challenge. Any ideas?"

"Well we need to see it as we have 18 enemies." Mercia said, "Those claws can crush bone, and the stinger can knock us out... we need to keep behind them." she said. "Lob off the stingers and don't get in range of the claws." she said shifting her stance as the creatures approached. "Those logs over there will give us some hight over them if we need it, they're big enough it will challenge them to get to us." she said pointing to a cluster of short log poles.

"We'll have to get creative with ways to take them out, though. No more time to think about it," Vanora exhaled as the scorpions closed in. She sprinted in an arc, drawing the attention of the scorpions who followed her single-minded, bunching up in the process, a few exposing their sides and backs toward Mercia.

Mercia jumped to action, lobbing off the tail of one. Their outer shell was hard, and that was going to cause a problem. She had to quickly dodge one that backed up. The first started to whip the stump that was left, in panic. She lept up over the stump and cut another.

Vanora looked over her shoulder and saw Mercia's plan. If the scorpions were all de-tailed, they would have a fighting chance, and more time to figure out how to kill the six heavily-armored giant arachnids in different ways. She continued her pattern of running back and forth before the oncoming crowd, drawing them close enough to parry their claw grasps with her machetes, and then sprinting quickly out of range again.

She ran around behind the group, and removed the tails of two more. The de-tailed ones started to get angry and went after Vanora with a vengeance. "Almost done!" Mercia cried out. She had to duck as one turned on her, she jumped to the side and sliced as the tail came down, narrowly missing her and then falling to the ground. One left. She circled around as Vanora fought to distract the group again, and took off the last tail.

"Alright, lets start killin them!"

Mercia didn't have to ask twice, and Vanora was happy to stop playing the distraction role. She turned to parry an incoming pincer attack, and dodging the other, spun her momentum toward the first and ran up onto the scorpion's back. She brought one machete as hard as she could into the beast's shell, but the armor was too hard and the ricochet threw Vanora off into the dirt.

Mercia gasped, shocked the blade hadn't gone through and quickly jumped in front of the attacking groups sight, allowing Vanora a chance to get back on her feet. "Maybe the legs? If we get rid of all their legs before we kill one of them, they can't move as much and we can find the chinks in their armor?" she called. She turned as one got its pinchers very close. She jumped and landed on its back. It uselessly tried to sting her, but with no stinger it didn't do any thing but smack her in the head with a bloody stump. It was still rather painful. Mercia swiped her machete to the side and tried to remove some legs. It embedded in to the thick leg and jammed. She needed more stability and power in her swing to cut all the way thought. "Damn it!" she called.

"The logs!" Vanora called out, grabbing Mercia and pulling her out of the way of an incoming claw. "we can use them like clubs, or hammers. Use them to get more force behind the blades." Vanora heard a large thump behind them. One of the scorpions had collapsed from blood loss out of its tail stump. She knew, however, that meant that none of the others would be falling the same way.

Mercia ran with Vanora to the logs and quickly located a quick a good stick. She spotted the creature that was limping along with her machete stuck in its leg. She ran over to it and smacked the handle of it, freeing it. She quickly scooped it up and ran back among the logs. it gave them a bit of reprieve from the creatures who were now looking for a way to get at them.

Vanora tore the sleeves of her tunic into strips, tossing some of the fabric over to Mercia. She found a heavy log and began binding the machete tightly to the pole's end. Once tied down, she hit the pile of logs hard with the pole, testing the sturdiness of the makeshift pole arm. "This should give us enough force," she smiled at Mercia.

"Oh!" Mercia said and made quick work on her machete on the log. she tested the strength and then moved in to position to remove the legs of one of the creatures. She wooped when she finally sliced through two legs, sending the creature in to jerking twitches.

"Hya!" Vanora grunted as she performed the same move on another. "Two down, three to go." With their new weapons, Mercia and Vanora made quick work of the remaining ones. The final scorpion seemed to have belatedly figured out what was happening and turned to flee as it saw the other of its swarm fall, but the pair of women caught up easily, taking out its full set of legs and leaving it to try to drag itself forward on its claws. "I almost feel bad for it," Vanora admitted as she finally paused to take a breath, wiping the sweat off of her forehead with the back of her hand.

"It was a formidable foe..." Mercia walked around in front of it, and it stopped moving, and didn't try to attack her. She plunged a knife in to a soft spot on what she assumed was the face. It jolted then died.

Mercia was panting a little as she smiled at Vanora. "Well we survived that... whats next? A dragon?" she teased.



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