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Checking the Chief

Posted on Thu Jan 26th, 2017 @ 9:27am by Ensign Amelia McMillan

Mission: R&R Coming Home
Location: OPS Office


Donovan was jovial at the moment; he had gone over the Communications network and even had a few things set in motion about the Damage Control teams; he had gone over the data and had a few thoughts to bring to the Chief as she was the one in charge and he respected her position as CHief. Never one to undermind the chain of Command he thought it best to play nice with his chief and try to be her right hand and if a friend is possible he would. Donovan believed in having friendships with those he worked with being the best way to get things done with that trust established.

Going into the Office of the Chief with a PADD in hand Donovan knock on the door frame.

"Chief McMillian." He gave a polite grin. "I hope to have a moment to go over some Damage COntrol stuff?" He inquired.

" one sec." Amelia said moving a couple of PaDDs around, looking for a report on engineering supply requests. Her desk had gotten a bit more cluttered in the last day as she got used to how things aboard Gladiator worked. Slowly but surely however she was getting it under control. Making a little sond of triumph as she located the PaDD she was looking for, Amy looked up at the Chief Warrant Officer. "Alright Mister Donovan what do you have for me?"

"Well CHief." Donovan said with a smile. "I have been going over thee records of the Damage Control Teams during the COmbat sessions of the Gladiator and cross refernced with the scores of the present Crew testing and senarios and drills of the ship." He looked to his Superior. "I think I have a good lay out of teqams partnerships that might help increase our efficency with Damage COntrol both in combat as well as maintinace ?"

"Ok how many people do you want to move around?" Amelia was always wary of such a proposal even during training. While on paper and through observation a shake up could look more efficient it was hard to factor in the 'human' factor, how people would respond to being moved, or working with new colleagues or a combination of the two. There were times it could definitely work out for the best and others where it could make whole teams and worse relationships fall apart.

"Twelve between the three shifts , mostly to make sure we have a more diverse skill base for the teams, a small proportion compared to the entire OPS crew in reality." Donovan suggested. "Two will become the SHift leads for that shift and the others are to just strengthen the whole team. Just monorthings really but always keep the boss in the loop right?"

"Hmm, I think we can accommodate that, bringing more experience up from the ranks would help and as long as we pick the right people to take those lead positions I think we can avoid some of the personality upsets." Amy liked the idea it might even help people accept her placement in the Chief's position, show them she really does want to take their issues into account. "I take it you already have a list of who to move and several candidates for the lead positions."

Right on the PADD for your checks and approvial or use as guideline to make it your own?" HE questioned as he smiled none the less. "I would never do anything with out clearing it with you Chief."

"I appreciate it, although I hope we can get to the point where you don't need to run everything by me." Amelia said with an appreciative smile. "But I think for now this is the best way for me to learn, get my hands a on a bit of everything."

"Best to have permission than to ask forgivness with a new Boss." Donovan snickered. "If I modify what you approved that might look bad so call it safer to share than change without notice." He smiled. "Just doing my job to support your command Ma'am."

"Exactly, and I hate to say it but at this point I could probably use all the support I can get. I've got a lot to prove, not just to the department but to everyone, really."

"That is a losing prospect Boss; if you don't mind me saying so." Donnovan told her. "The only one you have to prove anything to is yourself; you earned your slot now you just have to do what you do best and let the chips fall. YOu have enough on teh ball to get here; that was the proving ground, now you just keep your head in the game and we can all do our jobs."

"I...thanks." Amy said with a soft smile. Honestly she was terrible at taking praise, her first instinct was to deflect and then run for the hills. "I do appreciate it although I think it's a bit easier said than done. After all passing courses and simulations at the Academy is one thing, practical application..."

"You have me and the others to back you up Chief; if you look good we look good." He smiled. "Call it motivation to help you succeed. And once we make these shifts in personnel it will be a step in that direction Chief."

"I can certainly understand that, what's the old say you're only as good as your weakest link?" Amy said with a grin, glad to hear she had the teams support. Yes there might be a bit of personal motivation behind their actions, but if they didn't like her they'd certainly rather see her fail and then work with her replacement to get things done.

"You are looking at the weakest link." Donnovan said. "I ted to get on chief's nerves in the past, a little too much 'Gusto' as one of my previous Chiefs noted in my records." He shrugged. "But I will be your best Right Hand ma'am I can assure you and you will not regret me being assigned to you." He added a smile.

"It certainly seems like it so far. I like enthusiasm I think it's good to want to get out and do things." Amy said returning the smile. "I think we're going to make an excellent team Mister Donovan."

"I agree Chief." Donnoovan smiled. "And to keep that reputation I should probibly get to these changes or you might think me lazy?"

"No, we certainly can't have that." Amy's wide grin and mirthful voice would be a sure sign she was only teasing her assistant. "I'd have a tough time trying to learn how to run things and find a replacement."

"Always keep them neding more I say." He tipped an imangiary hat. "It was good exchanging with you ma'am, see you at the PLanning meetings." He nod before staring to get on his way.

"See you then." Amy said returning the nod as the man got ready to leave. It was good to know that she and Donovan could get along so well. If the pair of them couldn't work together than the department was in trouble. But considering how this meeting has gone, she had a good feeling about things to come.


Ensign Amelia McMillan
Chief Operations Officer

CWO Hubert 'Huey' Donnovan
Deputy OPS


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