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Hoping for a yes

Posted on Sun Nov 27th, 2016 @ 11:47pm by Lieutenant Samuel Phelps

Mission: Anarchy in Alcatraz
Location: Lounge
Timeline: Slight BackPost. Prior Prison Breakout


Phelps had wondered for some time about the girl, a pretty young woman who had an air about her, always carried herself well. Being half Cardassian and Bajoran she was a unique individual among the serving staff of the Lounge. He had made sure to be along for her shifts, tried to remain in an area that she catered to when possible and at least make a kind meeting of the eyes when unable to be in her service area for nearly a month. The young woman had sat down a couple of time to chat with him of late so he found her even more intriging, she had a genuine good heart upon observation, she had chosen to be server in the lounge because she liked people and that made her more special to his observations.

What had him so captivated; what did she have over the others, the Cardassian thing was new as she favored her Bajoran heritage more in her features and she always had a smile while working. That could be the hook; she had bad days like us all yet she was able to keep the front of a smile despite the pain.

That was Ynara and part of what made her stand out. 

Today he was off shift, having had to do the Gamma Shift, he could spare some time to just enjoy himself and the breakfast he had ordered this time; usually he was a lunch man but today not so much as he might be sleeping during what most called lunch? He had been fortunate, having actually asked this time to be sure; he wanted to see something bright after a long night getting the Gamma Staff up to speed and doing some crawling through Jeffery Tubes all night when a majority of the crew were off shift and not about. It was better for his plans to have fewer people meddling in his affairs and all.

He had a plate of Omelet with country potatoes with a strong tea so he was set after polishing off the ham and Bacon already.

Ynara wound through the tables with her PADD for orders tucked into the pocket of her apron.  She had just gotten the breakfast crowd settled with the 'first round' and it was mostly coffee refills and fetching salt, pepper, sauces, etc.  When it looked like everyone was settled, she cast another look around and sighed.  Everyone was happy, and that meant she was doing a good job.

She scooped up an abandoned plate and made her way back to the kitchen with it before she picked up a small pot of tea that she had just brewed up fresh.  Weaving back through the room, she eyed her destination with a smile.  "Out and about early today; I don't usually see you before noon.  Freshen your cup?" she offered as she hovered the teapot over Samuel Phelps's cup.

"Your timing is impeccable, Ynara." Phelps said with a hint of the accent he had from his Father's strict adhering to the Mother Country as he held up his cup. "Perhaps I wanted to see someone smiling in the wee hours of the morning and came to get some good food as well?"

Ynara poured carefully into his cup.  "Well, the kitchen is having a good day, so that's one request fulfilled."  She waited until he looked back up from the streaming, steaming liquid filling his cup, then smiled at him as he met her eyes.

Those eyes were something, he could look into them longer than she might feel comfortable; he had to admit it had been a while since he had wanted to really search the eyes of a woman. Besides, how could he not smile back and give a little wink.

"Good to know I get what I need from the Lounge." Phelps said as he raised the cup slightly. "After a long night it is good to see a friendly face in the morning." He commented. "How has the day been for you?"

"Just beginning, but off to a good start.  The breakfast crowd is happily tucking in and that gives me a moment to breathe before they finish to make way for the coffee-drinkers around mid-morning.  If this crowd is any judge, it'll be a pretty smooth day, and I can't argue with that," she said as she glanced around at the room again.

"I am told breathing is a good thing." He managed not to look below her eyes to check her respiration of course, but smiled at his not really being on his most centered frame of mind.  "This means the Server gets a coffee break?" Phelps asked before he really thought of a better way to phrase it.

Glancing around again, Ynara shrugged.  "As long as everyone stays happy for a few minutes...  I guess it does.  Though a nice jumja tea when I can get it instead of coffee for me.  I never have learned to like coffee, no matter how popular it is with most of the Federation."

"Never been one for Coffee myself." He rose and offered the seat across from him. "why not take a seat for a moment and I can regale you with witty conversation, perhaps?"

Ynara looked around again before her eyes flicked to Samuel's face for just a moment, taking a half second to consider the offer.  Everyone in her section did seem set for a few minutes, and it wasn't like she hadn't killed time chatting on duty before, though she didn't normally sit with a customer while she was on the clock.  If things were busy she would never have even let the thought cross her mind, but...  Well, nothing was happening...

She slid into the chair, but didn't get too comfortable- she needed to be able to jump up if anyone wanted her.  "That's quite a promise; I hope you are still up for it after your 'long night,'" she invited him to start talking.

"Just a matter of checking schematics and a few wires to be changed here and there." Phelps said with a chuckle. "Getting some paperwork in to the proper mail slots on Gamma Shift." He went to take a drink of his tea. "Nothing an over worked librarian would do on a shift." He glanced back into her eyes. "And I always make time for conversation, that chance to get to know someone in a place where the majority are quite ... absorbed in their own lives. Something such as a ice breaker ' have you ever had Italian Food, Ynara?"

"I think so...  Italian is from Earth, right?  You can't sling food in the Federation for long without eating all sorts of things; I sometimes forget all the things I've tried.  Remind me what Italian Foods are like?" she asked.

"I am not really doing it justice but consider it an noodle base with a tomato style marinara sauce usually with a meat style sphere  of ground beef or sausage." He started. "The most common style; there is the clam style noodle with cheese and stuffed meats in different sauces and of course Lazanga the height of Italia cooking if done from scratch as most replicators do not do it justice." He said. "While not Italian by Birth I had a friend like an Uncle that exposed me to the style of cooking and the variations of it as both good food and the atmosphere of it that has to be experienced to fully understand."

"That doesn't sound familiar- I know I've had noodle dishes from Earth, but they were... Chinese, I think they were called...."  She raised an eyebrow at Samuel and gave him a curious look.  "Why do you ask?" she said, as she started to get an inkling, maybe, of where he was headed with this conversation.  He'd been coming in pretty regularly on her shifts lately and she had noticed that he almost always ended up in her section.  And he always seemed to time for a bit of a chat... with her anyway though he never seemed to chit-chat with the other waitstaff.

"I-I kind of thought I would like to introduce you to the Italian type of dining experience?" HE said somewhat calmly. "Have a chance to talk and get to know you better than a couple of minutes here and there. I find yo quite stimulating, you just seem like someone I would like to get to know better so I thought I would ask you to dinner?"

Ynara had been flirted with by customers before.  She'd worked in many different food services, bars, restaurants, and lounges, and it was something that happened to servers in these places.  She usually laughed it off, occasionally reciprocated if the customer felt 'harmless', and once or twice had called in security when they hadn't.  Rarely did the flirting escalate to an actual invitation.  And even more rarely did she actually accept it.

This time though, she felt her smile widen just a fraction of a inch and was a little surprised to find that she liked hearing him ask her to dinner.

"You 'thought' you would ask me to dinner?  Or you *are* asking me to dinner?" she half- teased.

"The one that get a 'yes' would be preferred." Phelps replied. "I am asking you out to dinner if you would accept?" He said almost sheepishly. "I am asking if you would go to dinner with me at your convenience?" He added. "I am quite sure on that account that I wish you to say yes."

"In that case...  yes," she said, smiling still.  "You sure did pick the right place to end your night then.  Good food, a smile, and a yes. Is there anything else you were looking for in the lounge this morning; we seem to be on a roll, and I'd hate to leave you hanging if you've got another objective in mind?"

"When are you available for me to take you out is the last objective I think I could ask for?" He smiled. "It helps me plan things you know?"

She thought about her schedule for the next couple days as she stood up, noticing one her tables start to look around as if they needed something.  "I'm covering a long shift tonight for someone, but...  I'm off at 1900 tomorrow night.  Or same time the night after that."

"1900 on the Morrow would be good, I am between shifts so better if we do it then." He and gave her a kind smile . "Looking forward to it."

"Alright then."  Ynara smiled again just before she turned away, then shot back over her shoulder.  "It's a date."


Lt. JG Samuel Phelps
Chief Intel Officer

Lounge Server/ Pretty Girl


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By Lieutenant JG Nuxac on Mon Nov 28th, 2016 @ 3:59am

'The one that gets a 'yes' would be preferred', HILARIOUS!