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Breaching the doors Part 3

Posted on Thu Dec 1st, 2016 @ 10:00am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Lieutenant Mellicent Borden & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps & Lieutenant JG Wakeham Paul Alasia PhD & 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price & Ensign Amelia McMillan & Lieutenant JG Nuxac & Petty Officer 2nd Class Shiloh Hacksen
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Mission: Anarchy in Alcatraz

Cont from part 2

"Copy that," Zera replied. Seeing a brief break in the weapons fire, he quickly rolled over to the next set of crates, muttering when the action stung. He grabbed the phaser rifle he had dropped and set it beside him as he reached for his phaser, which would be easier to use than the former.

The engineer moved into a position so she'd be better able to move when Price made his move and kept her phaser rifle ready. When he moved, all hell was going to break loose and they could both end up dead. It was part of what made this so exciting.

He took a few breaths steadying himself for the attempt on the stairwell then he looked at Zeti, made eye contact and stepped clear. His rifle was on his arm and he took a shot at anything that moved not in a Starfleet uniform. The wall was only a handful of meters away, but the stairwell was critical and the prisoners planned to defend the high ground. He saw the reddish orange glow of a blast out of his peripherals as he kept moving getting the base of the stairwell.

Zeti caught the glow out of the corner of her eye and pure instinct kicked in. She dropped down as the blast flew over her head, took aim with her phaser rifle and put three shots center mass on the prisoner who shot her. With a snarl, she got back on her feet and hustled after Price.

An inmate charge out behind from one of the shuttles just as she passed by and knocked the phaser rifle from her hand and took a big swing with a makeshift melee weapon that looked like a pipe that had been bent into a curve at the top, flattened out and sharpened. The end of it even had a grip on it to help when connecting with something or someone.

The Bajoran leaned back and the big swing missed her by only a few millimeters, but she was quick to capitalize on the big man's momentum, caught his wrist and rolled his arm towards her and pushing the weapon right up into the inmate's stomach causing him to drop down onto his knees. Without even giving it a second thought, she grabbed his head and twisted, snapping his neck with a sickening and yet satisfying crunch.

With the dead inmate at her feet, she got an almost pleasurable look on her face before she quickly retired her phaser rifle and joined Price on the stairs.

"Let's do this," The Bajoran's voice was almost primal and there was an intensity to her stance that had her poised for a fight.

He nodded his head as they started up the staircase. The first inmate that dared to go head to head with them Price took head on. He used the butt of his rifle, first into the man's stomach knocking the wind from him then upward into his chin shattering his jaw. Before sending the man off the staircase.

Zeti didn't watch the man fall, instead, she stayed focused on what was ahead and around her. Just as Price sent an inmate over the stairwell, another popped out and aimed right at him but Zeti was ready and fired several phaser bursts before the man could get a shot off. "Three more."

Price caught the rifle fire out of the corner of his eye as he saw the man that had been in front of him go down. He was thankful Zeti was on his side. Price brought his rifle back up into his shoulder for support and moved up another few stairs before another knife wielding prisoner came down blocking the staircase. he started to taught price but the marine tiring of the battle just shot him in the chest. He stepped over the body and moved onward. "Watch you footing." He called backed.

"Thanks Price," Zeti answered, she stayed a few steps behind him as they started to move on the control tower for the hanger. There were several guns being fired off down at their fellow officers. "Grenade?" she mouthed when he glanced her direction, figuring a stun grenade would be the easiest solution.
Zera repositioned himself so he could stand, ignoring the pain in his shoulder as he held the phaser in his left hand, which felt awkward. As he rose up to fire at a couple inmates he mentally cursed himself out for not practicing shooting with his non-dominant hand, as he noted that some of his shots were close but clearly missed his targets. He ducked down when shots came firing back, keeping his right arm tight against his chest as he listened to the fight around him. When he rose up again, he aimed up at the catwalk, hitting one inmate in the knee and making two others duck for cover.

Julian was just starting to sit up when he heard a noise just off to his right. He glanced something in his peripheral vision and only his superior reflexes allowed to dodge out of the way of a makeshift ax. And even then, it wasn't a complete miss, the ax sliced into his thigh, just missing his femoral artery. He pulled his tactical knife from its arm sheath and threw it up at his assailant His aim was true and it pierced the Romulan's throat.

Keval, his collarbone broken tried crawling back to his weapon, just to come face to face with a Starfleet Officer.
Lixor picked himself up wiping a trail of blood from his forehead. The stack of crates had fallen over displaying their contents to view. At first glance they seemed harmless, just bottles of some sort, perhaps cleaning fluid but the blue man's dark eyes had a glint. He could smell the aroma of a pungent gas that was already forming.

"Get your masks back on," Lixor said loudly, "we can gas them out." He pointed to the pile of crates, "there's enough chemicals here to create enough laughing gas to fill this entire room."

He looked over at Zera, "If we aim our phasors at the pile we can mix the chemicals quickly and give these guys something to laugh about."

The Bajoran looked at the chemicals he was referring to and gave him a questioning look. "You're wanting me to shoot phased energy at pressurized gas with my nondominant hand," he asked incredulously. "I can think of crazier ideas. You know that those containers can violently rupture, right??"

Julian made his way over to where Zera and Lixor were standing, "I'm all for breaking this fight up now before anyone else gets hurt, but Zera is right, it's not a good idea. You need to find a different way to release the gas. That's an order."

Lixor nodded and glanced between the two officers, "Understood."

In the meantime, Lydia made her way over to Lixor quickly to bring him to relative safety and to tend to his head wound. She knew as a doctor head wounds naturally tended to bleed more and didn't necessarily indicate serious damage, but in the melee, it was what she could do to offer help. Focusing on the medical needs of others helped her distract herself from the sights and sounds she'd witnessed so far. They'd done what they needed to defend themselves, but still, the crunching and popping of bone, even from an enemy, was still a sickening and traumatic sound for a healer.

The blue man yielded to the physician's wishes though his eyes showed a bit of annoyance, "I need to get this finished," the scientist protested. He knew he needed attention but wasn't about to sit on the sidelines and do nothing. Lixor shook his head, "sorry I just hate being sidelined."
Neither of the chemicals, nitrous oxide or ammonium nitrate that were in the bottles were kept under pressure though the heat created by the phaser fire if exceeding 240 degrees Celsius could cause an explosion. He glanced around at the debris around him and found rushed over to a large rigid sheet that once made up the outer shell of a now severely damaged shuttle. Not far away were the two seats that had been hoisted out of place and now lay scattered but in usable shape, "I need some help then the chairs need to be stacked on each side of the bottles and I need to put this piece of the hull so it sits over them."

He knew there would be no need for a collection jar, he wanted it to go straight out so some of the equipment he would use in the lab wasn't going to be necessary. He had his heat source, the phasor, and if set on a low enough setting would provide.

"Now for a quick way to get those containers open," he muttered deep in thought."

Julian pulled out his tactical knife and handed it to the other man.

Lixor raised an eyebrow, "That'll work," he said taking the knife and smiling at the man, "Now to get busy." With a nod toward Julain, he headed towards the heap of bottles and began punching holes through the lids and lining up the bottles once they were opened.

"Good initiative, " Julian commented.

The scientist worked quickly emptying two bottles in each hand onto the raised platform until the liquid covered the bowed surface. He set is phasor for its lowest setting and used his tricorder to ensure the temperature stayed in range.

"It's working," Lixor stated as he observed the first plume of gas begin to rise above the surface. He heard something clang behind him and turned to in time to see the shiv spin to a stop. He froze for a moment remembering his days in the gang, "alright if this is going to work, better cover me."

Julian pulled his phaser rifle up to his shoulder ready to shoot at any of the prisoners who tried to attack the scientist again.

Again the scientist worked on his big idea and continued to fill the makeshift laboratory with the gas he hoped would get to those that controlled the large area. He glanced up towards the railing that rimmed the room then back again checking the temperature and adding more chemicals to the mix.

Finally, all the containers had been emptied and a massive plume of the gaseous creation wafted well above the blue man's head and towards the adversaries. Lixor looked at the shiv that still laid on the hard floor and then back in the direction he had seen a group of the escapees scurrying to cause further mayhem. "Well, there is plenty of the gas in here now they should start dropping shortly."


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