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Mike's Bar and Grill Part 4

Posted on Thu Feb 2nd, 2017 @ 4:24pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Lieutenant Mellicent Borden & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant JG Nuxac & 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price & Ensign Amelia McMillan

Mission: R&R Coming Home
Location: Memphis Island
Timeline: After Current Mission R&R

Emmah standing quietly behind Hawkins, dressed in a sparkling short dress covered in blue sequines that matched her eyes. She had on high heels, and had a braid running along the shaved portion of her blond hair, showing off the vine tattoo that started on the sife of her head, tonight, she'd shaded it to match her dress. "I thought that the food and drinks was included in the party as it was." she questioned softly gaining the attention of those around her, who didn't even notice she was there to begin with.

The blue man downed what was left of his drink and sat the glass back on the counter. Lixor nodded to the Bajoran for a refill of the mind numbing liquid.

Walking up to the bar, Hawkins waved Emmah along and looked around at the party where he saw all his crew enjoying themselves. He nodded for the bar tender to refill his drink. As he waited, he turned and looked at Emmah. He smirked as he looked at his assistant. "You feeling comfortable yet or are you just playing the part?"

She tipped her head, "That is a difficult question. I believe my reactions are reality, however they are the result of programing, so I really can not provide an honest answer, because to admit the reality of it, would question my true existence." Emmah frowned a moment then looked at him in the eyes. "I am comfortable." she said firmly.

He smirked as he nodded understanding her thought process but he knew she would be able to handle the situations before her. He had watched her grow over the years and he was proud of her. He had taken her under his wing and was sure that she had enjoyed the chance to grow as well. Just like the Voyager's holographic doctor had done in his time, she would have to move forward to do something with her future. One day, he would see her go on her own and live her life as she felt. But only time would tell.

"Alrighty," David called out as he grabbed a mic that was sitting on the bar for him to use to get everyone's attention. "Settle down for a moment." He paused as the crowd slowly calmed down enough for him to get their attention. He sat on the bar, and looked over the people. "Where is Lieutenant Phelps and Ensign Nuxac. Get up here real quick please."

Nuxac stepped up,curious as to why he and his superior were being singled out.

Phelps stepped up from the crowd and with a slight adjustment to his glasses he walk up to the COmmanding Officer and stood at a casual attention.

"I prefer the background but when in Rome with the Gladiator one must do as instructed." He said in what could be a joke.

"Yes you will be with us," David smirked as he leaned over the bar and grabbed two small boxes. He looked at the group with a smirk before looking at the two officers. "You two haven't been with us long but the time that you have, you have already made a difference. Thank you to your hard work and dedication to this team and for that... as your commanding officer, with the unanimous agreement from our command staff, I here by promote our leading Intelligence officers. May I now pronounce for the first time, Full Lieutenant Samuel Phelps and Lieutenant Junior Grade Nuxac... with all the rights and privileges that come with these ranks. Keep up your hard work and abilities."

Nuxac stared in surprise at the captain. He had just arrived on the ship, so he expected a certain amount of "breaking in" time before he would even be considered for a promotion.

"Was probably in the works already," he muttered to himself as he smiled at the captain.

"Thank you for the vote of confidence sir," he said aloud. "I'll continue to serve you and the ship to the best of my ability."

"Thank you sir." Phelps adjusted his glasses. "I will not let you down. He said quite simply and offered a handshake.

Hawkins turned to his crew and stepped aside as he started the clapping and cheering. All around, the group clapped and cheered along as the two intel officers stood in surprise.

Over to the side, Lizzy had raced to the bar and got a bottle of champagne. While she walked back, she held her hand over the cork and was vigorously shaking as hard & fast as she could. When she was close, Lizzy smiled and popped the cork, letting a champagne fountain spray out.

Nuxac spotted her coming and as much as he wanted to get out of the way, he understood it to be a human form of celebration and so he calmly stood in the line of fire.

"Traditions must be followed..." he said under his breath as he did not shy away from the spray.

Mercia turned away from the spray, shielding Molli. Who wanted a 10 month old smelling like booze? She laughed though, enjoying the celebration. It was sorely needed.

In an attempt to be cool Phelps waited for the spray to be done before he took his glasses off and slipped both the glasses and the pips into the front pocket of his shirt before starting in a direction.

"I think I need a drink." He said a little more red in the cheeks.

Mercia laughed, "As do we all." She glanced at the doorway and spotted Lyla approaching to pick up the baby for the night. After a quick exchange and a good night kiss to Molli Mercia ran back over and jumped on Khelevs back, "Now we can get drunk and dance dirty all night long. Who' joining us?"


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