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Backbriefing the Boss

Posted on Sat Jan 14th, 2017 @ 8:07am by Lieutenant JG Nuxac & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps

Mission: R&R Coming Home
Location: USS Gladiator - Security Office
Timeline: Current

Nuxac frowned as he made his way back to the Intelligence Office. His talk with Lieutenant Nabohn had given him some information, but it had also raised more questions. He hoped talking them over with his supervisor might help.

Upon reaching the office, he went to his workstation and looked up the individual the science officer had given him, and everything he stated checked out

He nodded at several other members of the intelligence staff as he then made his way to the chief's office and pressed the door chime.

"Open Door." Phelps was looking over three padds it seemed at the same time as he looked up with his glasses; he smiled and stood from his chair. "Well Ensign, long time no see, something new for me I hope?" He looke dat the work on his dsk. "I could use something else to occupy me, have a seat."

"You'll caertainly have that, sir," Nuxac said as he ntered the office.

He placed a padd on his supervisor's desk.

"Notes from my interview with Lieutenant JG Nabohn," he said. "I wanted to go over with them you."

"Do you have an over view you want to give me the highlights?" Phelps was looking over the data on the PADD, going over it with the speed with which he had aquired over time.

"We can start with an overview," Nuxac said. "The sender is a member of a gang that used to be an enemy of the one the lieutenant used to belong to. The lieutenant believes the threat to be credible, seeing as how he was responsible for Adcock's imprisonment. His preferred method is to use others to wear down his target and then he will come in to deliver the killing blow himself, but he rarely would send a warning ahead of time.

"And that's what bothers me, sir," Nuxac continued. "I checked the records, and officially Adcock is dead. So why would he then warn his target? It's not as if the lieutenant was looking for him, so why lose the advantage of being, for all intents and purposes, invisible?"

Looking up Phelps seemed to ponder the facts for a second or two. "Revenge for incarceration is one thing while in the jail but if off the grid it is unlikely someone, no matter the grudge, would come back on radar to just get even. Is there another Lieutenant in the gang with a problem that might be copy catting the method?"

"I asked Lieutenant Nabohn that, and he said it was possible,"Nuxac said. "He even speculated the possibility that it was a warning sent from someone about the imminent threat.

"I think we should treat this as a viable threat until it's proven to be false," he continued. "I think as long as he's on board, he relatively safe. When he's off the ship he's a little more exposed, so I think we should coordinate with Security to assign someone to look out for him."

"WE could issue him one of the subdermal transporter enhancers, it is a one time use to set coordinates on the ship. It might not be much but it is the little things like dominoes that add to the bigger picture." Phelps suggested. "If you think it would help I am on good terms with the Chief and deputy chief of Security." Phelps glanced up from the data. "I have had situations with both that went out of the normal parameters so they are trusted and Winterstorm has interacted with Intel enough to know our standard methods. He will assign someone reliable I can assure you when we ask for it."

"Glad to hear it, sir," Nuxac said. "Should we let Lieutenant Nabohn know?"

"Might be best if he knows only what you tell him, if he is aware of the added security he might telegraph it to those that mean him harm?" Phelps pointed out. "Best if you tell him we have it covered and no specifics, the people opposing him will guess we can protect him more given reason, but no need to have the Lieutenant looking over both shoulders ; one for enemy and one for his salvation, so the less he is aware the better. Just make it known we have his back."

"Okay, sir," Nuxac said. "Will you talk to Security or would you rather let me handle it?"

"You have the most facts at the moment; Winterstorm the Chief will listen." Phelps said. "Just make sure I am in the same information loop as Julian and I have a good rapport going and I do not want to risk it."

"Consider it done, sir," Nuxac said. "Is there anything else?"

"Remember the one danger in the protection end of this business; a fallacy that has cost people their lives," HE made eye contact with his fellow Intel man. "When protecting someone else you become a target yourself no matter how careful you are. Be sure to look out for your own safety or all your efforts to protect another will be in vain."

"I'll keep that mind, sir," Nuxac said.


Lt.JG Samuel Phelps
Chief Intel Officer


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