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Securing the rules.

Posted on Mon Dec 26th, 2016 @ 4:34pm by Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps

Mission: Anarchy in Alcatraz
Location: Security Section
Timeline: Current


Phelps had to make a stop, it was something that had been building up over time so needed to just have the thing laid to rest. Winterstorm was the newly assigned Chief of Security, a man with a said Intel Background, and now in charge of Security. A good man if you needed things done, he was a man of action from what Phelps had noticed, he had a good staff as Phelps trusted the Deputy Chief Paula Winchester.

Still; the man Winterstorm had such potential for things and the mission they had shared securing the Gladiator had been a little more than just a mission, there was some fun to it. Phelps wanted to see if they could continue the relationship now that Winterstorm was in charge of securing the ship.

Walking through the section Phelps had stopped outside and with a glance to make sure he was alone he effected a 'Picard maneuver' to check hs jacket and then adjust his glasses before entering the Section. He came to rap upon the Security Chief's door.

"Chief Winterstorm; Phelps here, you got a minute?" He asked.

Julian, who had been examining security reports on a PAdD looked up from his work. Sliding the PAaD to one side, he smiled over at the other officer. "Of course, I needed the break. Have a seat. Could I get you something from the replicator?"

"Hot tea; sweet, if you do not mind?" Phelps said while he took the offered seat. "It has been a while has it not Mr. Winterstorm?"

"It has indeed, "the Security Chief, agreed, as he got the tea from the replicator. "Too long, but please, call me Julian." He handed Phelps the tea. "How have you been?"

"Samuel please," Phelps said calmly. "I learned that cute can be quite hazardous to my health. Aside from that, I have been quite okay. I am glad they assigned you as chief; I know how level a head you have in adverse conditions."

"Well, we Akadians tend to have ice water in our veins, but I have to admit. I find it hard not to react the wrong way when someone threatens my friends or family."

"You did not hesitate; on Earth, the studied General Sun Tzu believes that hesitation is what loses many battles," Phelps noted. "You and I worked well then when we were few against many; I do not see why that will change with our departments." He slid a PADD over to Winterstorm. "I have a request to route a secure line of communications for the Intel department that would be scrambled to anyone..." Phelps seemed to emphasize his words. "I do mean anyone outside Intel. Like Security, we need a line of communication that is safe and before I do any adapting I need you to buy into it?" Phelps was honest. "You know how we 'Spooks' like our secrets and I am an Analyst; I get more than most as that is my specialty, not the field work itself."

"I like the idea," Julian said, "we'll have to run this by the Captain of course, but it has my approval."

"I am not sure how the Captain will take being directly cut out of information; she does not strike me the type to accept secrets being kept from her?" Phelps noted. "Even if marked CIO Eyes Only." He commented. "You know there are more things in Intel Hell than the Common Command Officer will know or needs to know. That is why it is called analysis; we have to make sense of Intel Jargon and jumbled clues. If the Captain and Commodore were to try and work it out..." He shrugged. "There are terms and other clues people like you and I understand that they do not and I do not want them resenting me for not telling them what would be more of a burden to them than an aid?"

Julian thought for a long moment. Okay, as long as we agree we take anything that would be considered material to them. Oh, and I am going to share everything with Taylor."

"You know from our past that all I do is for the safety of the ship. I have no other purpose for being." Phelps smiled. "What good is an Analyst If I cannot relay useful information?" He said honestly. "I just do not want to overburden them. We tell what best served the crew and keep them the best chance of safety." It seemed simple to Phelps. "Both our departments are here to protect."

"Exactly, I couldn't agree more." the Security Chief replied.

"Great minds think alike," Phelps added. "Then if the OPS chief asks if I can make my modifications you are good with it?" Phelps asked. "It has everything to do with a new chief and her wanting to make a good impression and all." He chuckled. "Cannot blame her for that you know?"

"No, you can't," Julian said, "so tell me what have you been doing since we last met?"

"I was assigned to Intel HQ, going into the Archive of course, and had to run down some conflicting data. Saw my family a lot since I was on Earth and just kept a low profile as usual." He glanced to Winterstorm. "Did you have any exciting exploits during the time?"

"Taylor and I got married, well bonded, which is pretty much the same for my people, but nothing too exciting professionally. So, are you happy to be here on the new Gladiator?"

"Congratulations, may the happiness last many years." Phelps gave the man. "And I am finding it a relaxing pace compared to Fleet Intel, You know how I love reading so not being dragged about the Earth Archive was a bit of a let down as mine is much smaller of course but aside from that I find the ship and crew pretty much the way I remembered them." He smiled. "How are the Security teams shaping up; they are the line of defense after all, did you get the choice people you required?"

"Thanks for the well wishes, so far it has been all happiness. And yes, I did get my choice of people. I wanted my personnel to have a diverse background. I think they are a pretty well-rounded bunch. How is the Intel department?"

"Everything is getting placed, I even have a Ferengi as a Deputy Chief," Phelps replied. "I would say I have a diverse group." He chuckled. "So do not be surprised if he comes around wanting to negotiate for deals." He chuckled. "He is a good man and is trying to fit in well enough. I have no complaints. Though I am finding there is a more diverse range of ladies on the ship, might be time I see if I could maybe nab a nice lady to have on those cold controlled environmental nights?"

"There are some very attractive women on board. I mean, not that I noticed or anything.' Julian responded with a grin.

"Let us hope I do not come across as 'Spooky' and scare them away; that is more a risk than anything in my opinion. Once they know where I work most head for the hills. I should have become security that portrays a feeling of being protected, mine is one where they cannot really believe me even when I am honest." He chuckled. "Not the basis for long-term relationships." He shrugged. "But a lady is a sight to behold and admire, and worth protecting even if they might not trust me."

I have to agree with you about them being a sight to behold and admire. But, I wouldn't worry too much, I'm sure there is one out there for you somewhere, the right one that is."

"I will take your optimism for it." Phelps laughed. "I have a new respect for a Bajoran Beef Stew that is really good." Phelps offered. "Care for another go around and I bring the main dish this time?"

"Sure, that would be a great idea. I'd love to sample your cooking," Julian said,

"Day after tomorrow then?" Phelps asked with a grin that reached his eyes. "I look forward to your choice of wine for the occasion." Phelps complemented.

"I will bring something unique. I think you'll like it."

"I am glad to hear it."Phelps stood. "I have taken enough of your valuable time." He offered a handshake. "It is always good to get together and please pass my best regards along." He winked. "Be well."

"Same to you."


Lt. JG Samuel Phelps
Chief Intel Officer

Lt, JG Julian Winterstorm
Chief Security Officer


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