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Coffee "Date"

Posted on Tue Jan 10th, 2017 @ 10:50pm by Lieutenant Samuel Phelps

Mission: R&R Coming Home
Location: Holodeck 1


Phelps had the Glasses in place as usual; the Fedora on his head with a open front Hawaiian shirt over a black Tee and Gray slacks ending in black sandals as he entered the Holodeck.

"Holodeck Program Phelps 226." Phelps said as a command waiting for the gridwork to fade away.

The surroundings were a bright day with a steady light breeze that would keep things from getting too warm. The building on the back wall of the Holodeck was the store front of the Cafe' that would be the backdrop of this meeting. The four tables were under umbrellas over each table that contained only two chairs each.

The sightings around him was of the French city from the sixties; the romantic nature of the French Countryside. There was only a modest type of foot traffic with an occassional car or scooter going by ridden by couples.

Moving to the one that is furthest table he sat down and with a waving of his fingers like magic it was a 'signal' in his programs to have his Tea appear just the way he likes it.

Sidney wasn't sure what to expect when she stepped into the holodeck, and she blinked and looked around with awe at the scenery, recognizing the French architecture. It didn't take long to find the cafe Phelps had mentioned, and when she walked in she was redirected toward the back, where he was occupying a table that was isolated enough from the others so as not to raise attention to the topic at hand.

Giving a smile, Sidney gave a little wave before taking a seat. "I like this place. Have you been here before?"

"Quite a few times, it is a palce I come to relax and reflect." Phelps had started to rise when a lady approached but he was too much into his thoughts for a moment. "SOrry for my Rudeness; A gentleman always seats a lady; well he should at least." He joked. "I frequent the modern version but after looking into the history of the cafe' I created this rendition of it to help me relax. I am glad you like it."

"Well, I still know that you are a very fine gentleman nonetheless. If anyone asks about your gentleman record I will say that you seated me," she responded in the same joking manner. She leaned back a little and looked around, "the atmosphere is very calming. What era is this from?" Sidney was thankful that she had changed into something more casual, as Starfleet uniforms would look very out of place. She had on a simple green tank top with a light jacket, and jeans.

"Earth Cerca 1967." Phelps informed with a grin. "I like to think that it is what humans call 'A better time' in history." He put his hand up and wiggled his fingers to signal the waitress. "This is what I like to think it is relaxing." He sat back. "How are you doing, really?"

Sidney shrugged, fiddling with her ring before ordering a drink when the waitress arrived. "It's been alright, I guess," she said, allowing her voice to drop to its normal register once the waitress left. "Being a yeoman has definitely helped. It's hard though, seeing everyone but knowing I can't talk to them as anyone other than Sidney. How do you do it??" From what little experience with Intel she had, she knew they generally liked to get to the point, but Phelps seemed like a more laid back type of guy. At least, that's the impression she got.

"I have an active imagination." Phelps replied. "And I had two friends that were female and I had to pretend to be their dream boats growing up." He glanced into her eyes. "Now that was hard, undercover seemed easier in comparison.' He nod. "SO once you get past 'believing' in the role you are given one can be anyone when needed."

Sidney nodded in understanding, chuckling a little at the mention of being someone's dream boat. "I think it's probably easier for you because you actually have experience with this stuff." She paused and gave a small smile to the waitress when she brought her tea over. Blowing a cool stream of air over the top, she asked, "does Zera know? I mean, he did run into us in the shuttlebay..."

"I told him you came to do technical support and the fact you were a pretty woman was just an added benefiet." Phelps said calmly. "He is a bit of a normal human male and came to his own conclusions that I did not correct him about enough to change his mind. He thinks you are a future attempt at conquest." Phelps shrugged. "I hope you do not mind having that reputation with him?"

Sidney shook her head before taking a small sip of her tea. "I would rather he think that than know the truth." A moment of doubt crossed her features, and she stared at her cup. "Do you think this is a good idea, me doing this?" She wasn't fully clear on why she was doing it herself; she wanted to make sure that things worked out, but did she really have to do all of this sneaking around?

"Keep sight of the objective." Phelps added . "ANoter way to be able to do this is keep your mindset on the goal; the ultimate goa." He continued. "If you lose sight of your objective you begin to doubt..." He held up his index finger. "The number one reason most flub up in undercover is they lose sight of their mission and begin to question themselves and their cover cracks then breaks down." Phelps reminded her. "You came to me for help and I have done this; keeping in mind what you set as an objective and that is why I can interact with Sidney and keep her in my mind as a viable and real person." He look into her face and especially her eyes. "YOU are SIdney and we are trying to achieve something so you are real. Even a Betazoid probing would see me thinking of SIdney s you are now and accept that I believe in you" He he put a hand on hers for assurance. "WHen this is over you can count all the things that could have and have gone out of plan but until then ... Sidney, you keep doing what you are doing until it is done." He took his hand back as he finished.

She glanced at his hand on top of hers before giving a small nod. "Yeah... I am Sidney. I know what I am here to do." She knew that she couldn't rush her work, because if she tried to rush it she could blow her cover. It would work itself out in due time. Besides, if she wanted to keep it a secret from Mercia and David, she knew that she would have to be strong in her stance. It wasn't difficult to get the project assigned to herself, and as long as she kept to her goal then there shouldn't be a problem. "Did any of the inmates see anything during the attack, specifically any sort of anomaly? Lark, the escaped inmate, told me about black uniforms with a red insignia. That ring a bell to you?"

One of the Inmates; rather wounded, said something about Ninjas and was discounted but a couple of others hda mentioned black uniforms of guards they did not reconize and wondred if there was a connection to the problems and thos men? I was going to check records and collate information." He looked up to her. "Is there something I should be looking for?"

"Anything that might have a connection to m-M'Gann's report," she replied, taking another sip of her tea. "I was transferred here to look for any other anomalies that are similar to the one she went through. If there are any other occurrences I'm supposed to report it."

"You know who the personnel in the black with red?" Phelps stated. "It might help me to know more than you are telling me; who they are and why they are here if you can?" Affecting things here to draw the ship for what goal?"

Sidney nodded. "I do know who they are." She glanced around briefly before saying, "according to her report, they are members of the NFO. My guess is they followed M'Gann back to this universe, but I don't know their goals. I was sent to confirm their presence by identifying the anomaly that she used to get through, but if they're here..." She felt a knot form in her stomach; were they here to take her back? Or was something bigger at play?

"Who are the NFO?" Phelps asked. "I presume they are from the other side of the Looking Glass?"

Sidney nodded again once she caught on to the reference. "They were the ones who took over. If they successfully make it over, then it would spell out bad things for us."

"Then we find the flaw in the Looking Glass and strengthen it so no one can pass through." He seemed to make it sound simple. "Once we do that we have saved the universe... again." He chuckled. "Quietly if possible so no one knows what happened?"

"If some are already here, we will need a lot more than the two of us to push them back," Sidney explained, leaning in a little. She crossed one leg over her thigh, "it won't be as easy as keeping prisoners at bay, and with what they're doing it won't be easy to keep it under wraps."

"Identify the problem then the solution can be formed." Phelps reply. "Once we have enough to need help we can expand our circle, it will not be long as I am starting to note the tensions on the ship; subtle but noteworthy if you take the time to note them." He nod. "Now how do we identify the NFO persons; is there a way to scan the molecular harmonics?"

"So far I haven't been able to find any other anomalies," she replied, "because the dissipation rate is fast. If anything, we should look for... a slight phase variance?" Sidney frowned a little. "The ones who were at the prison, was anyone able to get a good scan of them?"

"There are some random scans that through the right filters of the damaged internals we have some Trace elements. One team of Science; a Department I am not in well with ... yet. But the computer records were easy enough to get the information from. We have a 70% scan of one of the 'phasing personas' from the Prison. I cannot identify who they are..." He slid a PADD of unusual sizing to Sidney. "Maybe you can shed some light upon it, but it is enough that I have the subroutine in the Security scans to alert us if a variance of the wavelength appears. I think Science should have the internals really keyed to this phasing being an alert." It was more of a statement than a request. "I will have to give the Commadore and the Captain a heads-up on the potential I think; they should be aware of the danger at this point."

"Better you tell them than me. They wouldn't believe me... for several reasons," Sidney nodded in agreement as she took the tablet and looked it over. "I'm not recognizing the person, but I'll check with the Assistant Science Chief and see what he thinks about adding the phasing to the standard sensor sweeps."

"The passive sensors might have gotten a sniff of things and it was masked or low enough in the background that it did not peak the range normally set. We both know that Phasing ; unless you are looking for it, can be seen as a hundred different things but if the sensors can be filtered to the wavelength range of a Phasing from that universe it would be noted no matter how small just overlooked by the computer because it did not trip any of the standard settings. The sensors will have it we just need to filter it out for something to go by." Use the partial I just gave you as a base and the sensor variation of a reasonable sort should highlight something at least?"

Sidney nodded, looking over the data on the padd again. "I'll try to get it a priority in Science. A partial reading is better than nothing."

"That would be a great help and if anyone starts sniffing around you let me know and we can make adjustments. " Phelps got up out of his seat. "You can enjoy the coffee here it was a great place on Earth and I cannot give you enough of a good rating. Besides you need to give me time to leave before leaving yourself. Five minutes or ten would be good; I booked two hours and there is time left if you want to seal it and be yourself for a bit. There is a code in that PADD that only you , the Commadore and the XO could open that door. Especially me since I created it but you can bet no one will be able to get in here without you knowing and have time to let Sidney go back to being the one who everyone sees." He gave a slightl wave as he was heading to the doors.

Sidney nodded, watching him go, before turning her gaze out a nearby window and taking a sip of her drink. He had a point, it was a great little place. Perhaps she'd visit it another time. She was in no rush to leave, however, because like Phelps said, the holodeck was reserved for two hours and there was time left.


Lt. JG Samuel Phelps
Chief Intel man of Mystery


Crewman Sidney O'Donnel
Science Yeoman


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