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Who's the One Behind the Mask

Posted on Wed Jan 11th, 2017 @ 9:47am by

Mission: R&R Coming Home
Location: USS Gladiator :: Quarters
Timeline: 13:06h


"Computer, seal the doors to this room, authorization Zera-phi-8-alpha." The hiss barely registered as Zera took a seat at his computer, taking off his uniform jacket and draping it over the couch on the way. When Nuxac took over Assistant Chief of Intel the Bajoran had all of his files transferred from the office to his quarters. As much as he disliked using a less secured computer, it was better than nothing. He knew a few tricks to privatize his computer, and he already had firewalls to make it harder for others to access his files. Memphis Island was looking for a ship-to-base Intelligence Liaison, which meant a desk for him and a more secure office.

But back to the matter at hand. He accessed Gladiator's computer and pulled up a file before leaning back in his chair and staring at it. Just who was this Sidney O'Donnel? He remembered seeing her at the party down on the beach. Something had made her leave, but what?

Looking more into her profile, his brow furrowed when he saw... nothing. There was nothing strange about this girl; she grew up on a lunar colony, went to the Academy, and this was her second posting. He noted the name of the previous commanding officer and made a mental note to send him a subspace message later. Her picture was consistent with the description in her bio...


In her picture from the Academy, he looked closely at the image before looking back and reading the bio. The image depicted her graduation from the Academy, with her in dress uniform and holding a plaque displaying her diploma in her left hand, her parents on either side. He reread the bio again before frowning. On his wristband, he opened a clean data file and typed in a note before flicking his wrist to minimize the holoscreen and looking back at the bio.

Deciding to try another tactic, he accessed the ship's internal sensors and reviewed the locations of Sidney's whereabouts. He raised an eyebrow when a list came up, and he began skimming through it. There were several instances of her going to the holodeck, which normally wouldn't have been suspicious if she weren't meeting with someone exactly two minutes after he had entered the holodeck. He would definitely talk to Phelps about that tomorrow. He opened a specific file, which he knew was verging into the list of things he is not supposed to do, and watched a scene on the holodeck that took place in a coffee shop. Returning to the sensor logs, he noticed that she had quite a few encounters with Samuel in specific. Tapping his wristband, he connected it to his computer and began syncing bits of information. The file the data was going into was set to disappear in two hours, so he had until then to consult Phelps about this.

After about twenty more minutes of research, Zera closed his computer, backing out of everything he had gotten into, before standing and grabbing his outer jacket. He put it on in one swift motion, sliding his arms into each hole before unlocking his quarters and leaving. As he strode down the hall to the turbolift he zipped up his uniform jacket with a quick motion of his hand. Hopefully he would get the answers he was looking for.



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