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First contact part 2

Posted on Mon Dec 12th, 2016 @ 12:28pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant JG Nuxac
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Mission: Anarchy in Alcatraz

Mercia paused a moment and held her hand up, "Full surrender, no negotiation." she growled back trying to see who it was that was calling to them. All she could see was a white flag behind the prisoners firing line. She aimed her Rifle just below the flag, waiting to see who was holding it.

“So much for that golden tongue of yours, Malak,” Hartman said, pressing his knife against Nuxac’s throat. “Any preference for what you’d like me to cut off first?”

The Ferengi looked the human in the eye.

“That’s just their opening offer, of course they’re going to come out strong,” he said. “Haven’t you ever haggled with someone before?”

“No, I just kill them and take what I want.”

“I’m going to talk to them now,” Nuxac said. “Make sure these guys don’t mess up the deal.”

“No way,” the bloodthirsty enforcer said. “When you screw this up, I’m going to kill that Starfleet bitch and then I’ll kill you.”

It took all of Nuxac’s willpower to not scream in frustration. The way out was in sight, and the idiot was unknowingly doing his best to ruin it.

“All right,” he said. “Just let me do the talking.”

He turned back towards the Starfleet personnel.


" Stand up, come beyond the barrier and stop fifteen steps from it, raise your hands. If I see a weapon of any kind I'll shoot you through the eye ball. Don't test me, I will not hesitate." Mercia growled with her most menacing voice. The truth was as many people as she murdered in her younger year she should be on the other side of this. Some powerful force out there set her on a new path, and no one but her knew exactly how many lives she'd taken that she should be paying for with prison time.

"Okay, you heard her," Nuxac said. "When you step out, move slow. Don't give them a reason to shoot us."

"OKAY, WE'RE COMING OUT NOW!" he called.

He stepped out slowly, his hands held as high as he could with his fingers spread and did exactly as the Starfleet officer had said.

"Okay, I'd say negotiations are off to a good start," he said, smiling widely. "So, let's discuss terms."

"I already told you the terms." Mercia said. She motioned to Cooper and Zul'arra to stay down as she stood up. It was a risk, but a calculated one. "Full surrender." she said. "Our forces will over take the prison very soon, so it would be in your best interest to cooperate and convince others to do the same." she said with her chin raised proudly.

"Let me confer with my associate for a moment," Nuxac said, still smiling.

As Hartman turned towards him, a surprised look on his face, Nuxac dropped down and swept his leg in arc, catching Hartman just below the knee and sending him to the ground. He then pounced on the psychopath, who fired his elbow backwards, catching the Ferengi in the ribs.

It hurt, but Nuxac pushed the pain down as he slipped his right arm around Hartman's neck and gripped his left arm as it pushed Hartman's head back and gripped his right shoulder. He pushed out with his chest while pulling back with his arms and in a matter of seconds the enforcer was knocked out.

A shot rang out and the ground two inches from Nuxac's head exploded. He grabbed the now unconscious psychopath and used him as a shield as the other inmates behind the barricade opened fire.

Mercia was confused for a few moments a she watched the little farengi change things up. She waited for a moment before she looked at Zul'arra and cooper. "Fire." she ordered. "avoid the asset. Get down you big eared bafoon!" she commanded as she opened fire on the inmates.

After knocking two of them down she decided to try again, "Surrender!" she yelled at them.

"No!" he hissed. "I'm Ensign Nuxac, Starfleet Intelligence. None of the inmates can know about this, they have to die!"

"Wait you are demanding us to murder them even if they lay down arms?" Ian spoke up as he looked at the Ferengi.

"They're not going to surrender," Nuxac said. "That guy with me, he had multiple life sentences, and he was one of the nicer ones here. Believe me, they got nothing to lose by fighting."

"Who cares, they don't seem to care," Zul'arra called out as she held her side.

Mercia hissed, and let out a swear. "You just had to blow your damn cover to force my hand?" she growled at the Ferengi. Of course she had no way to verify it. "That isn't how things work." she said seriously pissed off, and now she was debating shooting him as well.

"Get your ass over here, hide behind that half wall." she pointed and yelled at the man. "Zul'arra put your gun on him and if he moves towards us shoot him between the eyes."

She took another shot at the remaining prisoners, "You got two options, Surrender or die." she hissed, despite the fact she could just stun them, but she wanted to prove a point.

Nuxac rolled his eyes.

Something else caught his attention for a moment, then he looked back at the one who was apparently in charge.

“I have a suggestion," he said. "About ten meters behind us is an access point to a service tunnel that runs throughout the prison. Send a couple of your people through that, they can come up behind those prisoners and take them down."

Mercia glanced at the two people with her, Cooper and Zul'arra. She wasn't sure she trusted Cooper yet he was the only option other than herself. "Fine.... Cooper, give it a shot because this is not going to end pretty otherwise." she ordered.

Nuxac looked over the person keeping an eye on him.

"Your name is Zul'arra, right?" he said. "In case I don't make it, and you do, I need you to do me a favor. Contact Lt. Cmdr. Remington Davenport at Starfleet Intelligence and tell him I didn't make it."

He held up a data chip.

"Transmit what is on this," he continued. "I spent a year in this place getting the Intel he needed, and I'll be damned if it was in vain."

Zul’arra looked stumped at the alien before her. She had never seen this species before but to be honest, neither were the dozens of other species she had seen. This Federation of planets and multitude of species was similar to what her people had allied themselves but unlike them, this group seemed to work well and allow more freedom. It was slightly unsettling but comforting at the same time as well.

“I…” she paused as she refocused her thoughts as she held the hand phaser in her hand pointed at the Ferengi and eyed Mercia for a moment before taking the data chip. “… sure…” she finished as she pocketed it in her vest as she saved Lt. Commander Remington Davenport to her memories. The fact that she wasn’t Starfleet, hell not even part of the Federation, was unknown to the man but she kept her mouth shut as she nodded respecting the man’s wishes.

Across from them Cooper had wasted no time at all making his way around their threat and held a knife in one hand as he slowly hugged the wall. As he inched slowly up to the corner he heard whispering and complaining of at least three voices. One was deeper than the others, which sounded almost as a Klingon. The way they talked was typically in an aggressive manor and deep, even the females. This information gave him the best plan of attack, take out the Klingon first, than deal with the other two. If he didn’t…

With quick movement, he slipped around the corner and caught the Klingon in the side of the neck with the knife, causing the Klingon to swing back at him with a rifle in his hands. The slam caused Ian to lose his focus as the massive impact from the rifle and klingon’s arm caused him to lose some of his breath. He threw his arms around the rifle and took it out of the threat as he released grip holding onto his neck and fell to the ground. The two allies of the Klingon turned and quickly pointed their stolen weapons at him, but it was too late. He quickly fired his own stolen weapon taking down the two prisoners, as he got shot in the shoulder knocking him back and into the ground once again. In the distance, he heard the sound of a phaser going off and a yelp was heard in the distance.

Zul’arra covered her mouth as Mercia looked back at her as she continued holding the hand phaser at Nuxac. “I’m so sorry!” Zul’arra replied behind her hand as her eyes were wide open in shock. She was stunned and surprised at the weapons fire she had heard and pressed the weapon in her hand, firing the weapon at the Ferengi in arm grazing him. “I … didn’t…”

Nuxac winced and grasped at the wound, throwing out a few choice words in his native language.

"I make it a while year in this place without a scratch, and then this," he hissed through gritted teeth.

Mercia growled at Zul'arra. "Seriously?" she demanded. She looked up again and spotted Cooper standing over the bodies of the other prisoners. He was still as strong as the original. That boded well. "Alright, lets get moving back to the wardens office and control tower. We've got first aid there. Just try not to whine too much." she told the Farangi. "We'll check your story there." she told him.


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