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Code Phrase Phelps Zera engage

Posted on Wed Jan 11th, 2017 @ 9:36am by Lieutenant Samuel Phelps

Mission: R&R Coming Home
Location: USS Gladiator :: Intel Office
Timeline: Shortly after "Who's the One Behind the Mask"


With the data that he had gathered on the wristband, Zera tilted his head a little to either side to crack it before moving through the department to a specific office. He knew Phelps would likely be there, given that the department was going through updates. While he was in the department he might as well check up on his project. It wasn't technically his, but so far he had done the most work with it. Coming to a stop in front of Phelps' office door, he pressed the chime and waited.

"Open door." Phelps was making some adjustments to the harmonics of the newly installed 'routing' he had taken the time to implement, looking up he gave a polite smile. What can I do for you Mr. Leyar?" Phelps asked calmly.

Forgoing the use of his given name for now, the Bajoran man merely stood and crossed his arms, waiting for the door to shut behind him before continuing. "Who is she?" he asked, cutting to the point. He knew the room was secured enough to not bother with extra security measures, but even if it weren't it would only be a simple request to change that.

"An Intel Asset." PHelps looked calmly at the man. "I am presuming that you are referring to Sydney?" He asked. "Just who she seems to be actually."

Pheps thought it was the truth; if 'Sydney' was not acting somewhat like herself then Zera would not have caught on to the train of thought that sparked his curiosity.

"Just who she seems to be, huh?" His eyes narrowed ever so slightly as he watched Phelps. It would be hard for Zera to weasel the truth out of the other man, but if he played his cards right he may just get what he needed. He pulled up the picture he was looking at earlier on his wristband, appearing as a small holographic image. "Care to notice what's wrong with this picture?" It depicted Sidney at her graduation from the Academy, standing between a man and a woman only identified as her parents, with her diploma in her left hand.

"The steriotypical graduation portrait with no flair for dramatics?" Phelps lean forward. "CUt to the chase; convince me of who you have come to believe her to be? If not the Sydney in the Fleet records and background checks to have her on board then who do you think she is? I have told you she is whom she seems."

"I don't know who she really is. I have my theories, but what I do know is that she is not who she claims to be," Zera countered. "And I do know that you're involved somehow." Turning his attention back to the picture. "Why would a right-handed individual hold something in their left hand? At first I thought it was coincidence, but I've seen several instances when Sidney has done things with her left hand, which is a rare occurrence if one is not ambidextrous.

"Next is the shuttlebay. Why would you use a science yeoman to look at something that ops is more suited to handle? I haven't left out the possibility of you using her for personal reasons, but that story just doesn't quite add up. One of my guesses is M'Gann," he continued, flicking his wrist to turn off the holoimage before returning his hands to their crossed position over his chest, "namely because of her movements at the party on the beach. After Sidney left, rather quickly I may add, it didn’t take long for M'Gann to find who she was looking for in the crowd. If anything, she already knew where they were, perhaps from a previous search?

"Finally, Sidney seems to have met with you several times, each time arriving exactly 40 seconds after you. Normally I wouldn't care, but after seeing her previous movements it makes me wonder if I should access the security feeds from internal sensors. Her movements on the ship during the last mission have also given me reason to think that she is up to something. One instance in particular was a visit to the brig when we still had the prisoner on board." With that he finished and waited for Phelps to respond.

"I did tell you she was an Asset to the department so my meeting with her is a routine thing." Phelps said calmly. "Now why would you be spying upon me and my movements; I like to think we have trust here yet you are going out of your way to break that trust. I could have the information I want on you; if I took a urge to do so, and have the ship watch you but I have not. Do you think I would knowing allow someone of danger on this ship?" Phelps managed to keep his temper to a cool tone. "I told you in the shuttle bay I needed a science girl to calibrate sensory devices as they are the ones that use it the most and I believe I mentioned her being pretty was a side benefiet." Phelps pointed out. "You were the one who thought there might be more and I did not confirm or deny it. SO that one is your own imagination." Phelps kept a detached stare. "Now if you have suspicions then why did you not bring them up until teh breaking point of a sacred trust. You can trust that she is not a danger as I would not allow anything as suspect as you believe on this ship because that is how WE work around here or you can keep up a witch hunt among our crew?" He gave a long stare. "Why are you so paranoid about Sidney is more of a question and more importantly is why you do not trust those you work with , namely me?" Phelps shook his head. "I trust my people until I have reason not to, you are pushing for me not to be able to give you my full trust and that is a problem I can assure you. Sidney is not the danger you think but obviously my word means nothing." He sigh. "You could have asked nicely and had assurances but this is not the way I like my department to run, you should have come sooner and I would have told you."

"And people say that I jump to conclusions. I was giving you the opportunity to tell it yourself, but I could just as easily have forgone this meeting to go find her and ask her myself," the Bajoran grumbled. Zera's fingers drummed lightly on his arm. "I never said I was spying on you, I'm spying on whoever you brought on board. You just happen to be in the mix. At least teach your little spy to cover her tracks better." He paused, watching the man carefully, before adding, "if it eases your mind about the matter, I didn't look into your conversations with her. I only saw that you and her happened to have met up a lot. Whether that's exchanging of information or you tugging at heart strings, I don't know." He knew he wasn't going to win this one, and out of all of his options backing down was likely the best choice. No way in hell he was apologizing, however; Why did he have to apologize for his suspicions?

Although he knew it would be a hell of a feat for Phelps to find anything, it did put a knot in Zera's stomach when he mentioned that he could find information on him. He went great lengths to make sure that certain facts about himself would never see the light of day. The past was buried for a reason. The only physical sign of his inner emotions was a slight tightening of his jaw.

*There it is.* Phelps thought to himself; his studying of people for hours in the lounge and everywhere had given him an edge, it was deduction from observations.

"Who is she?" Phelps repeat the words. "ANd it was someone I brought on board?" Phelps let the words hang in the air. "And took note that we met; and I quote, 'a lot' sound as casual as you want me to beieve?" Phelps said as he sat back. "I told you she was an asset; did not say she was a SPy girl, just a tool that can be used for Intel. Mosat assets are NOT spies as you refer to them but just common people who have useful information." HE look Zera in the eyes ; locked gaze actually. "I told you that from the start and because she has been very good in her task I gather information from her." He nod. "Do you want to be in on a meeting; would that make you feel more at ease?"He shrugged but never broke eye contact. "You and I need to learn a thing or two; I like your skill base and that you are through with your job. No body does quite the way you do and I will make use of that and if you have any suspicions I would apprechate hearing them before you feel the need to storm into my office demanding answers. Common sense actually; playing on the same team is earned respect and I am trying to project that. But do not think for one moment I cannot follow through with what I say; I have manned the Main Intel Archive; had access to interesting data as I am very good with filing and protecting information. Field work may not be my best suit but information puzzles are my life." HE said almost coldly. "Now she is a safe asset, she is not a threat but more of a source for information no one else can procure, I keep it light and like any good source the fewer that know the less tainted. You were on a list to be brought in at the right time... should I reassess my conclusions?"

Zera let the question hang in the air for some time, watching Phelps as he carefully formed his answer in his mind. The question he had posed was tricky to answer, with most responses emitting a sense of arrogance or being outright stubborn. There was no easy way to back out of the corner he was in. Phelps had checkmate on this one, and he knew it. "That's at your discretion," he finally replied, taking the option to back down. "It is your department, going above you on a matter such as this doesn't make much sense unless I sensed that something was wrong and/or I had the evidence to prove it. Since I have neither, I suppose I will just have to trust your judgement." He was well aware of how assets were used; he had plenty of them himself. He also came to know Phelps as a man who didn't do something without giving it thought, and this was something he had clearly put a great deal of time and thought into. "Just answer me this: could she pose a threat to the ship and her crew?" His actions were primarily based around that question, but no matter the response his position would be the same. He couldn't help but think back to when Hawkins had offered him the position on the ship, when he reminded the Bajoran to start trusting his superiors.

"There may be a threat to the crew and she is among the few that can help isolate it." Phelps said carefully. "IN her travels she has witnessed the threat and so not to cause wide spread ramifications she is helping identify 'IF' there is a threat. It is a quiet investigation and were your skill setneeded you would be the first one that I would go to. In that you do come across a little head strong and too forward for the type ofd sensitive nature of 'This' investigation I have kept it quiet. If you would give me an ounce of trust I can say with all honestly she is a friend and a good asset in this case. Once the threat is verified you will be my most trusted man to help with it. "Phelps said with an expression as close to 'urgent' as he could muster. "You can go and ask her if you wish; I would not advise it as right now she is just a crew who happens to be talking with me; two of the Intel 'befriend her' and there might be others that notice. I am doing this to keep pressure and unwanted questions from Her." He removed his glasses. "If she were a threat I would have killed her myself, I am not above it; I just do not practice it... much." Phelps eyes were uncharacteristically cold. "I have to ask you to trust me; but I will confer with her and see if she is comfortable with you in our circle and get back to you. as a show of 'Good Faith' beginnings between us?" His clod gaze waited.

"Blind trust isn't something I readily give," Zera pointed out, his words a little slower than usual as he picked out the right thing to say, "but the more you tell me, the more I am understanding that you have that head of yours on the right way." It made him frown a little when Phelps didn't fully answer the question, but given the situation he probably wouldn't have anyways. It was subtle, but the evasion wasn't unnoticed. Zera matched the other man's cold gaze with an unreadable stare of his own. "Your answer honestly wouldn't have changed anything. I will protect this ship if I have to, and if your 'asset' is on our side when that happens, so be it. If she isn't, I will do what is necessary, simple as that." He paused for a moment before adding grudgingly, "fine, I won't make contact with the asset. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt."

"Thank you." Phelps said readily. "By the way what kind of pull do you have with Science Department?" Phelps asked. "I found some anomalies in the scans from the Prison." He handed a padd to Zera. "Some kind of phasing anomaly and without more defined evidence I cannot go to the Captain ; more over the Commodore, with my suspicions. The evidence points to the Looking Glass; the Mirror universe type phasing wavelength; it was first really detected over a decade ago regarding incidents with Deep Space Nine, since then some limited incidents but until it is conclusive that I am right I really do not want to start a witch hunt where there might not be one." He looked at Zera. "I do not like to jump to conclusions but if you could follow up on it with science or any other contacts to confirm my suspicions it would help prepare the ship for any encounters. I want this kept quiet so not to panic the Command until it is confirmed, you know how serious cross universe encounters throw up red flags so we confirm then act okay?"

Zera raised an eyebrow as he listened to what the other man was telling him before taking the padd, his eyes lingering on Phelps for a long moment before drawing them down to what was given to him. "I have a basic level of trust established with Lt. Nabohn, the Acting Chief. I can speak to him. Anything else?"

"Can you get me a log of the interior sensors filtered for any low lying radiation signitures that are not in sync with those of teh ship; the passive sensors might have noted that and any irregular power spikes during the time since we left station would help with suspicions. The Science people are the best with tweaking sensors and it would save us a lot of chasing our tails if you could?"

The Bajoran nodded, adding that to his schedule after talking to Lixor, "it will be on your desk in the morning."


Lt. JG Zera Leyar
Intel Officer

Lt. JG Samuel Phelps
Intel Chief, Man of Mystery


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