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Missing Cargo Part 1

Posted on Fri Jan 27th, 2017 @ 10:44am by Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm

Mission: R&R Coming Home
Location: Security Office

After Nuaxc had left them; Paula looked back at Julian and said," Julian, I may need your help on a project given to me by Phelps?" she looked back at the Security Chief, She continued," It is about Missing Prototype weapons from Starfleet Security Transports," as she looked back at the Senior officer.

Julian, who had started to pick up his PADD with the daily Sit Reps, paused and put it back on the table. "Tell me more," he said.

Paula turned the screen with the cargo data on that Phelps had given her; that she had just finished downloading, She stated," From what Phelps informed me," she continued looking at Julian "is that Prototype weapons and stuff have been stolen from these transports."

Julian quickly read the PAdD and said, "We've got to put a stop to this."

"These have just left R&D and the containers were only touched that consisted of the items," Paula commented, she finished, "it seems the routes were known to the thieves and also what containers to go for," as she leaned back in her chair once more.

"That makes it either an inside job, or they somehow hacked into the system. I'm not much of a techie, let's put someone who is on the potential hack, and you and I can concentrate on interviewing everyone that would have legitimate access to the information."

"That would be a great Idea," replied Paula, looking back at Julian," who did you have in mind?" asking the question with a raised eyebrow; as Paula knew of someone who would be able to do it, then she had an Idea.

"What about Iggy?" she said coming to keep her gaze upon Julian, as she knew Iggy owed her a few favours and calling one in might help her with more grace with the Commodore.

"Yeah, it would make sense to pull her into this, why don't you make the call."

"Lieutenant Winchester, to Iggy, please come to the Security Office," replied Paula as she touched the comm button that went to her com badge.

[Security cells]

Iggy perked when the guard told her that a message for her was coming through. After the reinforcements had arrived at Alcatraz Prime, the Gladiator turned around and headed back for Memphis Island, and the ex-engineer was being towed along while she was waiting for a trial to reassess her sentence. "I take it that it's already been approved by my warden," she responded, watching the guard lower the forcefield and train a phaser on her. As she approached the door she saw the guard reach for some cuffs. "Is that really necessary?"

"Safety protocol," the guard responded, waiting for her to put her hands out. When she grudgingly complied he fastened them around her wrists before leading her to the security office on Gladiator.

[10 minutes later]

Upon hearing the door chime, Paula called " Come" as the doors slid open to reveal Iggy cuffed with her escort, Paula looked back at her and then Julian and then said," Ensign, They are not necessary," as the guard nodded and removed the cuffs from Iggy's wrists. Paula finished," that will be all Ensign," as she waited for the officer to leave before speaking again.

Iggy raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything as the cuffs were removed and the guard left. "This is new..." she said aloud, looking between the two. It didn't stop her from recognizing that both of them had phasers and could shoot her if she misbehaved. Crossing her arms, she asked sarcastically, "so... whatcha got? I was starting to have fun in my cell, sitting and counting screws in the bulkheads."

Paula looked at Julian and asked, do you want to fill her in or me?" as she knew asking the senior officer first was protocol, but she was the leader on this Operation.

'I'll let you take the lead on this one, "the Security Chief replied. He wanted a chance to sit back and watch how Paula handled herself and what Iggy would do.

"Iggy, what we are about to tell you does not leave this room," Paula started giving her a glare, She continued," Is that clear?" making sure that she understood perfectly; as she turned to show Iggy the screen.

"Yeah, sure," Iggy said with a frown. Where was this going?

"We have received some disturbing intel that someone has hacked Starfleet Security transport network," she pointed at the screen, she continued," resulting in prototype weapons have been removed from the transports."

Iggy slowly nodded as she took it in. "Ok... and...?"

"Your Job is to try and find the hacker for us," She stated looking back at Iggy," you will report your findings directly to me or Lieutenant Winterstorm," giving Iggy some slim chance of a reduced sentence, She finished,"and we will work on who the mole is in the Security department,"

"Oh, a mole? Fascinating!" Iggy quipped with a roll of her eyes. She lightly touched her lower lip with one finger as she thought it over. "So tell me, how exactly am I supposed to do that? I don't have access codes to anything because they were taken away from me when I was arrested. I suppose I could hack into the system, but that could get me into more trouble than it's worth, not to mention it's not my forte and hacking into things sounds more like an Intelligence job to begin with. Also, why would you trust someone who has lied and murdered with something as sensitive as this?"

Paula kept her gaze upon Iggy and replied,"You know people out there who might not talk to us but will to you," She continued," and yes you are good at hacking as you broke out of your cell last time by doing exactly that," she finished," the best part of it is that both Julian and I will vouch for you to help get your sentence cut."

"We don't trust you," Julian said, "but you have an incentive to cooperate. If you perform we'll do what we can, just like Paula said. If you don't, or you try to cheat, "I promise you we'll bury you in a penal colony that you can't escape from."

Iggy actually laughed aloud. "Please, the security systems on that cell were child's play compared to what you're asking me to do. And you," she addressed Julian, "need to work on your threats. I already have a lifetime sentence, getting a gold star for doing your dirty work won't change the fact that I'm going to be there for a while. But since it seems like you're not taking no for an answer..." Turning back to Paula, she added grudgingly, "fine, where do you want me to start?"

"First, we want you to check out the company that owned the transports," replied Paula looking back at her," and also put word out to your contacts that you have heard word of special Items that are for sale," she finished," and see if you can find anything from that end."

Iggy sighed as she went to take a seat in one of the chairs. "Any chance I could get even a temporary access code? Albeit not necessarily a requirement, it would make this all a tad easier."

Julian gave her a number as he signaled for Aiden to come and watch over her shoulder to make sure she didn't do anything she wasn't supposed to do. Aiden was far more capable of detecting any hacking attempts than he was, and Julian knew how to delegate.

Nodding her thanks, she glanced at Aiden hovering nearby before turning the computer on the desk around to face her. She hesitated before entering in the code, and quietly breathed a sigh of relief when it worked. She quickly found out that the code didn't give her as much access as she'd like for the kind of work that they were asking, but she wasn't going to complain. Especially since three of the four occupants in the room had phasers. She was able to pull up the transport company from some records and identified the transport that was stolen from on the roster. "Well there's your transport," she said, pointing to the screen. She went to see the details of the cargo but was stopped by a security wall that her temporary code wouldn't accept. "I don't know if I'll be able to get past this, but I'll try."

"Is the name of the company that is using it on there?" asked Paula hoping for a lead to work on, She wondered Owner's name was stated and the owner of the company had been in on it, she continued, and the Captain's name?" looking at Iggy

As she was talking Julian was half listening, doing a good job of paying attention to her words, while he was sweeping the area with his tricorder.

She had been wondering about it as it looked like someone knew exactly where the ship would be. this concerned her greatly; if weapons shipments could be attacked like that; then what could happen if a medical ship got hit like that! to her it was unthinkable, but this showed her that it could happen.

She turned to Julian and asked,"Julian, If someone knew where the ship was going to be, Do you think they could know where all Starfleet vessels could be?" she looked back at her boss as she still had the thought running through her head, then the Commodore might need to be informed of this.

"They sure could," he informed her, "and that's what worries me. There's no telling how much they, whoever they are, could know about a ship and the people on them."

"So do we inform the Commodore then?" she asked keeping an eye on Iggy whilst posing the question to Julian.

"It depends," Iggy cut in, keeping her eyes on the screen. "Were these weapons initially coming to the ship he commands or no? By the way," she turned to face them, "the name on the transport list is one Captain Mason Etheridge. That's about all I can get into with this clearance code."

"Yes, Julian responded to Paula, "we let the Commodore know. I'll do that." he walked over to where Iggy was sitting, and after making her turn around inputted a code that would give her a higher level.

"Watch her, while I'm gone."

"Will do sir" replied Paula as she watched Julian leave the room, She turned to Iggy and said,"Find out what you can now Iggy and report back in three hours."

With a sigh, she turned back to the computer and tried the new access code, surprised to see how much information it gave her. "Careful how much power you give to one who violates the law," she murmured under her breath as she rested her chin in one hand, the other hand tapping at the keyboard.

Paula replied," Iggy if we didn't trust you with helping us," as she leaned back into her chair," you would not be here," as she tapped a command on her desk and linked Iggy's terminal with her own so that she could keep track of what the Engineer was up to.



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