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Oh, you weren't sleeping, right?

Posted on Tue Dec 13th, 2016 @ 1:55pm by

Mission: Anarchy in Alcatraz
Location: Memphis Island


Quiet followed aside from the tick of an old-fashioned clock hanging on the wall across from the bed.


More insistent, but still wasn’t enough to overcome the lethe of sleep.


This time- accompanied by a smack on her arm had Rianna DiMarco sitting bolt upright in bed. She grabbed for any of the various tools that would have been present if she was still sleeping in her workshop at the rental in California, but instead there was no bench. No tools. Nothing solid- and she nearly toppled out of bed for it. She mostly recognized her sister standing at the bedside if for no other reason than the bright yellow silk pants shining in the moonlight from the nearby window. Window- with moonlight. No bench. No starfield. Right. They still had a living room full of crates to finish unpacking, but this- for the moment- was their new home.

“What’s wrong? What happened? What time is it?” All came out in a jumble of one breath as Ri righted herself on the edge of the bed.

Vonne stood quietly for a moment with her hands in front of her mouth and her floral robe wrapped up high around her hands. “..Are you still mad at me?”

Ri wrinkled her nose, her foggy brain trying to catch up with the unexpected bout of wakefulness. “..What?”

“With the boarding school. Are you mad at me that I sort of messed that up for us?” the blonde asked into her robe in a small voice. “Are you mad that I’m here?”

It was a conversation that had happened at least a dozen times since it’d happened, but for whatever reason still came up- usually late at night or in some quiet moment- where the typically headstrong teen reverted back to little girl voices and insecure fidgeting, reminding Ri that she’d just lost both parents and was stuck with a stranger, not a sister, even though they were. “No, Vonne, I’m not mad. There’s nothing to be mad about. Things change, you roll with it. You being here isn’t a bad thing.” She caught her sister’s fingers and pulled her over to sit next to her. Light skin and blonde hair, blue eyes next to gold skin, dark hair, dark eyes. They couldn’t be more different.

“You don’t think I’ll mess up here?” Vonne leaned against Ri’s shoulder and sort of draped herself over it bonelessly.

“Kiddo, everyone messes up. I mess up. If you meant with boys? Oo.” The thought had crossed Ri’s mind multiple times, actually. “I figure I’m going to let every breathing creature on world know that you’re underage. If that doesn’t work we’ll have jailbait embroidered into all of your tops for the next eight months.”

“I mean, I’m not screwing you up. Your life. Right?” Little bits of Ri’s hair were drawn away from her ponytail and were nervously braided by her younger sister.
Again, Ri groaned. Yes? No? She couldn’t keep a plant alive and here came a teenager out of left field who desperately needed a mother figure. Successful progeny of a parent who’d failed her and apparently managed to show love and compassion. Yes, it screwed her up inside. No Vonne didn’t need to suffer for that. Everything just had to change, drastically, and Ri had rolled with it. To what end, she still had no idea. She’d spent most of her life alone, looking out for only herself, living to a certain acceptable letter of fleet standards and not caring about much else. Then came Vonne. It wasn’t bad, she told herself. It wasn’t alone. “You’re not screwing up my life, kid. Just my sleep cycle. I’ve got my first class tomorrow at 0800. You think we can talk about this more at lunch?”

Quietly, Vonne nodded and released her sister’s hair long enough to crawl past her into Ri’s bed and pull the covers up around her shoulders. She then picked up that same braid and started in on it again. Ri sighed and just laid down into her pillow. The blankets were a lost cause if Vonne was in the bed. And getting rid of Vonne when she was feeling insecure just didn’t happen. Atleast, she thought, the island was warmer than a starship. Maybe she’d eek out a few more hours of rest.

LTCMDR Rianna DiMarco (PNPC Kitty)
Memphis Island


Javonne Gervaise
Troubled Sister (PNPC Kitty)


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