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No Connection Part 1

Posted on Mon Apr 7th, 2014 @ 6:26pm by Lieutenant JG Liam Callaghan
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Mission: Shoreleave: Kaslau - Submission
Location: Star Fleet Academy
Timeline: Several Years Ago

Ash sat with Liam on his sofa. He had just told her a very funny story- well, she'd thought it was funny, anyway- about being beaten up by three girls. She thought that perhaps she owed him a story now. In fact, she knew exactly which one she would tell, too.

"Do you remember, the first time we met and I told you I'd never been with anyone before?" she asked.

"We all have a past we don't like to remember," he replied.

"I lied," she said simply.

"You learned part of my past," he replied, "It is not a lie, as much as an omission."

"Well... not exactly," she said.

"This is your Pilot and Captain, Cadet Senior Grade Ash Coi. Today, we will be traveling from Earth to a REAL LIVE SPACE STATION which is currently in orbit around ANOTHER PLANET, Jupiter! The weather on Jupiter is stormy and the atmosphere is sulfuric, so please, people, DO NOT go there. Stay on the station! I hope you enjoy the flight and please let us know if you experience any problems."

With that, Ash switched off the com and winked at her co-pilot, Braddoch Sims, another Telino at Starfleet Flight school.

"You have TOO much fun with that," he said.

"I've done this about a thousand times," said Ash. "Of course I have fun with it."

"Cadet Coi," the Ensign stated peaking his head into the cockpit, "You sure you know how to fly this thing," he asked?

Ash turned to see a Trill in Medical blue giving her a lopsided grin. "I'm sure I do," she answered cheekily. "And now you have me at a disadvantage. You know my name, but I don't know yours."

Verix smiled, "I didn't give it, but I know where you can get it," he turned and took his seat hoping he made a connection.

Ash raised her eyebrows. "So do I," she said. "So what is it?"

"He's nearly as cheeky as you," commented Braddoch.

The Trill took his seat and didn't reply for a bit, knowing that he had gotten to her. From everything he had heard she was one to didn't give up. He had spiked her curiosity, "I suppose you can get it over dinner tonight, on the station."

Ash narrowed her eyes at him. "Hm," she said. "All right. You win. Or maybe I do. After all, I get to have dinner with a gorgeous stranger. YOU have to have dinner with ME."

"I think I might be the winner in this one," he smiled. He sat there watching as Ash guided the shuttle into it's docking port. She handled the ship like it was an extension of her own body; she was certainly an expert that any Captain would want on their ship. He looked at Braddoch, "Does she always play this hard to get..."

Braddoch grinned and held up his hands. "We're just friends," he said. "But, if it's any consolation, I've never seen her flirt back before."

Ash grinned at Braddoch. "I usually don't," she admitted.

Verix smiled, "Just waiting for the right one to flirt with." He added, "I just some Italian food, a walk around the promenade, and then watching the sun set from the beaches of Risa."

"Risa, of course," laughed Ash, finishing docking procedures. "You're on."

"Call it a date, I will pick you up around seven," he smiled.


They had met for dinner and hit it off, which started a month-long courtship during which Ash put in for as many runs to Jupiter station as she possibly could. She explained to him all about The Connection and it didn't scare him off. In fact, he seemed open to the idea. And so, during a two-day leave taken on Jupiter station, Ash decided it was time.

Afterwards, though, she wondered if it had been a mistake.

The Connection is supposed to form immediately, but nothing happened. She lay there, curled up against Verix, wondering what had gone wrong.

"You ok," he asked, "Did it not work," he asked?

"It's supposed to be right away," she said. "I don't know why it didn't work. Maybe you haven't got the right hormone or something. Or maybe Trills are anti-empathic."

"Empathic," he added, "We are very different perhaps it is a racial thing."

"I suppose it doesn't really matter," she said, kissing his chin. "I love you. That's what matters. What else COULD matter?"

"Nothing," he was a bit taken back by her declaration of love. He really hadn't gotten to that point in the relationship.

Ash blinked at him. "I suppose that might seem soon to you," she said. "I'm empathic. I know you better than you think. In fact, I knew you well enough after a week to know I love you." She sighed. "Its the curse of empathy; you know who someone really is pretty quickly."

"Sort of takes all of the human factors out of the equation," he added, "Where does that leave feelings, options, and free will?"

"Just where they always are," she said. "I could have chosen to ignore what I saw in you and forgotten you. I still FEEL. I just... see you more clearly than others would. And there's always options. There could be as many as 5 billion people in the universe to whom I could potentially be attracted. I picked you because I have the free will to do so."

Verix suddenly felt horrible, while he had feelings for her it was clear now that he didn't have the same level of feelings that she had. Now he had to wonder how to back out of this without getting ripped a new one. "It will work out," he lied not really knowing what to say.

Ash grinned. "Don't worry about it," she said. "I'll give you space. You figure it out. It's not like we're Connected, after all." She pulled herself out of bed and began pulling on her clothes.

Verix smiled, she was making it very hard. She took everything in stride. She had of almost making him feel guilty for this, he wrapped his arms around her. "Connection or not connection, doesn't matter," he smiled. "Perhaps it will come in time," he added.

"Sadly, probably not," she replied, pulling her shirt over her head. "But, as I said, it doesn't matter. Now," she said, leaning down to hiss his forehead. "Get some sleep and do some thinking, okay? Let me know what you decide."

"Where are you going," he asked a bit confused, "We don't have to end this," he tugged lightly at her shoulder, "Come back to bed."

"I'm going to give you some space, just like I said," she told him. "I won't lie and say it won't bother me if you don't want to continue; it'll hurt like hell. But, don't think about me, okay? I just want you to be happy and if that means you're happy without me, well...." she trailed off, feeling her throat constrict at the idea. She swallowed. "Well, then, so be it," she finished quietly.

"Jumping on the band wagon a bit fast," he smiled, "It was one failed connection, not sure where to go from here but I don't think we need to rush into ending things. Do you?"

"Of course not," she replied. "You just seem unsure. I mean, I want to continue. Of course I do. But, I want you to be sure, too. And... I'm sorry if I freaked you out."

Verix laughed, he admitted he had no clue what this connection was and he really didn't care. She was hot and he was starting to fall for her, but she did seem to be wound a bit too tight. "No need to be sorry, this connection thing seems to be important to you."

Ash shrugged. "I don't know, really," she said. "I've never had one. Anyway, as I said, get some sleep. I'll see you later," she added, bending to kiss him again before heading out of his quarters.

To Be Continued....


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