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Dinner for Two

Posted on Sat Apr 1st, 2017 @ 9:44pm by Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn

Mission: Blackout
Location: M'Gann's quarters
Timeline: Backpost :: After Party


Lixor glanced at his PaDD as he stood in the hall outside of M'Gann's hospital quarters and then drew in a deep breath. For a moment he paused and then activated the door chime not sure exactly why his superior had called him but he was sure it was business and not pleasure.

"Come in," M'Gann called out, putting two glasses on the table. She glanced down at the casual shirt and pants that she had donned for the party, and right before the doors opened she saw something on the table that wasn't supposed to be there and quickly shoved it into her pocket. Turning around, she saw Lixor come in and gave him a warm smile. "I saw you at the party, but you looked lost in thought... what's up?"

Lixor had spotted the quick movement but said nothing and offered a smile that quickly turned to a look more reminiscent of concern. He blushed a little becoming even more blue than usual as the man listened to M'Gann and her question."

"Just thought I'd check in on you," he said trying to dodge the apparent intended question. Lixor offered her the PaDD he had brought with him hoping the data would distract her from pursuing the more obvious intent of her inquiry. "thought you might like an update on how things our going in our department." His eyes twinkled as he looked at her and the flushness vanished almost as suddenly as it had arrived allowing his face to return to its normal shade.

She noticed the blush and raised her eyebrows a little before brushing it off and accepting the tablet. "A bit lonely, but I've been managing," M'Gann admitted. Looking down, she read the report before nodding. "Right, the prison. It looks like the department handled it well enough." She reached down to her side and rubbed Miko's head. For the past couple days he had been clinging to her side and was partly wanting attention but also making sure that the ptsd wouldn't overtake her again. Gesturing to the table with the tablet, she asked, "care to stay for dinner?"

Lixor tilted his head and smiled, "I would love to or I can take you out, get you away from your personal brig?"

M'Gann swallowed a little and glanced at the floor. "I don't know if I'm ready for a public outing. I tried that a couple weeks ago and..." She felt Miko push into her leg a little, reminding her that she was safe at home. "... it didn't end so well. It's hard enough being around the crew after..." M'Gann stopped herself before she reminded herself of how she had watched her friends die, and closed her eyes for a moment to take some deep breaths. "I would prefer here, if that's alright," she finally said after she regained some control of her emotions.

"It's ok," Lixor replied softly, "I'm happy to just be here with you M'Gann. Just take it slow."

The blonde nodded a little, making herself turn and distract herself with getting the food. Returning from her little kitchenette/replicator, she set two bowls of a brownish stew on the table, each with their fair share of meat and vegetables. "My mother would make something called chicken stew. It's meat, carrots, mushrooms, onions, and corn, cooked in a mix of chicken broth and mushroom soup." She stared at it for a moment, watching the steam swirl up in a spiral-y dance. "She'd make it for me when I was sick, but it's one of my favorites." She blinked and looked up at the blue man, "what would you like to drink?"

Lixor took a seat at the table looked at the stew and smiled. It smelled great compared to what was offered as sustenance while he was growing up. The warmth that radiated from the bowl was southing and his dark eyes moved upwards, "water will be fine M"Gann. The blue man let a broad smile on his face as he looked at the blonde, "it looks really good,"

M'Gann briefly left for the replicator and asked for a pitcher of water before returning. "Thank you, I hope it's as good as it looks," she said, offering a small smile. Silence hung in the air as she poured water into their glasses before taking a seat herself.

Lixor picked up the spoon and took in the broth and chicken and drew in a deep breath, "did you make this or was it replicated? It's amazing." He sat his dark eyes on the dark woman and continued, "your amazing."

M'Gann couldn't help but flush a little. "Thank you. A, uh, a little bit of both actually, I replicated the ingredients but combined them myself." Picking up her spoon, she took a sip of her stew.

The blue man smiled sheepishly, "then you're a good cook as well as a scientist," he offered. He took another spoonful of his soup, "my mother couldn't cook at all. He chuckled, "course not sure what she could have cooked under the circumstances."

As the conversation shifted towards family, M'Gann's face fell a little as she stared at the bowl of soup in front of her. Over the past year, she didn't know if she would ever see or hear from her family again. She remembered a conversation she had with Lauren, about the possibility of running away and creating a family. The technology wouldn't be hard to come by, but M'Gann had insisted that she at least try to get back home first. Why did I do that?? she thought to herself. She could have hidden away with Lauren, but at least she would have been happy, right?

Pushing the thought away, M'Gann gave Lixor a small smile in response. "How was the last mission?"

Lixor noticed the change in her continence fall and and nodded in response to her question, "went well overall," he chuckled, "got to do a little on the spot chemistry."

"Oh?" M'Gann raised her eyebrows. From what she remembered before the fight against COIL, whenever Lixor did some impromptu chemistry things were bound to get interesting.

The blue man nodded as he put his spoon back into the bowl, "we were under fire in a large area. I found some cleaning supplies and with part of a destroyed shuttle made enough laughing gas. He tilted his head as he continued, "used a phasor to heat up the material and my tricorder to verify the temperature." he chuckled, "sent up quite a ga cloud."

The blonde nodded a little, mixing the liquid a little with her spoon. "That was good thinking. Hopefully none of our crew got hit by the gas or got a lethal dose of it?"

"We all had protective gear," Lixor explained with a smile, "didn't even hurt the inmates, really just sort of gave them a new perspective on things." He looked down a the bowl and then back at her, "just wished you were there."

M'Gann sighed, scooping up a little of the liquid before tilting her spoon and watching it drip back into the bowl. "I wish I were, too. I need something to do, anything other than being stuck here, but the doctors say I'm not ready to go back into space yet. But keeping me cooped up... it feels no different than what happened during the past year." At least she wasn't being poked and prodded by the medical staff anymore. She had claimed to go camping to escape the doctors, and after she came back they ran a bioscan and determined that she was physically recovered, and stopped the daily checkups.

"Then may I suggest a few excursions," the blue man offered with a smile, "with me of course and you can get out of these four walls for a bit."

"I would like that," M'Gann said, returning the smile. It was a little more content than the last one. She was glad that Lixor was there, it made everything seem a little more bearable. "Hey, um, since it's late, do you want to stay here for the night? I don't mind, and there's room..." she opened her mouth to add more, but then shut it and looked down at her bowl, swirling the soup with her spoon.

"I'd love to M'Gann," Lixor said with a smile, "actually I've been hoping to spend the nights with you."

"Really?" she asked, a little surprised, her eyes snapping up to look at him. Her cheeks flushing a little, she stammered, "I-I mean, uh, that wasn't the answer I was expecting- that is, with... um, you know- I..." Her mouth stayed open for a moment longer as words failed her, making her cheeks flush a deeper shade of blue, before lightly coughing.

Lixor chuckled, "you didn't know? I mean, I thought you know I..." He blushed now and shook his head, "I had thought my, desire, for you was something you knew but just wasn't interested in me."

She felt her ears get hot. At times, she had picked up on subtle things, but she had assumed... "Th-this whole time? Since-since when?" she asked, finding herself rather speechless. Was she really that oblivious?

"Well," the blue man began with a grin, "before the explosion, you know the one where you lost your sight?"

If her cheeks weren't flushed enough, they flushed even more. "O-oh..." she stammered.

Wade let a smile cross his face, "it's my fault, really." He leaned closer across the table and took one of her hands, "I don't know much about expressing my feelings... in words... never had the luxury of learning when I was young, though I'm pretty good doing it physically.'

M'Gann looked down at his hand on top of hers. Now that she thought about it, he had been there for her almost the whole time, but after everything that has happened... the news seemed almost surreal to her. "I... suppose that it's also my fault... for being oblivious, I mean," she finally said, swallowing the lump in her throat. The touch wasn't unwelcome, but she wasn't sure if she wanted to take his hand in return. To her, it felt as if she were about to be caught doing something she wasn’t supposed to, although neither of them were in the wrong, and she rubbed the back of her neck with her free hand, her fingers ghosting over the chain of the necklace. "Have you really felt this way for so long? How..." she cracked a faint smile to try and hide her various emotions, "how did you not go stir crazy from it?"

Lixor smiled at the woman and leaned in a little closer, "life has given me a lot of opportunities to develop patients M'Gann and you're worth waiting for."

M'Gann chuckled sheepishly, even feeling a little bit of encouragement from Miko, who was sitting several feet away from the table and watching them with curious eyes, his tail wagging slightly. "I... I'm not sure what to say..."


Lieutenant JG Lixor Nabohn
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Gladiator

Lt. Cmdr. M'Gann Sverch'tel
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