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Final Word

Posted on Sat Jan 21st, 2017 @ 5:00pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: R&R Coming Home
Location: Star Fleet Judicial Court 7 - Earth

Looking through the shades on his face, David looked over the ocean over the distance as he leaned on the handrails of the steps as he tried to contemplate the outcome of what was before them. It wasn't as though they had any other choice but they also knew that they were doing what was best. Taking in a deep breath, he could smell the salty air and remembered how long it had been since they had begun their career on the ship named Gladiator. He hadn't been more than a couple miles from their first meeting on the Gladiator and the Phantom Command system. It was a massive change for sure.

Foot steps came up behind him bringing him out of his gaze over the beauty of the scenery to find a female human walk up and nod to him. As he was, she wore her formal dress uniform, but unlike he did, she wore the hat that came with it. He hated wearing hats but sunglasses... he was all about.

"Commodore Hawkins?" the female Lieutenant Commander called out for him. "They are ready for us."

"Swell," he replied as he sighed before followed her back into the building and they passed through the halls. The normal clicking sound of her high heals tapping the marble floor echoed off the pristen designed woodwork that was over the framework of the building. It came off as a flash from the past from the 20th century designs. It was clever and impressive to have a building of law to have a historic feel to it.

The rounded a corner and two security officers opened doors for them to walk into a large room with a three tables in a triangular shape in the room. There were windows behind the primary table that oversaw the large bridge outside the same ocean he had been looking out at. It was always a sight to see.

"So, you two just stay in here this whole time?" David asked as he looked at Khelev ch'Koro and Captain Mercia Kavi whom were already at the table they were all sitting at. He and the female commander sat down next to him. She placed her Padd down next to the next to another padd.

Mercia refrained from touching Khelev, as their connection was something they wished to keep to themselves. They did not need for that to add to the issues and charges against them. "I'm too nervous to move." Mercia admitted rubbing her hands together. She was jittery, and her need to fight was growing. Legal proceedings drove her nuts, especially when politics was involved, as it was in this case. Khelev was wanted by several political powers, both David and Mercia had known this, had been briefed on it, and ordered to report if they had contact with him. Something they both ignored, until they could not any longer. Now they were all in trouble.

Khelev's antenna went up and he looked at David, before he glanced over at Mercia. He reached over and put his big hand over hers and gave it a squeeze, "Would you all stop lookin' like I'm going to a damn funeral. Show the Chief of Starfleet Intel the cache of data I collected and he'll have me out of this without an issue. Won't even bat an eye."

"Who said anything about funeral?" David asked as he leaned back and looked on his other side to Kavi. "Did you?"

"I said you look like you're going to one," Khelev shot a withering look at David. "Take the ear plugs out and listen to what I'm saying."

"Captain buzz kill," David countered as he rolled his eyes before leaning forward.

Mercia rolled her eyes, "This isn't exactly a light thing. I'm sorry I'm stressed out about it. I really have no idea what they're going to do, especially with Admiral Jerkland on the tribunal." she grumbled. It seemed the Jarland family always popped up when there was trouble, and of course the elder had a vendetta against them for standing up again the younger. She curled her fingers around Khelevs just for a moment before she pulled her hand back. "I just hope the deal we offered will be accepted. Keeping you in Davids protected custody, in exchange for the intel you gathered would be ideal."

"I'll face them like I've faced everything, as the warrior and engineer I've always been," Khelev replied softly, there were a very select few that he was soft with and she was counted among them.

The group respectfully stood up as two Admirals walked in with the Judge lead the group. The three sat down before the group. The judge nodded for everyone else to sit down as he cleared his throat before taking a drink of water that was sat before them. "I would like to open up the floor to the accused for any final words before I give my judgement. Mr. ch'Koro. If you don't mind."

Khelev looked between the board that sat there and held his fate in his hands, the Andorian squared his shoulders and stood before them every bit the warrior he was. "I will accept the judgment you've made today, but know and understand that it is not because I believe that what I did was wrong or that my actions were out of line. I did what none of you had the stomach to order or could order for fear of a foreign power, it may have been for some good old fashioned revenge, but it saved lives. I went to war, because it was necessary. You can't negotiate with monsters."

Mercia smirked as she watched the Andorian. She was proud of him for doing what he did, even though she was pissed and wanted to go with him. She glanced at the judge with nervous eyes, hoping their deal passed. They could protect him, and keep him with out him being in prison or handed over to the foreign governments for exacusion.

"No you were a spineless child wanting to dick around with things that you didn't understand," Snapped Admiral Jarland who tapped his fingers on the table that he sat at.

"That is the most unqualified and idiotic statement I've ever heard," Khelev snapped back. "Said by an Admiral who sat in his office and lacked the nerve to save his own people. You'd better hope I didn't find a connection between you and the Order in all that intel I found."

"What do you have against us Jarland? just because your son continues to embarrass your family and we're the ones that catch him? Maybe you should put a leash on him." Mercia growled.

"If it wasn't for you and your Commander, he wouldn't be in the place he is now!" Admiral Jarland snapped as he stood up from his chair and leaned over the desk.

With one quick raise of his hand, the Judge silenced both sides quickly. David was quite impressed with the trust, and respect that all members in the room had for the man before them. He was old and had gray hair. His Judge suit was well pressed and you could see the pride that was glowing in the man's eyes as he looked at the Admiral. "Your tongue will be silent, Admiral. You have no jurisdiction here. You were allowed to be here as an advisory to the ... Well hell, I do not know. to be honest, I could care less. But you will stay silent, or you will be held in contempt of this court. My court."

This threw Jarland off for a moment before cringing to the thought of not having the power over all that was residing in the room. He muttered to himself as he leaned back in his chair but quickly noticed the slight smirks across from him.

The Judge looked at the opposite table where Hawkins and the rest of them sat and sighed. "Captain Kavi, how's about yourself? Mr. ch'Koro requested that you and Commodore Hawkins be apart of his defense. Do you have anything you would like to add to this hearing?"

Mercia took a deep breath as she stood up. "When the Snow Witches came after me, and took me they proved they had delved deeper in to the federation than any one anticipated. Starfleet has rules, has requirements, and there is no way they could go after COIL in a meaningful way. What Khelev did, saved the federation from an over throw. he hurt the organization which threatened, and In some areas still threaten the peace and security of the Federation. He upheld his oath, he did what had to be done, and he saved millions of lives because of it. For that, he deserves the federations protection, and gratitude."

This made Jarland curl his nose but wasn't allowed to speak as he felt the heat coming from the opposite Admiral looking his way. He sat back down and leaned back with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Be that, as it may, he crossed several lines, broke protocols," Admiral Ro'tal, countered as she looked at the Judge.

"That as it may," the Judge spoke as he looked among them all, he sighed and focused his sight on the three before them with their Lawyer. "As I taken the time to look at all the information, along with our Admirals here. This all has already been confirmed and your selfless actions, have taken its own tolls in areas in which are gray or questionable all together.

"Be that as it may, the leadership in Starfleet and Federation administration have looked over this as well. Along with that, and your comrades' offers. They have agreed to keep you under their supervision if they agree to those terms they offered."

David looked at Mercia and then back to the Judge. "I'm good."

Mercia sat up strighter, "I agree to the terms." she said boldly.

"One last thing," Khelev spoke up. "I want to make sure my crew is not under threat of prosecution for these actions."

"In what way?" the Judge asked interested in what the man had to say. They could tell that Admiral Jarland wanted so snap but only huffed as he sat there next to him. This made the judge just ignore the man. His distaste for the admiral needed to stay hidden from all personal and to handle this all in a respectful and equal way.

Mercia sat up a little straighter, "His crew must not be pursed, captured, or charged with crimes related to any mission they participated in under ch'Koros leadership." Mercia said flatly as she looked at Jarland, almost in a way to taunt the man.

"That's right," Khelev spoke up.

"Each person under your command chose to follow your commands and leadership, Mr. ch'Koro. They were not mindless automatons. te female Admiral spoke up in a neutral voice. She took a moment to look at the Judge before nodding. "We agree to this though on one main request. We would like to impound your ship to see all modifications that you used to get past all security sensor nets of all those you were able to."

"We do have the right to impound your ship, Commander!" Jarland snapped as he leaned forward.

"Admiral Jarland!" the Judge snapped as both he and the female Admiral glared at him as well. "Security, remove Admiral Jarland from my court room."

"What?!?!" The Admiral snarled as he stood up looking at his comrades. "This is outrageous!"

Security personal walked up on either side of the Admiral Jarland. He growled slgihtly as he was escorted out of the court room before slamming the door behind him. David smirked slightly as he shook his head before looking up at the Judge and cleared the smile off his face.

"I was waiting for him to be an ass," the Judge shook his head before looking at them all. "I do apologize and see why you all dislike him. No matter, he was one of the two Admirals sent to argue a case against you all. That being said, Admiral Ro'tal."

She cleared her thought before looking at them all. "With the information given, Commander ch'Koro. You and your crew are cleared of all actions against the Federation. We can not clear you with the other governments, for we do not have any power of authority with them. But all these are under the terms of you surrendering your ship for our engineers to get an understanding of what you were able to do to bypass so many sensors. The ship will be returned to your control after 6 months. During that time, you will be under 'house arrest' under the supervision of your former Command Staff.

"Commodore Hawkins and Captain Kavi. Due to your reluctance of handing over the fugitive as soon as he came to you, you must be punished. So in order to clear ch'Koro of his actions and clear his crew. We are demoting both of you. Commodore Hawkins, you will be returned to the rank of Captain, and Captain Kavi, you will be returned to the rank of Commander. Your positions are to be determined and you will be contacted by Admiral Grayson. Are we all in agreement to these terms?" Admiral Ro'tal asked as he looked at the group.

Mercia swallowed hard, When the idea had been proposed she'd had some harsh words about it in private. ch'Koro had been against them accepting it, but in the end, she saw reason. It protected him, and protected his crew. It was well worth it. She'd take a punishment for doing what is right. "I agree." she said firmly.

"Six months? I guess it could be worse," Khelev replied. "I agree."

"Then it is settled," the Judge sighed before nodding. "Khelev ch'Koro, you are here by under supervision of Captain Hawkins and Commander Kavi. Please have your starship command codes and location turned over to Admiral Ro'tal before you leave the building. If there is nothing else, this hearing is dismissed."

The ringing of the small hammer slamming down a couple times, before everyone stood for the Judge's departure was almost like a weight lefting off their chests. David sighed slightly as he stood, along with the rest and looked at ch'Koro and Kavi. "Our new assignment? What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"I don't know. He didn't say any thing about a new assignment, just the demotion..." she said as she got up and gathered her tablet. "I just want to get home, although I did want to see a few things.. I've spend a total of three weeks on Earth, What do you say Big Blue... Now that you're a free man again, want to do a bit of sight seeing before Kat makes us leave and head back to Kabal 3?"

"I've never been a big fan of earth, although I'm sure we can find some trouble to get into," Khelev gave Mercia a toothy grin. "And I haven't heard anything from my sources about a new mission for Gladiator."

"Guess we will find out here soon..." David muttered as he nodded to Mercia and Kavi. "We meet up tonight at the hotels later. I'll go call Admiral Grayson and see what he has done this time."

~~~ FIN ~~~


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