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Time is Money

Posted on Fri Jan 6th, 2017 @ 12:41pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps & Lieutenant JG Nuxac

Mission: R&R Coming Home
Location: Observation Lounge - U.S.S. Gladaitor

A long sigh escaped his lips as david still tried to understand how all this had come around. The sight of seeing Cooper again was seriously a big conflict in his mind, heart, and soul. How he had been able to just see him, talk to him, and shake his hand again after his failure of keeping... HIS, Cooper alive, was a massive reminder of his failure as a Commander, among other things. It was never going to fully be easy to overcome and understand. How had all this occurred? In the end, it was his fault and he blamed himself for it all.

Looking over his shoulder, he heard and saw the doors slide open and walked in a Ferengi and his XO. Mercia had informed him of another undercover agent in the prison, but he had to meet them in person. He cocked his head slightly as his own Intelligence officer also entered in along with the two. He stood up and nodded at them all. "So what do we have here?"

"Ensign Nuxac of Starfleet Intelligence, sir," Nuxac said. "It's a good thing you and your people showed up when they did, otherwise my mission was in serious danger of failing."

"I'm sorry, your mission?" David asked as he looked at the short ensign before him. "What are you talking about?"

"One of the inmates was a former Starfleet operative who had gone rogue, he had some intel we needed," Nuxac said. "I spent the better part of a year earning his trust and getting the information. Contact Lieutenant Commander Remington Davenport at Starfleet Intelligence, he'll vouch for me."

"Lieutenant Phelps..." the commodore looked over at his Chief and nodded. "Can you verify his information for us please. That's your domain."

"There is a certain amount of Red Tape that was involved wwith getting it." Phelps said calmly. "I can confirm the deniability of his story among most channels." Phelps said calmly. "They doth protest too much and so I know a screen when I hot one." He gave a sly Grin. "Commander Davenport will not like the continuous chimes among all his comm station protocols but we should have a verification of facts ... soon. When the 'Infiltration Specialist grade people were reported , and suspected by the caliber of people in the facility I began making in queries. Not sure who but the notification of an Intel person prompted me to start looking before summoned here sir."

"Thank you," he looked back at the Ferengi. "So, Ensign Nuxac... You want to explain to me what kind of intel you got?"

"He was working with someone in Starfleet and passing along information to the Romulans," Nuxac said. "That information led to the deaths of three undercover operatives and the disappearance of two more. Once we learned he had gotten himself caught on an unrelated charge and sent here, I went in to find out his source."

Phelps adjusted his glasses and smiled. "Sir I have a confirmation of the Ensign from Commander Davenport; I will spare you the elaborate comment of my methods to hail; him, but he send us the code to free his records and that the Ensign was in deed on an operation. Also a personal note of well don and he looks for the report of all intel and that I am to use all 'Intel coding for the relay of the report from the Ensign Sir." Helps cocked a head. "Persistence does get answers I find."

"See, now that's why I hired him," David pointed as he looked over at the Captain. "What's your deal?"

"Oh I'm just here for the cookies." Mercia said as she sat down and put her feet up on the corner of his desk.

He smirked as he looked back at the Ferengi. "Alrighty Ensign. What is the plan for you now? Typically you intel people go home and debrief there if I'm not mistaken."

"Yes sir, that is the SOP," Nuxac said. "But if I can be given access to a secure comm channel, that would speed up the process. Or if it's not inconvenient, you can drop me off at the nearest starbase and I can find my way back."

"Phelps, can you use a big eared rat in your division?" Mercia asked.

"Just the male Version of the Orion Slave Girl." Phelps noted. "No one notices the Slave Girl or the Ferengi, just a piece of furniture for undercover work I am told." Phelps said with a smile. "And any man with connections is welcome in my department." Phelps remarked. "Also can I put an Orion on our next resource request, sounds like we could use one in this mix?"

"If you're asking me to join your crew, ma'am, then I will definitely need that secure channel," Nuxac said. "I'm sure you got plenty of pull with Personnel to make my transfer happen, but I'd like to give Lieutenant Commander Davenport a heads up."

Phelps smiled. "I think the secure line is quite capable, and ready for use when you are." There was a mischief expression in his eyes. "I could have some use to work ut the kinks in the system." He nod. "No worries, communications Branch of OPS... already cleared that sir; it is ready for use."

Nuxac looked over at the commodore.

"Sir, if there's nothing else, I'll go make that call now," he said.

"I'm all for great entertainment, but I'd outdance an Orion any day of the week, Plus I'm pretty sure there is one in engineering who might not get along so well with another on the ship." Mercia smirked.

David looked around and focused on Nuxac. He shrugged and shook his head. "That is if Phelps will take you and you can handle this crew. I barely can, myself."

"They can't be any worse than the group I just left, sir," he said with a smile.

Mercia laughed, "He's got a point." she said getting up. "Any thing else we need to go over? If not I've got to get home and um.... take care of somethings." she smirked.

David looked among them all and nodded in agreement. "Phelps, get him set up. Nuxac, you may use Kavi's office to debrief your mission to your Commander. Till then, I'll get the transfer paperwork pushed threw. Other than that. You are all dismissed."


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