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First Christmas Eve 5

Posted on Sun Jan 1st, 2017 @ 5:10am by Lieutenant Samuel Phelps

Mission: R&R Coming Home
Location: Phelps Quarters
Timeline: Holiday post


"Christmas eve you can open one present so please do." He instructed.

Ynara deftly slipped finger under the edge of the paper and loosened one end, sliding the box out without disturbing most of the wrapping.  Despite living in the Federation for so many years, she still had an inherent dislike of waste, and automatically minimalized it so as to save as much of everything as she could for future use.  It came from growing up where every little bit counted.
She popped the lid off the box and peeked inside, pulling out a pair of delicate gloves in a peachy-tan color resembling her skintone.  They were soft and light; Ynara knew her fibers and she was almost certain this was from the Earth alpaca, which was similar to a Bajoran animal fiber she had worked with before.  They really were beautiful and when she slipped them on she was almost positive she had the animal right.  The gloves fit nicely, not to tight but not so loose that they were unwieldly, and she could tell that even though they were light, they would be surprisingly warm.
“Sam… Thank you… I… They’re beautiful….”
"Glad you like them." Phelps said. "I noticed you wringing your hands when you thought no one noticed and I know the Federation tempatures are not really comfortable for the Cardassian part of your heritage." He winked. "Had to live up to the old Earth saying 'It is the thought that counts."
“You saw that?  I’m not sure anyone has ever made the connection to me being… a little chilly,” Ynara said.  Chilly was a good day, but she tried very hard not to complain or make people notice she was cold when they were comfortable.  The fact that he noticed either meant he was very observant or that she wasn’t as good at keeping it hidden as she thought she was.  “Thank you.  It really is a sweet thought.”
"You know what humans say right?" He gave a sly grin. "Cold hands, warm heart." He noted while picking up one and shaking it. "Mother insisted I open this one."
Ynara sat down next to him and picked up her tea.  “What kind of things does your mother usually give you?  Clothes or books or knick-knacks?  Tools?”
"We call them 'Reminders'; you would label them knick-knacks, I have Golf balls with logos from different golf courses on Earth; a Badminton set one year; thought I have not really had a rousing game in some time I am afraid and Holos of life as it passes on Earth with the family."
"Those sound fun.  So what did she send this time?  Another game?  That doesn't look like a ball of any kind," Ynara said.
"Golf ball from a course on Vietnam." He replied. "A holographic emitter with the newest family memories."
“That’s sweet.  It’s nice of her to keep you involved, keep you in the loop.  It must be… comforting.  To have that sort of stability and support.  To know they’re there,” Ynara said, half a statement and half a question, since she’d never experienced that sort of connection that family brings.

"If you take out the part where my Mother grills me about being the only family member not married at the moment."He chuckled and shrugged. "I manage most of the time to change the subject; we Intel types are good at that, so it is not too bad but one day she will not let up on the point."

Ynara raised an eyebrow at him.  “Really?  And what does she think will be accomplished by ‘grilling’ you?  Unless she intends on sending a wife in another communique?”  She glanced at the packages still under the tree.  “But I don’t think one would fit in any of the boxes she sent this time, so you must be safe for now.”

"I am afraid if it were legal she would have sent me a Mail Order bride." Phelps sat next to Ynara and leaned a little closer. "PLus I do not think she has the clout to ship a bride this far out?"

“I’ve heard some mothers will go to any lengths for their children.  Might be best not to underestimate her; make sure you have your packages screened by Security to avoid any… nasty surprises.”

You cannot send her through a replicator so I thinkthat bodes well for the lack of her sending someone out this far." He smiled. "I have thought of hiring a female to 'play' the part and convince my Mother I am in the process but there is too much of a chance for it to get messed up so I have not done it." He looked to Ynara. "I guess I will have to do it the old fashioned way and try the dating thing and see if anyone wants the gig long term?" He laughed. "My mother will not relent so I just endure the sessions."

“You don’t sound like you mind it too much.  The dating thing I mean.  There are… advantages to doing it that way.  Sharing a pleasant evening with someone, for instance,” she said, unconsciously turning towards him a little more, leaning in almost imperceptibly.

"Yes, you are very right in that, I do like sharing an evening with someone." He leaned in to kiss her.

Ynara mirrored him, adjusting her body to his, giving him silent permission to proceed.

Phelps touched his lips to hers in a way that was engaging with the intent to express his feelings. He just let the emotions that he felt flow across hoping the gentle kiss gave the impression he did want to spend more time with her; an old Earth saying his sister had told him is that 'if you want to know a man's intent it is in his kiss.' Phelps had intent with Ynara; she had an elegant and slightly erotic taste in that she was unique, she had accepted his less than smooth style and yet liked him for it. He let the kiss linger a bit as they both shared the moment until it had reluctantly been the right thing to part and look into her eyes for a moment to verify this had happened and they both wanted it rather than just a whimsical experiment.

A little core of warmth, gentle but real, coalesced down deep in her chest.  This warmth had nothing to do with how thick her sweater was, or the temperature of his quarters, or even the hot tea she had just drunk.  It came from inside her, like it had been there all along, just waiting for a sign it was wanted; Sam’s lips on hers called it out to make itself known.  She looked up into his eyes, not quite breathless, but certainly caught off guard by this new feeling.
"I can clear up more time if you wouldn't mid spending it with me? He smiled."I-I mean that in the best possible way maybe try that dating again , I mean some more?"
She smiled back at him.  “I’d like that,” she admitted.

He reached up and gently fan a finger along her cheek while liking a little sparkle he saw in her eyes; not unlike the one he knew he had in his own eyes. 

"Then maybe I should tell you about the new years celebration, more of a going out and dinner to bring in the new Earth Calendar; a celebration of..." He might have even flushed a bit. "New beginnings. I would like to spend time with you on that earth holiday if I could, I mean we could go to dinner and watch the stars as the new year rolls in?"

“If it’s anything like Christmas, I think I’d really like that.”

It's a date then." He gave her another light and soft kiss to seal the deal.

Soon she would be escorted back to her place ; he was a gentleman, but there is the fact she would return and he could share more together with her.

That was the best Christmas Present.


Lt JG Samuel Phelps
Chief Intel Officer

Lounge Server/ Romantic interest


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