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Off The Deep End (1)

Posted on Tue Jan 31st, 2017 @ 8:47am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Petty Officer 2nd Class Shiloh Hacksen

Mission: Blackout

Patrick Shark was sitting in a chair that was at the corner of his room. He was staring out the window in front of him reading a book. The view from the window was a mountainscape with a little waterfall just within view. The greenery was just beautiful. Inside the room, Shark had his book in hand and it was shaking. He had been off of duty for quite a while now due to medical, and it was partially getting to him. However, he could still enjoy a cigar, a glass of whiskey, and read a book.

His appearance was not the best. He was disheveled, he had dark bags under his eyes like he hadn’t slept in a while. And he was shaking. Mostly his hands were the most noticeable, but there were small jerks from the rest of his body. His color was also pale, like he hadn’t seen the light in a while.

Mercia paused in front of the door of the house. While the sky was blue, she felt like there was a cloud over her head. SHe'd put this off long enough. She took a deep breath and touched the chime.

Shark looked up from his book. It was odd getting visitors for him. It was usually Hawkins, but Hawkins always told Shark when he was coming. A curious expression came over his face. "Come in," a frailed voice called out into the abyss.

Mercia looked up at the figure before her, she hasn't seen him in years. She nearly lost her career standing up against Hawkins because of him, and while she understood his actions, they'd never seen eye to eye. Near the end though, she understood, she'd relaxed, and now she knew more of what he'd gone through. "Shark... Can I come in?"

He was almost shocked at the person standing in the doorway. A surprise indeed, he thought to himself. Shark stood up, struggling slightly. He strength had depleted over the years. He was almost emeciated compared to the last time Mercia saw him, and it even sickened him more. "Mercia," he said. "Please, come in," he said, motioning over to the two seat table just to the side of him. He started walking towards a small bar in another corner. "Bit of a shock seeing you Ma'am. Been a few years."

Mercia looked at him with wide eyes. "What the hell happened to you?" she asked. He looked like how she did after her rescue. Empty. "You're skin and bones, I thought you were on the mends?" she asked with shock. If this is what would happen to her sister after the bridge was removed she would rather her sister remain mildly crazy.

He grabbed a bottle of whiskey and two glasses from the bar and shrugged his shoulders a little. "Apparently there is more to me then meets the eye. There are some protein markers in my blood and brain that are starting to die off." He sat down at the table and poured two fingers of the amber liquid for the two of them. "Has something to do with the way I was genetically modified. Pointy ears is having a hard time figuring out why the cells aren't replicating as fast as they are dying. So I've been more or less secluded out here because my state of mind is not right. Among a few other things." He sighed slightly and took a drink of the whiskey.

"Thats... horrifying." Mercia said as she accepted the drink and settled in. "I'd have come sooner if I'd known, I mean. I know you and the Doc didn't get here that long ago, but still." she stammered. Mercia paused as she tapped her nails on the glass a moment, "Do you know any one with red eyes?" she blurted out with a haunted voice.

"Red eyes?" he asked almost choking on another sip. "I've never come across anyone with red eyes before, no." He shifted a little. "Why?"

"Are you sure?" Mercia asked with suspicion. "Because I encountered someone... with red eyes, who knew your name." she said. "And Knew I could find you."

Sharks eyes got a little wide and he shrugged his shoulders. He thought for a few more moments then looked confused. "I'm sorry, but I would remember someone who had red eyes. I've never met someone like that in my life."

She took a deep breath and sipped at her drink. She tossed a chip on the table, "The man went by the name of Archeron... He didn't make it out as far as I know and he made sure I got this chip and instructions to give it to you."

"Acheron?" he said curiously taking another sip, staring at the device on the table. "The River of Woe in greek mythology if I remember correctly. Odd choice for a name," Shark said as he picked up the device. He stared at it for a moment, noticing a singular button on one side. He pressed it and quickly dropped it on the floor. "Ouch," he exclaimed bringing his thumb up to his eyes. The familiar color of the crimson liquid was starting to pool at the top of the flesh. "Damn thing - bit me."

"Hmm yeah... it does that. It was tempting to locate a sample of your blood and open it myself... but i decided against it." Mercia smirked.

Just a moment later, a holographic image of a man came out of the device, standing in the room. His hair was cut short, he was a muscular figure wearing all black, and his eyes were red.

"I'm assuming this is a friend of yours?" Shark asked a little wide eyed.

Mercia's eyed widened. Seeing an image of Acheron brought all the fears and emotions of her capture back. She swallowed hard, "Yeah." she said breathlessly.

"Patrick Shark. You do not know me from atom, but sadly, we are connected in a very sorrowful way. My name is Ikurus Sylvester. If you look up in the Starfleet Database, I was once a Marine Sniper but - well - some things happened and I kind of disappeared for a while. If you are seeing this then it is a good chance then I have probably died and I am not able to have this conversation with you. I hope that, in receipt of this message, Mercia Kavi got back safe and sound. Patrick, I wish I could tell you the months and time of planning this has taken, but there is not much time. By now, you will probably be pretty weak, losing muscle, mass, energy, and sadly quiet possibly close to dying. You were genetically altered in the womb, which is why this is happening. I say this, because I was too. You and I, actually, share a blood line. In a way, we're brothers. Sadly we will never meet. But, there is hope for you. In my travels, and thanks to the situation I am currently in with the Ice Holes, we ended up on Kar-Telos. It's become the home for genetic modifications. There, you will find the Tellus company. They are the one's modified us, and made us what we are. The reason you are breaking down is due to, what I think, is a a safe guard. It is either to kill us, or bring us back. It is there, you will find a vaccine that will reverse your condition. If you can get there, get what you need, and honestly, I would say destroy the place. But I leave this to you. On this device will be all the information I've gathered and where the vaccine will be. It won't be easy, but I have a feeling you'll figure it out. Take care brother. And be safe."

Shark just sat there for a moment, staring at the now space once the hologram disappeared. "Well, that is some weird news," he said.

Mercias mouth was open in shock. "Genetic mutation is illegal." she said looking at him. "I'll arrange transport for you, you'll get treated, and then we're shutting that place down, after we steal their records and undo their damage!"

Shark chuckled slightly as he poured some more for himself. "It may be illegal, but the fleet has known about people like us for a long time. Hell, Dr Brashear on DS9 was one of the first known, and they let him continue his career. There is a bit of an unwritten language for those of us with this - issue. As long as we play by the rules, no one cares. If we make waves, they'll just say they didn't known and blame it on the mods."

He sipped a bit of the liquid. "And that planet is in the Gamma sector. The Federation knows it's there. They must be making a profit off it somehow. Besides Ma'am, my brother and I speak the same language it seems. He pretty much told me that it's going to be a one or two person job and it's going to need to be under the radar. This is going to be a finesse thing, not a smash and grab."

"I can do finesse, but if you don't want me by yourside, I'll give you whatever resrouces you need, my condition is that you receive your treatment first, and collect the data needed to ensure no one else is sufferin as you are."

"You also barely came out of that last situation alive Ma'am," Shark said. "Sadly, the only real stuff Doc Shock and I have left to talk about are the crew and what happens with you guys. Not a real talker that one unless he's insulting you or something is interesting to him." Shark chuckled a little. "However, he did tell me of a new young and spry Intel Specialist kid you guys just got. Apparently he has a devious streak to him."

"We've had a number of new intel people come along recently. WHich one are you talking about? You can't mean the Ferengi?" she smirked.

Shark laughed a little bit at the comment. "No, not the Ferengi. That Hackesn kid. Read his file. Bit of a trouble maker, but is apparently damn good."

Mercia arched her brows, "I'll make a point to look him up then." she said. "If you need any thing Shark, let me know. You'll have the full support of all my contacts and whatever I can sneak you." she said standing up.

"Captain," he said looking up at her before she left. "I never meant to get between you and Hawk, or almost make you lose your career. Truthfully, I never wanted any of this to happen."

Mercia paused, "Its wasn't your fault. I was still learning to trust him. It ended up being a good test of our relationship." she said. "We are more loyal than family now, to each other." She nodded to him one more time before she headed out.

Shark watched the woman leave and took the last sip of his drink. He turned around and grabbed a Data PADD from the shelf and started typing in some codes to pull up Shiloh Hacksen's profile. "Mister Hacksen. You may literally be my savior."



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