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Posted on Sat Apr 1st, 2017 @ 9:48pm by Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn

Mission: Blackout
Location: Memphis Island :: Apartment Complex
Timeline: 01:14h :: After 'Dinner for Two'


The bed softly creaked as M'Gann turned over, her face slightly scowling as she dreamed...

"It will be alright," the blonde simply replied. Taking a breath, she gathered the will to step forward and pass through the now open doors.

The second the two walked through the doors, guards surrounded them on all sides, making any attempt at an escape impossible. Upon hearing the snap of fingers ricochet across the room two guards grabbed Lauren and wrenched her away from M'Gann, who was also being held back by guards.

"NO! GET YOU FUCKING HANDS OFF ME!! M'GANN!" Lauren screamed as she felt her love's fingers slip through her grasp. Struggling with all her might against the guards that had pulled her away from M'Gann, Lauren was pulled further and further away. When it was clear her struggles were futile, Lauren lost it, swinging her elbow back she caught one of the guards in the face, staggering the brute and forcing him to release her.

The guard held his face, blood trickling from between his fingers, before slapping Lauren hard across the face.

Crying out as she was struck across the face, staggering her back into the other guard. Still in her almost manic state the pain didn't quite register with her as she took another swing at him before the second guard was able to grab her other arm. Still it didn't stop her struggles, she wouldn't until they let M'Gann go.

"Lau..." the blonde murmured. She whimpered when she recalled Arvix torturing Lauren, then suddenly jerked in her sleep, her features becoming more and more distressed. Her movements seemed restrained, like something was holding her back.

Lixor had always been a light sleeper and actually sharing a bed for the night was not as common as one might think. The colony offered hard, dirty, floors with sheets at a mattress if you were lucky, or wadded up as a pillow. The first "bed" he really recalled using was in the Academy and even then he kept as much to himself as he could knowing he woke at the slightest hint of movement around him.

Her first roll had alerted him though he only glanced in her direction sleeping stiffly on his back. Then came the murmured words and the more erratic movements and he was fully away, fully aware.

The man placed a hand on M'Gann's shoulder, gently at first and then a little more firmly, "M'Gann, wake up, it's a dream." Lixor removed his hand when he realized it was not having the desired affect he had hoped.

The pain came so suddenly that the scream felt forced out of her. M'Gann tried moving away from the stick, but she could only move so much and he was angry. When it finally stopped she slumped forward, the chains being the only thing holding her up, and she felt tears come to her eyes as the pain dissipated torturously slow. "Don't tease the animal if you don't want to get bitten by it," she hissed at him.

Watching everything unfold before her, Lauren couldn't quite believe her eyes. Not only had M'Gann bitten the man but now she was goading him on. Struggling against her bonds, she wanted to break out and stop Arvix from hurting M'Gann anymore.

Arvix took a deep breath, calming himself before he purposely jammed the stick in her side again. "It's your fault her training is failing." he accused Lauren. The aides arrived with the bamboo shoots and he finally pulled the stick from M'Ganns ribs.

"A prototype of what M'Gann? Last chance." he said as he picked up one of the shoots while the aides forced Laurens hand in to a secure position. "Do you care for her more than you care for your secrets? Tell me! Now!" he made the signal again.

M'Gann let out an audible gasp when the stick was removed from her side, the pain forcing tears from her eyes. She saw what was about to happen to Lauren and clenched her eyes shut. "A wormhole to cross dimensions, please STOP!!!!!!" she cried. He had managed to push her to her breaking point. Again. She hung her head, her form lightly shaking as she tried hard not to cry. "Please... don't hurt her..." she begged, her voice cracking.

Lixor felt helpless as he lay there propped up on one arm and on his side almost hovering over the M'Gann wondering what to do to wake her, "it's a dream, it's a dream," he said lacing a hand on he shoulder again and trying to shake her awake.

"Nono... please, stop... don-" A short scream escaped her lips as she shot up, her eyes wide and her body trembling. Her breathing was so fast it felt like she was suffocating, and she looked around to take in her surroundings, her eyes falling on Lixor for several moments before recognizing that it was him. She then put her head in her hands and took some shaky breaths to try and calm herself, only to start crying. A small whine came from the side of the bed, where Miko was standing, his front paws on the edge of the bed and resting his head as best as he could in her lap.

Lixor was puzzled for a moment as she saw her come out of her sleep but said nothing for a while hoping she would be fine not that the terror of her dream had finished. He breathed heavily and remembered something his mother had done when he was young, when replicators work though it wasn't until much later he knew the cost her small gesture would cost her. He placed his arms around her and gave her a gently hug, "it's alright now M'Gann, beautiful, it's alright, I'll get you some warm milk if you'd like."

M'Gann leaned into his warmth and gave a faint nod. She'd never tried it, but she needed to calm down. He's right, it was just a dream, nothing more than a memory, and she was safe in her apartment. It just felt so real, like she was back in the labs, and she could feel the cold metal on her wrists and the pain in her side. She wiped her tears, a fruitless effort since more took their place.

For a moment Lixor remained holding M'Gann. He remembered others with frightful visions in the night. Almost everyone who came to living on the streets from the portion of the city where the favored ones resided would have them but there was no warm milk and often no one to comfort them.

"I'll get you that milk," Lixor said placing a gentle kiss on her forehead before getting up and heading towards the area he knew the replicator was, "I'll be right back."

M'Gann nodded again before lightly patting the bed. Miko understood and hopped up on the bed before snuggling up close, and the blonde wrapped her arms around him, burying her fingers into his fur.

Lixor replicated the warm white liquid and returned to the room, "here's the milk beautiful. He offered a smile and moved over close to her offering the beverage to her, "would you like to talk about it M'Gann, I'm a good listener."

Keeping one hand running through Miko's fur, she accepted the cup from Lixor before sniffling, blinking hard to clear the tears from her eyes. "It... it was during m-my capture," she began, pausing to take a sip of the warm liquid. It tasted funny to her, but the warmth was better than nothing. "Th-they wanted to know about the p-prototype. Arvix, he... he ch-chained me t-to the ceiling and tied Lauren to a chair. He th-then tortured her t-to get me to t-talk..." Tears started welling up in her eyes again. "I-it worked..." she continued, her voice cracking, "th-the bastard knew he c-could use her..."

Lixor nodded sympathetically remembering how many times he had been in a situation similar but not quite as traumatic as hers seemed to be. "that i'm afraid is a much loved tactic of cowards." he sat down close and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, "any time there is someone who wants control they will exploit whatever weakness they can to get what they want." He moved a little closer, "you're safe now M'Gann but as much as I would like to.... beat the shit...," Lixor said filtering his words a bit, "I can't. But I can be here, right now, for you."

The blonde took another sip of the drink, and seeing that he was close enough to lean into she rest her head on his shoulder. "J-just a dream..." It was just a memory, Arvix couldn't hurt her. She was safe. "Th-thank you, Lixor, for s-spending the night."

"Any time beautiful," Lixor replied holding her closer to him, "just give me a call and I'll be right there."

She stayed there for a moment, her lips quietly repeating to herself that it was just a dream. It always took her a while to fall back asleep after the nightmares, because she wanted to be sure that it really was a dream and she wasn't back in the labs. "It f-felt so real... the sensations, th-the pain..." She felt tears welling in her eyes again, and she turned her head a little into Lixor's shoulder. "I-I want them to go away, I d-don't want to remember."

"I have memories I would like to go away," Lixor said softly hugging her closer, "we can make happier ones that push the bad ones farther away."

M'Gann stayed in his grasp for a moment longer before awkwardly pulling away. "Lixor..." She found herself avoiding looking at him, keeping her eyes focused on the glass in her hands. "Whatever you're thinking, or could be thinking, to make happier memories... I-I don't think I'm ready for it." One of her hands reached up toward her neck, but then she remembered that she had taken off the locket to sleep. Looking at the nightstand and the jewelry that was on it, she struggled to find words. "It's... it's not you, Lixor. Lauren... she was everything to me. I-I... I don't know, I feel like... I couldn't."

The blue man nodded looking more defeated then he had ever in his life, "I understand and I will respect your wishes M'Gann. He drew in a deep breath letting his head fall, "I don't know how to fight that."

"Sorry," M'Gann said, shaking her head dismally. "It will take time, I know, I... I have to accept that she's gone." She set the glass on the nightstand before crossing her legs and resting her hands in her lap. "I know it will be hard to let go, but if I had someone to help me it might make it easier. Someone personal, not a counselor..." She glanced up at him, her eyes showing the heartbreak inside. "Lixor, will you be that person? Everyone else... it's like I'm staring at ghosts, but I never saw you die when I was in the other universe, and I trust you. Please?"

"Oh M'gann," Lixor began sympathetically. He stood next to the woman and placed a hand on each shoulder, "I know how to fight, it's how I've stayed alive, but I need you to..." He paused taking her hands in his, "to try and not shut me out. Tell me when what's going in in that beautiful mind of yours M'gann and try to trust me."

M'Gann looked up at him when he took her hands, seeing his affection, and her eyes softened as a sad smile lifted her lips. She could feel his pulse in her hands and the warmth radiating from them, and biting her lip she nodded. "I will, Lixor... I will."


Lixor Nabohn
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Gladiator

M'Gann Sverch'tel
Chief Science Officer
USS GLadiator


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