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Plan of Attack

Posted on Thu Jan 19th, 2017 @ 8:27pm by Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: R&R Coming Home

As the two ranking officers came up on Kavi's quarters, David stepped up to a control panel and accessed the ship's schematics and power grid for a moment. He smirked and entered in his command codes to override the power flow of Kavi's quarters. Before anyone called him over the comms, he quickly disabled the power flow to the artificial gravity in the quarters. He then disabled the power to the lighting.

"Alrighty, let's see how long it will take before he gets tossed around," he smirked as he looked at Mercia. "Any other ideas you got?"

She arched her brows, "You are damn lucky my daughter didn't come on this trip." she said putting her hands on her hips. "I'd say he would be pissed off enough, he's likely to beat you with your own arms." she smirked, imagining the angry andorian floating up from the couch he'd likely been snoozing on.

A chuckle came out of his mouth as he nodded and crossed his arms as he looked at her. "Yeah I am more than sure of it. But let's be realistic here... He knows me well enough to know I'd screw with him as much as he would screw with me."

Khelev was sitting at a desk, trying to keep himself busy with a personal project of his. It wasn’t like there was much else for him to do and with all of the time he had on his hands he was starting to wonder if coming to Mercia wasn’t the best of ideas. Sure when she was around he was distracted but when she wasn’t he was bored.

It was his antenna that detected the change in gravity first, thankfully this wasn’t a new sensation for him and he let out a slight growl as one of his tools started to float up off of his desk.

“Great,” He muttered as he started doing a system diagnostic on the computer he had to see why the ship had lost gravity. It had been turned off and when the computer wouldn’t let him turn it back on, he knew he had to exit the desk carefully or he’d end up sending all of his stuff all over the room.

The door to Mercia’s quarters opened and a grin from ear to ear grew on David’s face as he and Kavi stood just outside of the room. They watched as things started to float before them in amazement. “See, I told you he would be fine with it. He is just relaxing and what not.”

“Yeah, I can tell he’s a little grumpy about it though. I’m throwing you under the shuttle.” she said raising her hands up. “I’m the one who lives here with him, so… it's all your fault.” she smirked.

“Talk about a low blow,” David countered as he shook his head before looking at the Andorian in the room. “So yeah, Looks like I caught ya red… Blue handed… What shall we do with ya?”

“How about I rip your arm off and beat you to death with it?” Khelev growled at David as he tried to keep still. “I’m working on something and if it all floats off it could wreck it and I will be upset. You wouldn’t like me when I’m upset.”

“I told you he’d go for the beating you with your own arms thing…” Mercia laughed.

“Yes, I wouldn't like him turning green now would I,” David sighed before giving up. “Computer, return power and artificial gravity to previous setting.” As things returned into place, David shook his head again. “You are too tightly wound… you know that?”

“Yes Cogsworth, You’re just a little…. Ticked off.” Mercia snickered at her stupid clock jokes. She walked into the room as the gravity was starting to settle and it made her stomach lurch a bit. She had a hunch David would do it to them again, this time, she was sure she’d be in the room, revenge for not adding to the messing with Khelev. It was as much fun to see David frustrated with his pranks, as it was to see his victims stuck in his pranks.

“So,” David walked into the room and allowed the doors close behind them as he looked at ch’Koro. “How's it going?” he asked with a little snarky tone in his voice.

“Is he kidding?” Khelev looked at Mercia for a second before he looked back at David. “I’m bored, being stuck in her room all day with nothing to do isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. So can you help me or should I have my ship pick me up and go on the run again? At least then I’d be doing something.”

Mercia gave him a look, "You knew it was going to take some time to work things out Big Blue. Stop being so grumpy." she said poking one of his antenna, which was something only she could do with out getting decked, and even then, he often grouched at her for it, of course then she'd just flirt with him and he'd change his mind.

"ANYWAY..." David rose his hand for a moment as he looked at the two. "What is your plan of attack? You sneak onto my ship, my XO is hiding you in her quarters, and you are a fugitive of Federation. Only obvious course of action is to arrest both of you, but we usually don't do that. That's to boring."

"Oh and deny me the chance to put Big Blue in cuffs?" Mercia pouted.

"You wouldn't arrest Mercia," Khelev replied before giving Mercia a slight glare. "And why would you need handcuffs? You're rope work is very good and you like to tease when I can't do anything."

Mercia grinned and winked, "Oh so much fun. Nothing like having a big powerful Andorian at your mercy." she giggled. "And if you don't think he's arrest me, you must forget when I stood up to him against Shark. He nearly kicked me off the ship, had the papers drawn up and everything." Mercia glanced around, her eyes landing on the desk. She hadn't found a need to hide from her nightmares since Khelev had been with her at night, but it was still a place she hid when she was alone, that week she'd spent locked up because of the disagreement with David had been hellish, and she'd spent most of her time under that desk, hiding like she did when she was a child and needed a safe place.

"Well, what is your plan then? You ain't stupid, so what's up your sleeve?" David asked as he crossed his arms over his chest and raised an eye brow.

Khelev pulled out an isolinear chip from his pocket and waved it in front of David, "Two years of sensor data, interrogation transcripts, battle reports... It would take Starfleet Intel two decades to get this information and there's some stuff on here that will be more than worth it."

"So you want to go ahead and offer this to Starfleet in order for a clear slate?" David asked as he took it all in. he was very interested, himself, to see what all he had collected. But he wasn't going to pull cards to get inside information from ch'Koro, just to have the upper hand. He had sent them heads up during his campaign but still was going to keep it professional and insure that whatever happened, he kept his crew and ch'Koro separate and safe.

Mercia looked at the chip with a certain hunger in her eyes, "Is there any information as to where the IceQueens came from?" she asked. "Any way to find if there any of them left?" she asked with a dark vengeance in her tone.

"That's a discussion for another time," Khelev said softly. "But I have a copy of all of this data, we can go through it."

"So its settled then... Its time to do this, and try to make a deal." Mercia frowned looking at her partner, then at her friend and mentor. "I don't know if I can do this.. what if they don't go for it?"

"We do what we've always done, we lean into it and do what we have to to get the job done," Khelev's antenna turned in towards each other. "We're about to make them an offer they can't refuse."

"That maybe true. We will be returning to Memphis Island, and from there, we will head to Earth. That's there we will hear the fat lady sing. Until then, I'll contact Starfleet Headquarters," David explained as he looked the Andorian over for a moment. "We got your back. If that means anything. But what is your plan if they clear your name."

"I don't have one," Khelev's antenna turned inwards towards each other in a shrug. "One step at a time. Let's get going."



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