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No Connection Part 2

Posted on Mon Apr 7th, 2014 @ 6:38pm by Lieutenant JG Liam Callaghan
Edited on on Tue Apr 8th, 2014 @ 4:49am

Mission: Shoreleave: Kaslau - Submission

Ash shrugged. "I don't know, really," she said. "I've never had one. Anyway, as I said, get some sleep. I'll see you later," she added, bending to kiss him again before heading out of his quarters.

And, true to her word, she gave him some space. She left the station the next day without a word and did not contact him. She waited for him to contact her. A week later, she returned to her room at the academy just in time to hear the incoming transmission beep from a console in the corner. She quickly hit the button without looking at the place of origin, expecting it to be her brother and was a bit surprised to see Verix. "Hi," she said, smiling. "Sorry, I though it was my brother."

"Hay there," Verix smiled, "hows my favorite Telino?"

"Favorite?" she ginned. "You only know two of us. And one of them's a guy! Or, did you meet some more?"

He smiled, "Who could I meet that tops you," he started to say and two of the Ensigns in the room rushed the screen mooning Ash. "Damn it Miller," Verix blurted out shoving the half naked man, "Sorry about that ..."

Ash laughed at that. "Wrong side, Miller," she commented. "I'd have enjoyed it more the other way 'round."

Verix reached around shoving Miller out of the screen, "Sorry about that my room mate's an ass," in the distance you could hear Miller mocking their conversation. "Oh Ash, I've missed you so much." "Is that Ash on the console?" "Did Ash call today?" "You two get a room..." Verix blushed, and was pissed but tried hard to hide it.


Ash grinned. "He's just jealous," she assured Verix. "Don't pay any attention to him."

"He is using his ass as a giant mouth," he turned away from the man, "It is hard to ignore that.." He frowned, "So when do we get to meet up next," connection or no connection he didn't care. "Trills don't need a connection," he smiled.

Ash grinned. "I've got a free day tomorrow," she said.

The relationship carried on for another month and even though they saw one another as often as possible- Jupiter station was a 45 minute shuttle ride away- Ash found herself feeling more and more distant. The problem was, she'd been told about Connecting her whole life and had been looking forward to it, just like every other Telino in existence. She found herself torn. On one hand, she really DID love Verix. But, on the other, she wanted a Connection so badly, it was like a physical ache.

So, shortly before she was to leave on her Cadet tour, Ash found herself walking through a park not far from the Academy, Verix at her side, their fingers intertwines. She knew it was time: either stay in it for the long haul or let it go.

"Verix," she started, having made her decision. "I'm leaving soon. I mean, on my Cadet Cruise."

"I know you got the Maine, very impressive," he added, "Why?"

"Yeah," she said sadly. "Look, this... I love you. You know that."

Verix didn't like where this was going, "I know..."

"I didn't think being unable to Connect would bother me," she said. "I thought I could overcome it. I thought that if I loved you enough, it would make up for the lack of Connection." She paused. "I think I was wrong," she said miserably.

"I don't know what to say," he added, "I am sorry to hear that..."

"I'm so sorry," she said, tears welling in her eyes. "I thought I could deal with it. I thought it didn't matter. But it does. I don't want it to, but..." she sighed. "I'm so, so sorry."

"He pretended to be fine with it, but I could tell it killed him," Ash was saying, knees now hugged to her chest. "I still feel guilty about it. Sometimes, I wonder if I could have eventually gotten past it."

Liam nodded, he was admitting to be compassionate but in reality he didn't really understand the story. She had fallen in love, almost married, and then called it off. After all the people he'd been with it was only nature that she would have been in a relationship at least one person. "I am sure he did, as my grandpa use to use there is other fish in the sea."

"Yeah," she said. "And plenty with whom the Connection WILL work. I hope he found someone. I'd hate to think of him alone."

On her next shuttle trip, Braddoch had been the co-pilot again. He had noticed that she was sad and asked her what was the matter. She'd told him that the Connection doesn't work with Trills. He had replied that it doesn't work with Betezoids either.

It had been incredibly sad for both of them, and had they not already known one another too well, the incidents may have brought them together.

Ash signed. "Well, never mind," she said, shaking her head. "I think I need a cheerful story, now. I could tell you about the day I spent with the Durrighash on their home world, if you like."


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