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Things that go Bump in the Night

Posted on Thu Jan 26th, 2017 @ 8:29pm by Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn

Mission: R&R Coming Home
Location: Science Department :: USS Gladiator
Timeline: 15:00h, Shortly after the switch to the new ship


Shortly after his... rather nonstandard "meeting" with Phelps, Zera made his way to the science department, tablet in hand. There was something going on, what it was he wasn't sure, but it bothered him. Perhaps he had been a little too blunt with Samuel, but beating around the bush wasn't going to solve anything. But he gave Phelps the benefit of the doubt, and he intended to keep it that way until he had the evidence to either support him or take him down. He really hoped it was the former. Watching the doors part, he entered the science department and looked around before spotting Lixor at a station. "You got a minute?" The Bajoran asked once he got close enough.

"Sure Zera," the blue man said turning his attention to the new arrival, "what brings you to science?"

Zera knew the information he had was too sensitive to be spoken in public. Despite knowing that the department would likely be familiarized with the readings, he didn't want to take a chance. He remembered what Phelps had told him, this was something they wanted to keep quiet until they had enough information. "A private minute, Lieutenant?" He clarified.

Lixor smiled, "sure, let's use the office. The man had to consciously not call it M'Gann's but his was not all that private and hers could be closed off. He started to move towards the room an glanced over, "hope nothing too serious."

Following the Science Officer, Zera left him without a response as they headed towards the room. He merely gestured that he was following him to the office.

When he had reached the office he walked inside and nodded, "now, what can I help you with Lieutenant?"

It was once the doors shut that Zera spoke. "During the last mission, these readings were picked up at the prison, some sort of phase variance. It's not a complete scan, but it's enough to suspect that they're consistent with the data M'Gann brought back." He offered the tablet to Lixor. It held only the relevant information that Phelps had given him, copied from one tablet to another. "Lieutenant Phelps is investigating it, and he requested that the sensors in your department be calibrated to detect these readings. It would help him gather what he needs to support his investigation, but he wants it kept quiet so as not to cause a shipwide concern."

"Understood," the blue man said as he accepted the PaDD, "I can make the changes, sounds like we're ghost hunting."

"In a manner of speaking," Zera responded, folding his hands behind his back as he watched the Science Officer. "We are watching for potential... 'outbreaks' if you will, of these variances. If it is picked up on sensors, we'll know not only if another anomaly appears, but also how many people from that anomaly passed through to this universe. But we need to be absolutely sure that the readings are accurate and that the sensors are calibrated to alert us if these readings appear."

"You got it," Lixor said with a nod, "are you expecting we have visitors that tagged along?"

"We are hoping that that's what the update will help us determine," the Bajoran confirmed. "Phelps or myself can assist in installation. If there aren't any questions...?"

"No," Lixor replied tilting his head, "sounds as if your looking for someone or something is using a sort of dimensional cloaking ability so we can't see them."

"We don't know yet," he admitted. "For all we know they are hiding in plain sight by registering as part of our crew, but they have a distinct phase variance that has been consistent so far. With the help of the sensors, it should be easier to locate them, because I think you can agree-" he pulled out his tricorder and gave it a little wave, a faint little smirk crossing his features as well, "-it's going to take forever to scan every individual on this ship with a little tricorder. That's time we may not have."

Lixor nodded at the man, "then I'll get right on this." He let a broader smile cross his face, "I'll get with you as soon as I have something to report."

Nodding his response, Zera left the man with the tablet, the doors opening to let him out before he walked out of Science while pocketing his tricorder. Their shift was essentially over by now, just shortly after 4, so now he could go back to his quarters and work on some of his other assignments.

Moving his things from the Sovereign ship to the new one was not difficult, but rather determining where to put his things in his quarters. One of the first things Zera did once they made the move was set up his security protocols, which was easily transferred from a tablet as a series of code. Since his office had yet to be assigned, it meant that he had to keep his work-related things in his quarters- something he didn't like at all, but considering the circumstances he was left with little choice. The protocols would keep most unwanted individuals out, which made the space relatively secure for the sake of storing precarious information for a short period of time. As he approached his quarters he made a note to bring it up and ask if getting him a secured office could be moved up the list, and he paused long enough to make a reminder in his wristband before pressing his thumb to the pad beside the door.

When the doors shut behind him, he stopped, waiting to turn on the lights as he listened. He wasn't alone. "How did you get in here?" He asked the darkness.

"I'm not surprised you caught on so quickly," came the response. It was surprisingly close by, but far enough out of his reach. "Don't bother with the lights, Zera, or you'll get shot."

"Part of my job requires me to notice when something is out of the ordinary. Now, what are you doing here?" Zera asked firmly, his eyes narrowing. He recognized the voice. He left the lights off, knowing that it gave the intruder an advantage, but the other man likely already had his phaser drawn and could fire at any moment if the Bajoran moved the wrong way.

"Gathering intel," the figure responded simply. "Staying relatively invisible on your ship was no easy feat, but it's a good thing there are so many convenient hiding spots on board."

Zera mused for a moment. In his quarters was someone who had been spying on Gladiator, and he knew exactly who it was. If his suspicions were correct, this was bad. "If you're going to hold me hostage in my own quarters at gunpoint, can I at least offer you a drink? A Red Sunburst?"

"No thank you, I always preferred to Stay Green. Nice try, though."

Dammit. He even knew his secret codes. The phrase 'Red Sunburst' would have alerted security to a breach in his quarters, but the phrase 'Stay Green' cancelled it. "How did you get across?" His eyes were starting to adjust to the dark, and he could point out a figure standing in his quarters, but it felt almost like a trick on the eyes.

"Same way the Blue Bird did when she fled. Only we perfected the device." He did his research on Zera; part of his surveillance during the last mission was to learn about him. He knew the man better than he probably knew himself. "I will go ahead and tell you that more are coming, Zera, and you won't be able to stop the Rising Tide."

"M'Gann trusted you," Zera pointed out, crossing his arms.

The figure scoffed. "M'Gann was living in a delusion. It never occurred to her that her 'heroes' could actually be the bad guys."

Zera shook his head. "Why are you telling me this? If you are who I think you are, then we both know that I won't keep quiet about this." The Bajoran turned suddenly, feeling as if there were someone behind him, but ended up being grabbed from behind. One hand wrapped around his upper waist while the other held a cloth over his mouth and nose.

"That's the thing," the voice responded, the sound echoing in Zera's ears. "... I won't have to worry."


Lt. JG Zera Leyar
Intel Officer

Lieutenant JG Lixor Nabohn
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Gladiator


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