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Uninvited Guest

Posted on Thu Jan 26th, 2017 @ 8:37pm by Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps

Mission: R&R Coming Home
Location: Personal quarters :: USS Gladiator
Timeline: 18:30, After 'Things that go Bump in the Night'


Zera groaned as he came to, and found himself on the floor of his quarters. Shaking his head, he pushed himself up off the ground and, spotting the person who invited himself into his quarters unconscious on the ground, tapped his comm badge and called for security. Oh, his head was hurting. Standing, he carefully walked over to the replicator and got himself an ice pack, collecting his phaser on the way, before collapsing into the couch and leaning his head back enough to balance the pack on top. He trained his phaser on the unmoving intruder in case he woke up, using his free hand to wipe at a little blood on his lip. Needless to say, his quarters were not as neat as they were earlier. Things were strewn about, furniture moved, and there was some broken glass from a cup on the floor.

Julian had been alone in his quarters, Taylor had been running some exercise when he'd gotten the call. He grabbed a phaser off of the table and had run to Zera's cabin. A security team was on the way, but he was closer, and faster.

He burst into the room, quickly assessing the situation. "Is he the only one?" he asked the other officer tersely.

The Bajoran nodded his reply, using one hand to hold the ice pack in place on his head. Whether the door was locked or not he didn't know, but he was glad to see the situation start to get under control. "He tried to gas me," Zera said, focusing his eyes on the white rag on the ground close to Julian's feet.

Paula had been just about to sit down for dinner when she received the Call and grabbed her weapon from it's resting place by the replication unit, She thought~ Now what the hell,~ as she ran out of the door Tapping her badge, "Winchester to Winterstorm, I'm on my way to Zera's,"

He tapped his com badge/=\ I'm here already, the situation is under control. Bring some evidence bags and have security teams sweep the area for possible intruders./=\

Phelps had the alert via the tiny bit of 'securing' the Intel channel and so he was on his way. His glasses thrown on as he ran, he had a direct line to Zera's quarters. He came through the door with his hands seemingly empty. He had seen the fact a man was on the floor, Julian was first to arrive and now things were just getting interesting.

"Zera, I see you have things well in hand. You won," Phelps noted as he adjusted his glasses. "any idea who the unwanted visitor is?" Phelps glanced around the room scanning it. "I see my not bringing a phaser in hand was a wise choice, someone should check to see if we can identify the individual."

As Paula arrived, she holstered her weapon and looked back at the personnel in the room, she asked," Everything alright here?" as she watched the scan about to begin, she started to wonder what this is about. She finished, "and what's up?"

"I'll be fine," Zera winced as he stood, and he walked over to grab his own scanner. "He may be worth questioning," he suggested, running a scan of the person on the ground for about two seconds, way faster than it took to scan something and read the results thoroughly. "That's Jackson Nichols," he said to Phelps, snapping the scanner shut.

"And, how do you know it is him?" asked Paula looking at Zera asking the question, as she noticed that Zera was getting slightly upset looking at the fellow on the floor.

"I know because Jack is dead," the Bajoran grumbled, remembering his research. "He's been dead for years. He is also reading a phase variance, which may be of interest."

"There is a variance in the Phasing." Phelps mentioned. "Within the wavelengths that I had asked you to look into if I recall." He looked at Zera. "What I wish to know is why you are showing signs of variation as well. Phelps looked at Zera and adjusted his glasses. "You were not in this stage when last we talk, you might want to have medical attention as I am sure this is not good for your structure." Phelps typed into his padd without missing a beat without looking at the keyboard but remained focused on Zera. "Another piece of a puzzle," Phelps remarked quietly.

Zera furrowed his brow at Phelps' words before blinking hard and giving his head a little shake. Remnants of the gas were making things a little foggy. "That's probably a good idea. Things did get a bit physical, clearly, maybe that has something to do with it?" He looked around his room, making a note to clean it up after checking in with sickbay. "I would get him detained before he wakes up," he cautioned, leaning against his desk. "I am going to request that someone accompany me to sickbay as well...the gas he used is affecting my depth perception, but also for security reasons. I don't know what was in it, it could affect my judgment next."

"It is localized in your head area," Phelps stated. "He came prepared and the gas was not likely produced... locally. It was heavy in a type of hallucinogen, they wanted to ask you questions." Phelps added. That is a key point for any drug you want to use for interrogation. The way the body is a type of euphoria and you won't be as 'loud' if you do not answer to the polite questions as it would lower your pain receptors like being on some sort of high." He continued, "Let them at sick bay know that so they can treat it easier and with some antitoxins might fix that depth perception thing." Phelps offered his arm to help the man. "I would like to see an in depth bio-scan of the fallen man, his signature will help with a background check we are running; meanwhile I will help my Zera to Sickbay." Phelps offered.

The Bajoran accepted Phelps' support and started to walk out of his quarters when he felt something, or rather someone, grab his ankle. He then felt a sharp pull and the feeling of free-falling before roughly hitting the floor, hitting his head on the ground. He then felt hands crawling up his person and blinked the stars out of his eyes as he turned his head and saw the presumably unconscious intruder now clawing at him, aiming for the Bajorans throat. Keeping his hands clear of the man's grasp to prevent being pinned, he rolled onto his back and used his feet to try and get the man off of him.

The sharp hypo dart struck the man in the back of his neck Phelps pointed the pen in the direction of the man with enough sedative to put down three Klingons at a frothing Battle Rage. This should put him down for a long time and Phelps had started carrying little things that would come into use, Phelps knew his dart would be nearly instantly. Far shorter a time than would be needed for the man to do anything to Zera.

"Pen is mightier than the knife," Phelps commented.

When the man suddenly went limp, Zera pushed him off before getting up, wincing and putting a hand to his forehead. "God, that feels like a concussion," he grumbled. In case his head wasn't hurting enough.

"I have already ordered the area secured," Julian said, "let's do a thorough scan of the room and a physical search as well."

"I'll see to it Julian," replied Paula looking back at her boss, she thought~ What with everything going on we don't need this added to our workload,~ but it came with the job and finding out why a man from the dead has came back to haunt Zera.

Zera merely nodded, gesturing to the room to let Julian know that he could get started. "Let's get to sickbay," he told Phelps. The combination of hitting his head several times and a gas meant to knock someone out was not a good combination in his body.

"Right old Chap," Phelps said as he started to walk with Zera allowing the man to walk beside Phelps and use him as a partial brace. "Call it the buddy system right?"

"Call it whatever you want," Zera quipped. He took a couple of test steps to determine how off his depth perception was before placing a hand on Phelps' shoulder. It felt like someone was inside his skull and trying to use a hammer to pound their way out. "Let me know what you find," he told Julian and Paula.

"Sure, Will do Zera," replied Paula turning to Julian looking at the floor, "So any ideas on how this dead man got here?" as she scratched her head trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

"Not right now," the Security Chief replied, "but this area is monitored by surveillance cameras. At least outside in the hallways. We can start there."

Paula replied," Ok, I'll get back to the Office and start going through the segments from the time before the attack to now," as she knew that this seemed rather disturbing that a man who was presumed dead to be alive, She asked," Julian, do you think it could be something like a Mirror version of the dead guy?" Posing the question to the security Chief.

Phelps helped Zera out of the quarters and was into the corridor before he spoke in whispered tones. "There is a preliminary scan of the room I arranged and we can also use the ships internal passive sensors to fill in some blanks," Phelps told Zera as he adjusted his glasses. "Remember I told you I would be needing you eventually..." Phelps grinned. "Now you realize what I meant, they just moved a little sooner than the data came available to stop them, I am sorry for that ."

Zera turned his head a little toward Phelps. "You're not telling me this was your doing, are you?" He asked, matching his volume but maintaining a warning tone in his voice.

"Get your head out of the sand Zera," Phelps said. "Blaming me will get you nowhere you fool." Phelps finally replied. "The data I needed to stop this was the scans I just took; I was apologizing for not being able to stop this." He shook his head. "If you want me to be the point of all your insecurities and blame go bloody well ahead. I gave you an assignment that had that information been available we might have detected the assailant as well. The key was finding a way to track them and with the spectrum of someone 'Not native' to our Universe we can now make scans and stop this from happening again. I just wish there had been the information sooner so you would not have been hurt." He sighed, "And for the bloody record this is not My fault; it is obvious we have people from elsewhere infiltrating. You are my infiltration expert, start thinking counter Intelligent and we might stop them, that is what Intel is for? Think like someone out ti get us and find a way to stop or at least slow them enough for us to catch them. I depend upon your expertise in the matter." He glanced to Zera as they near Sick Bay. "That is if you can trust that I am not out to endanger the Gladiator?"

Judging by his response, Zera then realized that his lack of trust in Phelps was more than he had imagined. "You're right, sorry. It was unacceptable, I should have been more alert because he could have searched my quarters and found something he shouldn't have." He was referring to his assignments and other work that had been relocated to his quarters after the new Assistant Chief took over, but it was in a secure location that would be near impossible to find unless someone knew what to look for. "But I take it that you'll want a full report after I am clear to return to duty?"

"Verbal highlights at first opportunity and then the official written submitted." Phelps replied with a raised eyebrow. "We do not have the time for the formalities, the written reports can come after the cleaning out the Non-native threat." He noted. "I am not a tyrant, keeping the crew safe is paramount Mister Zera," Phelps concluded as they neared Sick Bay.

The Bajoran merely nodded, "sounds like a plan, Lieutenant."



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