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Secret Little Lairs

Posted on Thu Mar 9th, 2017 @ 8:27am by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Blackout
Location: Some Random Area in Space... tbd

When it came up on the sensors of his shuttle, he admitted that he was surprised. Arvix was now staring at a pretty good sized asteroid through the window of his shuttle, and he glanced down at the readings on the console before heading for a set of coordinates on the rocky surface. The sensors also showed the same camouflage mechanism they used in his universe, at the same place. They had to be here. Adjusting his heading, he couldn't help but worry as the nose of his craft crept closer and closer to the asteroid's surface. The disguising cloak was good, as it was fooling him and making him worry that he was going to crash onto the surface of the rock. As he got closer still, he waited for a proximity alarm but heard nothing, and he relaxed as he passed right through it. It was dark inside for a moment until his shuttle's external lights flickered on, and once they did he saw a cavernous space and what looked like a landing platform of some sort up ahead.

As he landed, he noticed that there was an atmosphere inside the asteroid, something his sensors did not pick up outside, and once the shuttle touched the ground he powered it down before rising from his seat and heading for the door. On his way out, he paused at the back of the shuttle and opened a bio compartment, smiling a little at his gift to the Queens, before shutting it and going down the ramp.

Granted, he still expected to asphyxiate the second he left the shuttle, but when he didn't feel the air rush from his lungs he knew it was safe. They had impressive technology to pull off a secret base like this. As he wandered further from the shuttle he spotted a door and headed for it, nodding to himself as he heard the door of the shuttle close behind him. Once at the door, however, he saw it was locked and required a passcode, and he frowned. "Well, now what?" he asked, not expecting any answer. He was, after all, alone, or so he thought.

"Now, your shuttle will be compounded and you will step back and surrender." a cold older voice said tightly.

Arvix turned his head when he heard a voice addressing him, seeing a figure but unable to make out any features because of the dim light. Feeling like there was a weapon aimed at him he raised his hands to shoulder height. "Oh, that won't be necessary. I yield no weapons, I just would like to speak with your superiors."

"Who the hell are you?" the voice demanded.

"Someone who can help them retrieve what was lost sixteen months ago," Arvix responded, his voice taking on a colder tone.

The figure stepped a bit closer, her white hair cut in to a stylish bob. Her black coat wrapp around her and dropped below her knees. "What exactly did they loose?" she demanded.

When Arvix was able to see the woman as she approached, he couldn't keep the smirk from sliding onto his features. "My dear, I extend no hostility toward you. I think lose is a little harsh... more like stolen, from what I presume is a mutual enemy of ours." Making his movements with care, Arvix slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out what initially looked like a piece of white cloth, but upon closer inspection it looked like a doll, with a head and arms formed from the cloth itself with knots. "This look familiar to you?" he asked, holding it up for her to see.

The woman tipped her head, "It looks very familiar. How did you get it?" she demanded still not trusting the man.

"There was one rather interesting young woman in my custody, by the name of Mercia Kavi, who was very stubborn and rather violent," he responded. If he was truthful to her, to some extent, then perhaps he could gain her trust. "The type of loyalty she had was to a false cause and a corrupt government. I don't think I need to tell you about her affiliation with Starfleet." Extending his hands outward just slightly, he finished with, "use your technology to determine if I am telling the truth. I can tell you anything you want to know, but I was hoping that we would be able to combine our strengths and work together... Frost, is it?"

"Bliz actually." The woman in white hair said as she strolled forward and snatched the doll from his hand. She looked identical to Frost, except that she prefered victorian curls in her hair where Frost prefered short hair. "Frost will be quite interested though... Kavi cost us a lot. Get up." she ordered motioning with her gun. "Inside the air lock." she commanded.

The door opened and a few guards stood inside and aimed their weapons at the young man. Bliz led him inside and allowed the guards to take over the aiming their weapons, and she tucked hers away. Inside the airlock was hollowed out all ways, leading in every which direction. Most of the asteroid was hollow, and made for a very nice safe house and base.

"How did you find this place?"

Arvix did as he was told, offering no resistance. "Where I come from, Bliz, your names have a chilling reputation of their own. Because of the... dynamics of parallel universes, I believe most of your histories will coincide with mine. Unfortunately, Starfleet had discovered this location and destroyed it during the search for Miss Kavi. I figured that it wouldn't hurt to see if this base was still standing. If there is one thing you Queens are consistently remarkable at," he smirked a little, "it's not wanting to be found."

Bliz turned and looked at the man. "What the devil would you are you talking about?" she demanded. "Where do you come from, where this base is gone?" she demanded.

Arvix's smile remained. "I come from a parallel universe, my sweet. According to Project Bluebird, written history between this universe and my own are similar, but certain key events were different." He folded his hands calmly behind his back and continued. "The Bolians were wiped out by a... catastrophic event shortly after First Contact. The Klingons won the Cold War against the Federation back in the year 2223, and later gained control of the entire Archanis sector by 2287. The neural parasites that attempted to take control of Starfleet back in 2364, although stopped like in this universe, managed to invade several hundred Federation colonies before defeated. I would go on, but I think I've made my point."

Bliz frowned, "What proof do you have other than these wild stories that this is true?" she demanded. He was led in to an office and pushed in to a chair by her guards. She moved around her desk and sat down, looking at him. "This is a pretty wild story." she said.

She touched a control on her desk, "Check out the intruders ship." she said. "Tear it it apart, and examine the computer core." she ordered. "Any booby traps my men need to know about?" BLiz demanded.

His smile turned into a frown when he was pushed into the chair, and he straightened himself a little before replying. "Just internal security. It is a personal shuttle, after all. The panel is just inside on the right, and the code is 49316." He paused, noting the wary expression of one of them, before adding, "I have no reason to lie to a potential coworker. Or boss, if you prefer." Keeping his eyes on Bliz, he finished with, "the computer core of the shuttle will have an historical record of events from my universe. If you want additional proof, scan me. I should be emitting a slight phase variance."

Bliz narrowed her eyes, as she stood up after grabbing a tricorder out of her drawer. She ran a scan over the man while one of the guards headed out to begin examining the shuttle. "Alright, so if your story proves true, what have you to offer us?" she asked him, folding her arms. She leaned back against her desk, her sisters may be livid, or ecstatic. What he said next would determine that.

"Primarily technology," Arvix replied, leaning back in his chair a little. "When you examine my shuttle you will find a very nicely updated sensor array, among other things. You can use it to find Miss Kavi and continue your... inspiring work. Now you may be wondering if I want anything in return. Fortunately, my subject will be on the same ship as yours. To gain access to the ship should be no challenge, for I have people undercover on board the Gladiator who can gain access to shielding frequencies." He paused before adding, "if anything, I would like a space to continue my research on Project Bluebird, and perhaps we can share our... techniques."

"What is project Bluebird?" Bliz asked as she steepled her fingers. Her sisters might be very interested in this, Frost in particular, who had to have been talked out of putting a bounty on Kavi's head several times. Eventually the sisters would not be able to stop her, but it would likely be a waste. They couldn't seem to get any one to go after the blue skinned monster that Kavi was so keen on, and had killed 11 of the Snow queens.

Arvix smiled. "An ongoing research project involving a rather unique specimen not found in my universe. Remember what I said about the Bolians?" Pausing long enough for her to recall, he continued, "our databases do not have much information on the Bolian species, so to be able to observe one in such detail is an opportunity I simply cannot pass up. Unfortunately she escaped, with the help of a rather... annoying nurse, but she has a specific biosign and will be easy to identify and retrieve."

"What is so special about this Bolian? If you want Bolians I can get you bolians. the slave markets have plenty." Bliz asked as she folded her arms.

"I am sure that the other scientists working for the Order would greatly appreciate that to expand the database," he replied sincerely. "But I am interested in this specific one because she's a hybrid. Half Bolian, and half Human. Quite an intriguing one, and it is something that would never be encountered in my universe. A truly rare specimen. I also tend to think of the specimen more as a... possession, of mine, and I want her back before the Federation destroys months of hard work."

Bliz chuckled, "I can understand that. Alright, I'll spread the word among the sisters. We'll put you up in a room until we've explored your shuttle and connected with my sisters." she said.



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