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Gentlemen's Fight

Posted on Wed Jan 11th, 2017 @ 1:42pm by 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price

Mission: R&R Coming Home
Location: Marine Country
Timeline: During Mike's

Price had been called back to Marine country in the middle of everything going on with the senior staff. Even in the best of times there was always something that threatened the blissful existence of life.

When Price got to his office in Marine country Corporal Jameson was standing at attention with a wad of gauze up his nostril and blood on his uniform.

"Do tell." Price asked.

"Gentlemen's fight, sir. Wasn't nothing."

Price ran his finger together under his nose pinching the small piece of flesh. He wasn't drunk or even remotely close to it. Although at the moment he was wishing that he was. No strike that, he told himself drunk would be bad right now.

"Gentlemen's fights don't put one of my marines in the med bay, Corporal." Price retorted. "You look minimally worse for wear." He gestured at the big red heads nose and busted knuckles. "You wanna tell me what the hell happened?"

"One of the new recruits was carrying on about you and the Chief of Security, sir." He cut right the matter. "Couple of the men told him to knock it off, but he didn't let up."

Taylor's expression shifted he sat down on the edge of his desk. "What do you mean, carrying on?"

Jameson frowned. "Sir, you know what carrying on means." He said still standing at attention. "Close minded arse that he is, got no business being in starfleet if you ask me."

Taylor had been concerned about this kind of behavior most of his Starfleet Career, he was of course cheering inwardly that his men had stood up for him in his absence. But in the same breath he had to consider that Jameson had beaten a Private to the point of needing medical attention. He was rubbing the bridge of his nose as he thought about it. "Did you have to send him to Medical Jameson?"

The big beefy marine laughed. "Begging you're pardon, sir." He shook his head. "I didn't send to medical. I stopped the rest of the enlisted men from sending him to the morgue."

Price opened his eyes at those words. Jeez, he thought. "Ok, ok. Go clean yourself up. I'll deal with this in the morning."

Jameson nodded his head and took that as his dismissal. Turning sharply the marine left the office.

Price let out a sigh and let the breath he'd been holding back rush from his lips making a raspberry like sound. "Great," he told himself. "Just great."


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